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Oliver Schwerdt / Barry Guy / Baby Sommer:
Fucking Ballads (Euphorium)

An enthusiastic and energetically powerful trio meeting between three masters--Oliver Schwerdt on grand piano & percussion, Barry Guy on double bass and Baby Sommer on drums & percussion--performing live in 2021 at naTo, in Leipzig for two extended improvisations of remarkable communication, incredible virtuosity, but most importantly, incredible and compelling creative drive! ... Click to View

JAKAL (Fred Lonberg-Holm / Keefe Jackson / Julian Kirshner):
Peroration (Amalgam)

Formerly known as J@K@L, this Chicago trio has explored hard hitting improvisation since 2014, the band name an amalgamation of the performer's names--Keefe Jackson on tenor & sopranino saxophone & tube, Julian Kirshner on drums and Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello, tenor guitar and electronics--in a dynamic and exciting 2022 concert at Elastic Arts, in Chicago. ... Click to View

The Remote Viewers :
Inside The Blizzard / Trivia (Remote Viewers)

UK Composer David Pett's Remote Viewers present two large works: "Inside the Blizzard" in five parts of configurations from solo to quintet; and "Trivia", a quintet work in eight parts; solid, compelling work of forceful confidence from members Adrian Northover, Sue Lynch, Caroline Krabbel & Petts on sax, John Edwards on bass, Hutch Demouilpied on trumpet and Rosa Theodora on piano. ... Click to View

Teiku (Harlow / Taylor / Shahid / Formanek / Leafar):
Teiku (577 Records)

Teiku, a Talmudic acronym that roughly translates to "unanswered question", was co-founded by pianist Josh Harlow and percussionist Jonathan Barahal Taylor to explore each of their family's unique Passover vocal melodies through improvisation and sonic exploration, performed in a quintet with Art Ensemble/Sun Ra bassist Jaribu Shahid and reedists Peter Formanek & Rafael Leafar. ... Click to View

Jorge Nuno:
Labirinto (Phonogram Unit)

After recovering from heart surgery, Portuguese guitarist Jorge Nuno (Ensemble MIOA, Isoptope, Voltaic Trio, &c) records this solo improv album to show his resilience, performed primarily on acoustic guitar in a balanced journey of assertive and introspective playing, accompanied by an insert of a text work by Rui Baião. ... Click to View

Bruno Duplant / Rutger Zuydervelt:
Edge Of Oblivion (Machinefabriek)

The third collaboration between sound and electronic artists Bruno Duplant and Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) is a darkly heavy and dramatic work of subtle motion that slowly unfolds and shifts through vast sonic environments, fueled by acousmatic sources that take the listener to the edge of darkness and then pulls them back in warm waves or rich ambiance. ... Click to View

Felix Profos / Peter Conradin Zumthor:
Grund (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Since 2021 Swiss composer Felix Profos and drummer Peter Conradin Zumthor have performed as the duo Grund, Profos performing on harmonium and on the 1973 Italian organ Bontempi Pop3, Zumthor on bass drum, gong, bells & snare, their extended work on this self-titled album a tranquil and meditative work of slow transitions with moments of terse activity, receding with grace and serenity. ... Click to View

Leap Of Faith:
Emergent Spacetime (Evil Clown)

The core of the Boston improvising collective Leap of Faith Orchestra are the duo of cellist Glynis Lomon and reedist and multi-instrumentalist David Peck, here joined by Eric Woods on analog synth and new collective member Jared Seabrook on drums & percussion, for two examples of Peck's broad palette concept yielding evolving transformations through free playing ... Click to View

Reach (Evil Clown)

Perhaps the most synthetic of Evil Clown releases, Expanse represents space and restraint, this the 8th album from the Boston improvising collective of David Peck on reeds, winds, synths and percussion, Robin Amos on synths, Michael Knoblach on percussion (including egg beater, humpty dumpty toy, and teething rings) and Joel Simches providing real-time processing; inexplicably interesting. ... Click to View

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble:
Open Me, A Higher Consciousness Of Sound And Spirit (Spiritmuse Records)

Celebrating 50 years, percussionist Kahil El'Zabar's Ethnic Heritage Ensemble as the trio of El'Zabar, Corey Wilkes (trumpet) and Alex Harding (bar. sax), joined on tracks by James Sanders (violin) and Ishmael Ali (cello), reinterpret classics including "Great Black Music", "Ornette" and Aretha Franklin's "Compared to What", along with Miles' "All Blues" and McCoy Tyner's "Passion Dance". ... Click to View

