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SQUIDCO Email Update, June 26, 2020

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
June 26, 2020

"I see improvisation as a listening experience —
An experience that takes place at a certain moment,
At a particular place,
With a specific group of listeners."
—Michel Doneda

   Creative Artists

• John Coltrane Quartet
• Conference Call (Ullmann/Jefry Stevens/Fonda/Ulrich)
• Michel Doneda
• Satoko Fujii/Natsuki Tamura
• Jerkagram/Martin Escalante
• Krakow Improvisers Orchestra
• Philippe Lauzier/Eric Normand
• Joelle Leandre/Lauren Newton/Myra Melford
• George Lewis/Ozana Omelchuk
• London Jazz Composers Orchestra
• No Mor Musik
• Barre Phillips
• Dave Rempis/Elisabeth Harnik/Michael Zerang
• John Russell/Ray Russell/Henry Kaiser/Olle Brice
• Jorma Tapio/Kaski
• Cecil Taylor/Tony Oxley
• Von LMO

Squid Bubbles  Essential Labels

Balance Point Acoustics
ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd
Flemish Masters
Fundacja Sluchaj!

Not Two
Tour de Bras



   Jazz & Improvisation

Coltrane, John Quartet: My Favorite Things Graz 1962
(ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

The 2nd volume from tenor & soprano saxophonist John Coltrane 1962 tour of Europe and Scandinavia, heard here in late November at Stefaniensaal, Graz with his quartet of pianist McCoy Tyner, bassist Jimmy Garrison, and drummer Elvin Jones, the band playing classic numbers under the influence of Coltrane's expanding drive to transform his music toward greater freedom.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $17.95      Listen          

Conference Call (Gebhard Ullmann / Michael Jefry Stevens / Joe Fonda / Dieter Ulrich): Prism
(Not Two)

The tenth Conference Call album and the first with drummer Dieter Ulrich taking over for former drummers Matt Wilson, Han Bennink, George Schuller and Gerry Hemingway, the 20 years journey for this transatlantic band leading to this album captured in the studio in Central NY while on tour, performing 3 original compositions from Ullman, 2 from Fonda, and 2 from Stevens.
Squidco Pick

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Doneda, Michel: Monstre (PRINT w/ DOWNLOAD)
(Tour de Bras)

Performing on soprano and sopranino saxophones, French saxophonist Michel Doneda is heard in concert at Tiasci in Paris for three "Monstre" solo improvisations of quietly emphatic playing using extended techniques and unusual phrasing, released as a limited 250g paper card hand-printed by Normad with an accompanying download code, 1 of 2 art cards initiating an 8-card series.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Fujii, Satoko / Natsuki Tamura: Pentas: Tribute to Eric and Chris Stern
(Not Two)

Japanese pianist Satoko Fujii and trumpeter Natsuki Tamura (The NatSat Duo) launch their project Pentas with this album, their 7th as a duo, with compositions from each musician and dedicated as a tribute to Eric and Chris Stern, elder inspirational fans who spoke with the duo after the NY premiere of this music, upon learning that Eric passed away that very night.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Jerkagram / Martin Escalante : Parkour

Ater a concert in Los Angeles with Martin Escalante on the same bill, the twin brothers, guitarist Derek Gaines and drummer Brent Gaines, asked the extreme saxophonist to join them in the creation of a new, cathartic form of improvisation, filled with angst and dramatic release, ending with an extended journey in sound and squawk; a gripping album of gritty improv.
     Buy      $14.00      Listen          

Krakow Improvisers Orchestra: KIO at Cricoteka
(Not Two)

The 13-piece Krakow Improvisers Orchestra approaches their music through conduction and improvisation, founder Paulina Owczarek leading the ensemble in an impressive 3-part work recorded in the studio, an exciting and quirky set using mostly acoustic instrumentation through reeds, brass and two drummer/percussionist, 2 bass players, free vocal improv, synth & guitar.
Squidco Pick

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Lauzier, Philippe / Eric Normand : Not the music : Les temps fluos [PRINT w/ DOWNLOAD]
(Tour de Bras)

An album of quiet improvisation focused on timbre, rhythm and pensive pacing from the duo of bass clarinetist Philippe Lauzier and bassist Éric Normand, also using objects to create mysterious tones and acoustic sonics, released as a limited 300g paper card hand-printed by Normad with an accompanying download code, 1 of 2 art cards initiating an 8-card series.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Leandre, Joelle / Lauren Newton / Myra Melford: Stormy Whispers
(Fundacja Sluchaj!)

The 13th International Festival of Improvised Music "Ad Libitum" in Warsaw, 2018, themed "Women Alarm!", presented the new trio of Joëlle Léandre (double bass), Myra Melford (piano), and Lauren Newton (free improv voice), performing a masterfully energetic, quirky and indescribably enthralling set of trio and duo improvisations titled "Whisper" 1 through 8.
Squidco Pick

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Lewis, George / Ozana Omelchuk: Breaking News, Studio Dan
(ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

Two works commissioned by the Austrian Studio Dan ensemble: "As We May Feel" by George Lewis, referencing visionary engineer Vannevar Bush's concepts of data linking & association, in a work reminding how music recombines and associates; and Oxana Omelchuk's double concerto for two trombonists, "Wow and Flutter", taking listeners on a profound journey through recording technologies.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $17.95      Listen          

London Jazz Composers Orchestra: That Time
(Not Two)

Released for their 50th anniversary, The LJCO, in configurations of up to 21 musicians including Derek Bailey, Trevor Watts, Evan Parker, Peter Brotzmann, &c., perform works by Kenny Wheeler, Barry Guy, Paul Rutherford and Howard Riley, captured live at the Berliner Jazztage in 1972; at Donaueschingen Musiktage in 1972; in the studio in 1980; and London's Round House in 1980.
Squidco Pick