Simon Hanes:
Tsons of Tsunami (Tzadik)

Drawing on a far-ranging set of influences--jazz, rock, contemporary, surf & exotica--California-born improvising guitarist Simon Hanes (of Trigger, who covered Zorn's Bagatelles) now resides in NYC, appropriately releasing an album of eclectic, generally upbeat, sometimes quirky, typically melodic instrumentals performed with an octet ensemble of incredible musicianship. ... Click to View

Joel Futterman:
Perspicacity (Soul City Sounds)

Five extended improvised piano solos from Joel Futterman recording in his home base of Virginia Beach, each an incredible journey in free playing that quotes and comments on the history of jazz piano, living up to the album's title through insight, perceptiveness, wit and intuition, Futterman's technique and mastery expressing narratives of amazing confidence and solid direction. ... Click to View

Kimmel.Ali.Harris (Jeff Kimmel / Ishmael Ali / Bill Harris):
Flora Oblique [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD] (Amalgam)

The third release for the Chicago collective improvising trio of Jeff Kimmel on clarinet & electronics, Ishmael Ali on cello & electronics and Bill Harris on drums & feedback, acoustic interplay in the foreground with electronics adding layers of intriguing sonic pressure as their playing evolves through clear and cohesive conversation over punctuated & textural foundations. ... Click to View

Anthony Donofrio :
These Calm Words (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

An exquisite recording of composer Anthony Donofrio 1972 work for solo vibraphone captured at the University of Nebraska where Donofrio teaches and directs their new music ensemble, this extended work for solo vibraphone performed by Donofrio himself, living up to its title in a delicate advancement from clear playing to unusual vibraphone timbres and technique. ... Click to View

Eva-Maria Houben (Kei Kondo / Takahiro Kuroda):
His Master's Voice / Aus Den Fliegenden Blattern Eines Fahrenden Waldhornisten / Lose Verbunden (Ftarri Clasical)

One of two albums capturing a May 15th, 2023 concert in Tokyo by composer Takahiro Kuroda at the Ftarri performance space, titled "Square of Thoughts Vol. 2: Eva-Maria Houben and Horn + x", this album presenting two Houben works for solo horn performed by virtuoso horn player Kei Kondo, and one solo piano piece performed by Kuroda on upright piano. ... Click to View

Eva-Maria Houben (Takahiro Kuroda / Kei Kondo):
Echo Fantasy II (Ftarri Clasical)

The second of two albums capturing a May 15th, 2023 concert in Tokyo by composer & pianist Takahiro Kuroda at the Ftarri performance space, titled "Square of Thoughts Vol. 2: Eva-Maria Houben and Horn + x", this album presenting a 2018 Houben composition for horn and piano titled "Echo Fantasy II", performed by virtuoso horn player Kei Kondo and Takahiro Kuroda on upright piano. ... Click to View

Rutger Zuydervelt :
Kites (music for a performance by Roshanak Morrowatian) (Machinefabriek)

Music for a solo dance piece performed by Roshanak Morrowatian and composed by Netherland electronic artist Rutger Zuydervelt, the subject of the dance reflecting on the experience of young asylum seekers forced from their native countries to grow up somewhere unfamiliar, the music in seven parts weaving fragments of Iranian popular music into Zuydervelt's abstract electronics. ... Click to View

Mimesis (Evil Clown)

Expanding on their 2023 Homunculus, the Boston-based collective ensemble Simulacrum with a core of David Peck on reeds, percussion, keys and direction, Eric Woods on analog synth and Bob Moores on space trumpet & guitar are expanded with Cecil Taylor bassist Albey OnBass, synthesist Eric Zinman, reedist Michael Caglianone and drummer Michael Knoblach. ... Click to View

John Butcher + 13:
Fluid Fixations (Weight of Wax)

Commissioned for the 2021 Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival, John Butcher's fantastic work for 14 improvisers of unique approach employs what Butcher refers to as "psychological orchestration"--imagining how each performer might respond to particular ideas & their sonic company--the score, which includes photographic imagery, directing specific solos, duos & small groupings. ... Click to View

Phantom Orchard (Ikue Mori / Zeena Parkins):
Hit Parade of Tears (Tzadik)

Distilling their ensemble to its original duo configuration, New York improvisers Zeena Parkins and Ikue Mori reflect on the stories of Japanese author Izumi Suzuki through ten mysteriously eclectic and beautifully developed compositions of harp (acoustic and electric), electronics, percussion, harmonium, ondes martenot, and much more; wonderful, imaginative and evocative work. ... Click to View

Sean Lennon Ono:
Asterisms [VINYL] (Tzadik)

The chameleonic styles of Sean Ono Lennon are in full force on this instrumental record, merging rock, jazz, experimental and cinematic styles in captivating ways, performed with the spectacular ensemble of Devon Hoff (bass), Yuka Honda (electronics), Johnny Mathar (drums), João Nogueira (Wurlitzer), Ches Smith (drums), Michael Leonhart (trumpet) & Mauro Refosco (percussion). ... Click to View

Chorale Joker / Ensemble SuperMusique:
Demantibule•es (Ambiances Magnetiques)

Merging members of Ensemble SuperMusique with a subset of the ensemble Chorale Joker, Joane Hétu presents four premieres that explore our experiences during the pandemic, SuperMusique focused on electronics and synthetic instruments and offset by a wind quintet, the music and vocal interactions often explosive, reflecting on our mental states during an overwhelming cultural malady. ... Click to View

Josh Berman / Eli Wallace / Ishmael Ali / Bill Harris:
An-Ill Fitting Garment [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD] (Amalgam)

Cornetist Josh Berman, drummer Bill Harris, and cellist Ishmael Ali meet with NY pianist Eli Wallace in Chicago, recording live in the studio for a session that focuses on acoustic interplay using unusual techniques, inside piano playing, textural percussion with scrapes & drags and melodic & harmonic fragments, Fitting quite well in a set of interesting moods and motion. ... Click to View

IKZ (Chris Dammann / Kevin Davis / John Niekrasz / Toby Summerfield):
I Saw The Cryptic Problem Of My Generation Destroyed (Amalgam)

Four improvisations that start as dense and scrabbly electroacoustic improv and then transport into beautiful sonic interaction from the Chicago collaborative quartet of Chris Dammann (Scott Clark) on double bass, Kevin Davis (Jason Stein's Locksmith Isidore) on cello, John Niekrasz (Poor School, The Naked Future) on drums and Toby Summerfield (Larval, Algernon, Scott Clark) on guitar. ... Click to View

Joao Gato / Bruno Parrinha:
Two (Phonogram Unit)

Two Portuguese saxophonists of different generations both playing on alto sax--Bruno Parrinha, an established and extraordinary player involved with many projects on Clean Feed and Creative Sources, and João Gato, leader of Apophenia Quartet--present 11 improvisations recorded in the studio, their voices intertwining amid masterful technique and creative impulse. ... Click to View

Danya Pilchen :
Two Songs. Anne, Germaine, Koen, Seamus, Danya (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Two "songs" from a series of works by Netherlands composer and pianist Danya Pilchen, exploring the possibilities of making and experiencing time through attentive listening, these works focused on creating a dialogue between two measures of time, performed with Anne La Berge on flute, Germaine Sijstermans on clarinet, Seamus Cater on harmonica and Koen Nutters on double bass. ... Click to View

Paul Newland:
Things That Happen Again (Another Timbre)

A portrait of UK interdisciplinary composer Paul Newland's music through five pieces dating from 2009 to 2023 performed by members of London's Apartment House ensemble, including a string quartet, two different trio combinations, a short work for solo piano, and a score for open instrumentation, realised in this recording by a septet. ... Click to View

Michel Banabila :
The Unreal Realm (Tapu Records)

A collection of works from Netherlands composer Michel Banabila, including a piece developed with saxophonist Dave Liebman and previously released only digitally; a work with Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek); a work with Pierre Bastien; and excerpts from scores for Yin Yue's choreography in two works: "Somewhere" for New York Live Arts and "Timeless Tide" for BalletMet. ... Click to View

Rotem Geffen:
The Night Is The Night (thanatosis produktion)

Singer, songwriter and pianist Nelly Klayman-Cohen, aka Rotem Geffen, explores the fringes of dreamy pop music with lyrics in German, English and Hebrew that explore themes of memory, love, grief, loss, and the night as a vibrating room, with collaborators including Alexander Zethson on keyboards, Isak Hedtjar on clarinets and winds, Vilhelm Bromander on double bass, &c. ... Click to View