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Phillips, Barre: Thirty Years In Between [2 CDs]

The title to be taken literally, these two solo concerts recorded in Canada by French-based US bassist Barre Phillips, the first recorded at Vancouver Western Front in 1989, the 2nd from the 35th International Festival Music Festival of Victoriaville in 2019, both exemplary concerts showing his masterful skills and ability to captivate then and now.
     Buy      $21.95      Listen          

Rempis, Dave / Elisabeth Harnik / Michael Zerang: Triple Tube
(Not Two)

Recording in Graz, Austria in 2019 at the club Tube's, Chicago alto saxophonist Dave Rempis and drummer Michael Zerang, frequent collaborators with Ken Vandermark and The Resonance Ensemble, joined with Austrian improvising and classical pianist Elisabeth Harnik to record three exuberant and incredibly informed improvisations: "Triple Tube" I through III.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Russell, John / Ray Russell / Henry Kaiser / Olle Brice: The Dukes of Bedford
(Balance Point Acoustics)

Exploring the lineage of the Dukes of Bedford, the Russell lineage in Bedford, England, in groupings of acoustic & electric guitarists John Russell, Ray Russell, and Henry Kaiser along with double bassist Ollie Brice, from duos to quartets, eight Duke "Russells" from 1680 to 2003 are explored through intricate and joyfully creative and technically amazing string improvisations.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Tapio, Jorma / Kaski: Aliseen

Finnish saxophone & flute player Jorma Tapio and his group Kaski of Ville Rauhala on bass and Janne Tuomi on drums & percussion, with both Tapio and Tuomi playing Kantele, a traditional plucked string instrument, present a beautifully rich and spiritual album named for a shaman's trip to the underworld, reflecting on local folk music and free jazz traditions.
     Buy      $14.00      Listen          

Taylor, Cecil / Tony Oxley: Birdland / Neuburg 2011
(Fundacja Sluchaj!)

Performing in the intimacy of the Birdland Jazz Club in 2011, New York innovative pianist Cecil Taylor met with London free jazz legendary percussionist and long-time associate in The Feel Trio, Tony Oxley, Taylor's rapid often percussive approach to the keys pairing with Oxley's percussive work, and both invoking lyrical beauty from the other.
Squidco Pick

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KNW : <>

An album of ecstatic noise improv with an experimental edge from the trio of Ulrich Krieger on tenor saxophone & contrabass clarinet, Nandor Nevai on "throats" & drums, and Wolcott on oscillator & electronics, viciously assertive music in seven track of mostly succinct statements composed or conceived by each of the band members; cathartic.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

No Mor Musik:

This puzzling display of punk/jazz surrealism is masterminded by Nondor Nevai on drums and vocals, featuring Weasel Walter on bass and legendary journeyman Kenny Millions (aka Keshavan Maslak) on guitar and reeds, a sort of unholy fusion between extreme metal, bludgeoning noise rock, free jazz, black humor and true stream-of-consciousness improvisation.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Von LMO: Future Language
(Flemish Masters)

The 1981 debut studio album of Von LMO, released independently in 1981 through his label StraZar, dedicated to the advancement of the United States space program, described by music journalist Chuck Eddy as being one of the 500 best albums of heavy metal in his Stairway to Hell book, here in the Flemish Masters edition with the track "Shake, Rattle and Roll".
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

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Cliff Trio (Pandelis Karayorgis / Damon Smith / Eric Rosenthal):
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

The Croaks (Kuchen / Turner / Rogers):
One Of The Best Bears!
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Roland Dahinden / Hildegarde Kleeb / Harris:
Dancing A Stone
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Guillermo Gregorio / Joe Fonda / Ramon Lopez:
Intersecting Lives
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Jubileum Quartet (Leandre / Parker / Fermandez / Kaucic):
(Not Two)

Don Malfon / Agusti Fernandez / Barry Guy:
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Anton Ponomarev Trio (w/ Per Ole Jorgens / Dmitri Lapshin):
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))

Matias Riquelme / Fernando Ulzion:
La Trahison Des Mots
(Fundacja Sluchaj!)

Trevor Watts Quartet The (Veryan Weston / John Edwards / Marc Sander):
The Real Intention - Cafe OTO concert
(Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!))


Henry Kaiser:
Problems are only opportunities in work clothes
(Fractal Music)

This album has been provided by Henry Kaiser to Squidco as a free item to accompany any other Squidco purchase where the customer requests a copy. It is intended to help stores like Squidco during this time of pandemic, for which we are extremely grateful!

Henry Kaiser performs a live guitar solo on a borrowed Downes 101HB baritone guitar with no overdubs, just delays and no looping.

This CD can only be accompanied with a Squidco store order including other items, and must be requested by the customer by adding this item to their shopping when placing their order. Limit one copy per customer, while quantities last.


Killick Hinds:
Old Hat to Clothed Toes [CASSETTE]

This cassette tape album has been provided by Appalachian guitarist and experimenters Killick Hinds as a free item to accompany any other Squidco purchase where the customer requests a copy. It is intended to help stores like Squidco during this time of pandemic, for which we are extremely grateful!

Guitarist and creative experimenter Killick Hinds pays homage in abstract and tangential ways to Metallica's 1986 album Master of Puppets, an influence on Killick's youth, which he references somewhere between re-creation and distillation, in a factory-made cassette with 8 pieces he describes as "hypnagogic wake-dreams."

This cassette can only be accompanied with a Squidco store order including other items, and must be requested by the customer by adding this item to their shopping when placing their order. Limit one copy per customer, while quantities last.

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