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Op-Ed (Opinions and Editorials)

  Shaking the Squid Entries September 28, 2022 - December 29, 2023  
philz Squidco Blog

  • December 29, 2023:

    Rounding Up 2023

    As we are between two holiday weekends, there is no "proper" mailing list this week, but we are sending out our Top lists for 2023, in four parts: Top Customer Sales, Top Distribution & Fulfillment Albums, Carl's Top 23 for 2023, and Philz Top 35. And though a holiday week, we still added a number of new albums to our catalog, and we're processing and taking orders, as usual, all through the holiday weekend to ship on Tuesday.

    As we close the books on 2023 I'm reflecting on the activities Squidco accomplished during the year, and tallying up some statistics on how much work we took on. Here are a few I can share with you:

    During 2023, we added 920 new albums CDs, LPs, Magazines, Books, DVDs & USB drives for an average of 18 albums per week fully cataloged and researched, writing our own descriptive abstracts, adding editorial text, links to review sites, researching biographies for artists and linking each album to other related albums in our catalog.

    We shipped 5,945 orders this year, which included packages sent out to 39 different nations around the globe. The most of those orders were Squidco's own, but we also expanded the number of fulfillment partners we provide service for, as many of our readers here have likely discovered from packages they received.

    Our biography project continues, which provides text biographies of artists and also, through our alphabetic Artist List page, links to in-stock albums for each artist. This year we added biographies for 683 artists, bringing the total to 6,517 biographies and links to their sources for innovative improvisers, performers and composers.

    The Squid's Ear published 138 reviews and articles from our staff of independent, international writers. I added 41 blog entries this year, detailing new releases and items published, and writing about upcoming plans and acquisitions through the year. The Squid's Ear is well read by our customers, and our total number of reviews & articles read since we started has now topped 10 million. I am proud of the writing that we've presented, and that we've allowed our writers the freedom to select the albums they want to write about without constraint.

    Squidco Rewrote the Website: The biggest change, and my own most involved project, was rewriting major portions of Squidco's website to make it more useful on a variety of devices, most particularly, on cell phones. Having reached 20 years in business in 2023, our website was showing its age on any of the platforms that came of age since we started. Pad/tablet computing and cell phones are now ubiquitous, and before this year our site didn't scale very well to the smaller screen. As less people use laptops and desktop computers, this became a serious concern for our future.

    As the main programmer for Squidco, refitting an existing and active site like Squidco into a new set of layouts was a fascinating challenge. Squidco consists of a large number of pages that serve our album listings, category pages, sale pages, login, shopping cart & checkout pages, &c. &c. One by one those pages were morphed into our new layout, keeping our basic rounded design while adapting to whatever size screen our customers might be using when they visit us. The feedback has been good for the new site, and I find myself looking up information on our site with my cell phone when I would have previously used my desktop. I continue to tweak and improve the site, in the hopes of being the most informative and useful music store on the internet. As always, we're open to suggestion, so please feel free to Contact Us with any suggestions you might have.

    A Holiday Wish & An Easter Egg:

    For all those reading I wish you the best for the coming year. The music that Squidco sells is global, with artists traveling from country to country to collaborate, expanding our knowledge and wealth of sound and music. I believe that all people should come together to expand our global knowledge and well-being, and that it should be for all people, and not for just a few. Let us hope that all around the globe, we the people require and succeed in making our leaders provide peace, safety and happiness for all of us.

    As a gift to you readers of this Squidco Blog, and only advertised here on the Squidco Blog, from Friday, December 29, 2023 through Monday, January 1, 2024 you can take 10% off of your order total by using the Coupon code HOLIDAY10 at checkout time. Just enter HOLIDAY10 in the "Coupon Code" field at checkout time and your order total will be reduced by 10%. There are no restrictions, the code is good for all new and used in-stock albums or items in our store.

    Philz & Carl's Top Albums for 2023

    Philz and Carl have traditionally posted their lists of top albums for the year at the year's end, and 2023 ends in no different way. Here are the quick lists for each, the full list with album covers and abstracts can be found here:

    Philz Top 35 albums for 2023

    Carl's Top 23 albums for 2023 Phil Zampino: Top 2023 Album List ()

    Ackerley / Uesaka / Hinton:
    Petting Zoo
    (Waveform Alphabet)

    (Rowe / Prevost + Tilbury):
    Last Calls

    (Rempis / Lonberg-Holm / Nilssen-Love):
    Smash And Grab

    Bi Ba Doom
    (Pitsiokos / Stewart / Nazary):
    Graceful Collision [VINYL w/ DOWNLOAD]
    (Astral Spirits)

    Butcher, John:
    The Very Fabric
    (Ftarri / Hitorri)

    Butcher, John / Pat Thomas / Dominic Lash / Steve Noble:
    (577 Records)

    Ceccaldi, Valentin
    (w/ Ziemniak / Ottervanger / Lopes):
    Bonbon Flamme
    (Clean Feed)

    Chrysakis, Thanos:
    Manifold Vista
    (Auf Abwegen)

    Cochrane, Chris / John Thayer:
    Excavation [VINYL]
    (Astral Editions)

    Darge, Moniek / Vanessa Rossetto:
    Dream Soundies

    Davies, Rhodri:
    (Amgen Records)

    Day & Taxi
    (Gallio / Jeger / Hemmingway):
    Live in Baden
    (Clean Feed)

    Day, Bryan / Dereck Higgins:
    Woven Territories
    (Public Eyesore)

    Ducret, Marc
    (w/ Martinez / Helary / Bopp / Ducret):
    Palm Sweat:
    Marc Ducret Plays the Music of Tim Berne
    (Out Of Your Head Records)

    Duplant, Bruno / Seth Nehil:
    The Memory Of Things
    (Sublime Retreat)

    Ensemble Dedalus + eRikm:
    Fata Morgana
    (Relative Pitch)

    (Hedtjarn / Ullen / Bergman / Carlsson):
    (Clean Feed)

    Foussat, Jean-Marc / Guy-Frank Pellerin:
    Les Beaux Jours
    (Fou Records)

    Frith, Fred And Ensemble Musiques Nouvelles:
    Something About This Landscape For Ensemble
    (Sub Rosa)

    Ghost, The Michael Foster's
    (Foster / Radichel / Sullivan):
    Vanished Pleasures
    (Relative Pitch)

    Hemingway, Gerry:

    Koch / Loriot / Kocher:
    Stranger Becoming
    (Bruit Editions + Neither / Nor Records)

    La Casa, Eric:
    Barrieres Mobiles [CD + 40pg BOOKLET]

    Lantskap Logic
    (Frith / Davis / Greenlief):
    Hidden Danger Lets Me In
    (Clean Feed)

    Myers, David Lee:
    Ceremonial Fires

    Niggli, Lucas Sound of Serendipity Tentet:

    Rempis / Harnik / Lonberg-Holm / Daisy:

    Rodrigues / Lonberg-Holm / Flak / Madeira / Oliveira:
    The Giving Tree Moving On
    (Creative Sources)

    Rothenberg, Ned
    (w / Courvoisier / Halvorson / Fujiwara):
    Crossings Four
    (Clean Feed)

    Sick Boss
    (JP Carter/ Zubot / Lee / Schmidt / Meger / Gaucher):
    (Drip Audio)

    Sorey, Tyshawn Trio:
    (Pi Recordings)

    Threadgill, Henry Ensemble:
    The Other One
    (Pi Recordings)

    von Orelli, Marco / Sheldon Suter:
    Draw From The Source
    (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

    Williams, Mars / Vasco Trilla:
    Critical Mass
    (Not Two)

    Zorn, John Incerto
    (Marsella / Smith / Lage / Roeder):
    Full Fathom Five

    Carl Kruger: Top 2023 Album List ()

    Ahti & Ahti
    Nokivesi [VINYL]
    (more mars)

    Bonney, Alex / Paul Dunmall / Mark Sanders
    The Beholder's Share

    Butcher, John
    The Very Fabric
    (Ftarri / Hitorri)

    Costa, Carlo / John McCowen
    Pianissimo Etc [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD]
    (Tripticks Tapes)

    Day, Bryan / Dereck Higgins
    Woven Territories
    (Public Eyesore)

    Dresser, Mark
    Tines of Change
    (Pyroclastic Records)

    Emaille / dieb13 / Koch

    Gustafsson, Mats / Joachim Nordwall
    Their Power Reached Across Space And Time-To Defy Them Was Death-Or Worse
    (Thrill Jockey)

    Hauser, Fritz / Pedro Carneiro
    Pas de Deux
    (Clean Feed)

    La Casa, Eric + Seijiro Murayama
    Supersedure 2

    Ladisa, Stefania Strutture (w/ Adrian Northover / Marcello Magliocchi)
    Dal'Introspezione All'Interazione

    Leandre, Joelle / Paul Lovens
    Off Course !
    (Fou Records)

    Lord, David
    Forest Standards, Volume 3 [VINYL]
    (Big Ego / Astral Spirits)

    Lytton, Paul / Erhard Hirt
    Borne on a Whim: Duets, 1981
    (Corbett vs. Dempsey)


    Novembre (Hoang / Clerc-Renaud / Darrifourcq) + Marc Baron
    Encore [2 CDs]
    (Umlaut Records)

    Oxley, Tony / Stefan Holker
    The New World

    Pisaro-Liu, Michael / Julia Holter
    Tombstones: Live in Brooklyn
    (Editions Verde)

    Rodrigues / Wassermann / Rodrigues
    L'Age De L'Oreille
    (Creative Sources)

    Ruhl, Joris
    (Umlaut Records)

    Skein (Kaufmann / Gratkowski / de Joode)
    Spectra & Affrays

    Vicente-Sandoval, Dafne / Lars Petter Hagen
    Minos Circuit / Transfiguration 4 [VINYL]
    (Portraits GRM)

    Werckmeister (Markus Eichenberger / Carl Ludwig Hubsch / Philip Zoubek / Etienne Nillesen)
    Two Movements
    (Creative Sources)

    Squidco Publishing Roundup:

    As always, I end with updates to Squidco and The Squid's Ear over the last week. You can see our latest fully cataloged albums in our Recently Section.

    You can see new albums as they enter our Just In Stock Section, meaning that we physically have an album and are able to ship it with an order, but that we're not satisfied that we've added all the information we can about that release.

    You can also see recent restocks of previously listed items at our Recently Restocked page.

    You can ask us to inform you via email of any upcoming release that you're interested in, with no obligation.

    December 28, 2023: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Paul Dunmall - Meditations For Clarinets (FMR) by Massimo Ricci.

    December 27, 2023: New @ Squidco:
    Derek Bailey/Paul Motian -Duo in Concert [VINYL w/ DOWNLOAD] (Frozen Reeds)
    Evan Parker/Derek Bailey/Han Bennink -The Topography of the Lungs [VINYL] (Otoroku)
    Guillermo Gregorio -Two Trio [CD] (ESP)
    Alon Nechushtan -For Those Who Cross the Seas [2 CDs] (ESP)
    Paul Harding R/Michael Bisio/Juma Sultan -They Tried to Kill Me Yesterday [CD] (ESP)
    Hyper.object -Inter​.independence [CD] (Phonogram Unit)
    Alvin Lucier -Works for the Ever Present Orchestra Vol. II [VINYL] (Black Truffle)
    Espen Eriksen Trio With Andy Sheppard -As Good As It Gets [CD] (Rune Grammofon)
    Espen Eriksen Trio With Andy Sheppard -As Good As It Gets [VINYL] (Rune Grammofon)
    Espen Eriksen Trio w/ Andy Sheppard -In The Mountains [VINYL 2 LPs] (Rune Grammofon)

    December 27, 2023: New Review @ The Squid's Ear: Schindler / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Torres - Conspiratorial And Fulminate Things Happen (Creative Sources) by Nick Ostrum.

    December 21, 2023: New @ Squidco:
    Elisabeth Harnik/Zlatko Kaucic -One Foot in the Air [CD] (Not Two)
    Tani Tabbal Quartet (w/ McPhee/Bisio/Siegel) -Intentional [CD] (Mahakala Music)
    Vasco Furtado/Salome Amend/Luise Volkmann -Aforismos [CD] (Phonogram Unit)
    Voltaic Trio (Guerrreiro/Nuno/Valinho) -290421 [CD] (Phonogram Unit)
    Okura/Rodrigues/Rodrigues/Buder -Your Dramatic Joy [CD] (Creative Sources)
    Brad Henkel -Croon [CD] (Neither/Nor Records)
    Jurg Frey/Keiko Shichijo -Les Signes Passagers [CD] (elsewhere)
    Nicolas Remondino/Ocra Rosa -Each Falling Stick Is A Necessary Gesture, Every Sonic Action Being Perfectly Voluntary And With Its Own Dignity [CD] (Shhpuma)
    Matt Weston -This Is Broken [VINYL] (7272music)
    Ego Death/Astro -Crossing The Line Between Life And Death [CDR] (Love Earth Music)

  • December 20, 2023:

    It's about that time of the year, as we wind down 2023 and look forward to a continuing flow of new music in 2024. For those curious, Squidco is essentially "always open" as our website will take orders through the holidays. With Christmas and a postal holiday on the 25th we will not be shipping on Monday, but we will send out our regular mailing list on Friday the 22nd, and orders received over the weekend will ship on Tuesday the 26th.

    That said, as the holidays come to a completion this year I wish all the best for the coming year. 2023 was a turbulent year, and 2024 promises to be the same. I hope that wisdom and sanity take the upper hand, and that the world reflects well on its actions. Above all, I wish peace and prosperity to all our readers, and phenomenal new music to accompany the coming year!

    Squidco Top Ten - Part I:

    As we here at Squidco have steadily increased our distribution and fulfilment work, we've noted that our top year-end lists have become skewed to the items we distribute or ship via fulfilment agreements, where the volume sold is larger but doesn't reflect on the larger and more diverse catalog of albums our retail customers select. So this year I'm publishing two lists for our annual customer Top 10, one for distribution items, and one for our retail sales. Technically it's not the end of the year yet, but I'm posting both lists here, with a formal announcement in next week's Squidco Email List.

    Next week we will post our other top lists, my own Top 25 and Carl's Top 25, representing the albums we personally found most interesting through the year.

    2023 Top 20 Distribution & Fulfillment Albums

    Listed in alphabetic order. Where there is more than one format for a given album (CD, Vinyl or Cassette) I have listed the format that sold the most number of copies.

    Amba, Zoh / William Parker / Francisco Mela
    O Life, O Light Vol. 2 [VINYL]
    (577 Records)

    The second volume from the trio of Tennessee-to-NYC transplant Zoe Amba on tenor saxophone & flute, legendary double bassist William Parker and Francisco Mela on drums, performing three compositions by Amba recorded in the studio in NYC; emphatic free jazz with a powerful rhythm section elucidating Amba's spiritually fueled approach to compelling, lyrical improvisation.


  • The Squid's Ear presents
    reviews about releases
    sold at
    written by
    independent writers.


    Recent Selections @ Squidco:

    JAKAL (
    Fred Lonberg-Holm /
    Keefe Jackson /
    Julian Kirshner):

    The Remote Viewers:
    Inside The Blizzard /
    (Remote Viewers)

    Oliver Schwerdt /
    Barry Guy /
    Baby Sommer:
    Fucking Ballads

    Bruno Duplant /
    Rutger Zuydervelt:
    Edge Of Oblivion

    Simon Hanes:
    Tsons of Tsunami

    Ethnic Heritage Ensemble:
    Open Me,
    A Higher Consciousness
    Of Sound And Spirit
    (Spiritmuse Records)

    Phantom Orchard (
    Ikue Mori /
    Zeena Parkins):
    Hit Parade
    of Tears

    Chorale Joker /
    Ensemble SuperMusique:
    (Ambiances Magnetiques)

    Sean Lennon Ono:

    Joel Futterman:
    (Soul City Sounds)

    Michel Banabila :
    The Unreal Realm
    (Tapu Records)

    John Butcher + 13:
    Fluid Fixations
    (Weight of Wax)

    Christof Migone /
    Alexandre St-Onge:
    (Ambiances Magnetiques)

    Anthony Braxton :
    10 Comp (
    Lorraine) 2022
    (New Braxton House)

    Ensemble SuperMusique:
    Musiques Emeraude
    (Ambiances Magnetiques)

    Rempis /
    Karayorgis /
    Heinemann /
    (Driff Records & Aerophonics)

    Paul Paccione:
    Distant Musics
    (Another Timbre)

    Peter Evans
    Being & Becoming (
    Evans /
    Ross /
    Jozwiak /
    Ars Memoria
    (More Is More)

    Gregorio /
    Smith /
    The Cold Arrow
    (Balance Point Acoustics)

    Chad Fowler /
    Shanyse Strickland /
    Sana Nagano /
    Melanie Dyer /
    Ken Filiano /
    Anders Griffen:
    (Mahakala Music)

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