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SQUIDCO Email Update and Hat [Now] Art Sale, February 9, 2018

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
February 9, 2018

"The piano's possibilities are not limited,
and everybody's mind is structured differently,
so each mind brings a different wrinkle to the equation"
—Roscoe Mitchell

Squid Bubbles  Essential Labels

Armageddon Nova
Astral Spirits
Aural Terrains
Clean Feed

Terp Records

      Creative Artists
• Ab Baars & Terrie Ex
• Robbie Basho
• Jonas Cambien / Adrian Myhr
• Thanos Chrysakis
• Tom Cora
• Michael Dessen Trio
• The Heat Death (Moster / Kuchen / Aleklint / Hyouer, Andersen)
• Igor Lumpert / Innertextures (Ward / Tordini / Grohowski)
• Rob Mazurek
• Nick Millevoi's Desertion Trio (w/ Jamie Saft)
• Harutaka Mochizuki
• Gard Nilssen's Acoustic Unity
• Orquestra Del Tiempo Perdido
• Aishi Oyauchi
• Ivo Perelman (w/ Matthew Shipp / William Parker)
• Susana Silva Santos
• Jon Strom Rune Quintet
• Tandaapushi
• Tree Ear (Strinning / Troller / Hemingway)

Squid Bubble


Squidco Hat [NOW] Art $10 Sale

Switzerland's Hat Hut label has two main label lines - hatOLOGY for improvised music, including free jazz, free improvisation, and ea-improv; and Hat [Now] Art presenting compositional music from masterful composers like Morton Feldman, John Cage, Stockhausen, &c., and modern composers like Liza Lim, Makrokosmos Quartet, Katharina Rosenberger, Christian Wolff, &c.

This weekend we're putting 58 Hat [Now] Art titles on sale for just $10 - an $8 savings on each! The albums offered represent some of the most interesting and creative titles on the label, providing a great collection of composers whose influence are felt across many other genres of music, from improvised music to rock to electronic/experimental forms. Take a good look at this list of albums, but don't look too long because some stock is limited!

Click here to see all Hat [Now] Art Titles On Sale

   Jazz & Improvisation

Baars, Ab & Terrie Ex: Shifting Sands
(Terp Records)

Dutch saxophonist Ab Baars and guitarist Terrie Ex last recorded together in 2000 for their "Hef" album, reuniting in 2015 in Amsterdam for this well-rounded and exhilarating duo album, with Ex on electric guitar and Baars on tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet and shakuhachi, demonstrating both player's growth and continued joy in improvisation.
     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Baars, Ab & Terrie Ex: Shifting Sands [VINYL]
(Terp Records)

Vinyl edition of the CD listed above.
     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Cambien, Jonas / Adrian Myhr: Simiskina
(Clean Feed)

With a discography of both contemporary and improvised music, Beligan pianist residing in Norway Jonas Cambien (Platform, Karokh) joins forces with Norwegian double bassist Adrian Myhr (Delius, Dorner, Buck) for an album that balances concentrative and muscular interplay, influenced by Cambien's piano preparations and Myhr's sophisticated techniques.
     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Cora, Tom: Live At The Western Front

Few musicians better represent the Downtown NY scene's early years than late cellist Tom Cora, a key player who performed and recorded with John Zorn, Fred Frith, Polly Bradfield, Samm Bennett, &c, &c, bridging and blurring the lines between jazz, improv, rock, and compositional music, heard here in an exuberant and masterful solo set live at Vancouver's The Western Front in 1986.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Dessen, Michael Trio: Somewhere In The Upstream
(Clean Feed)

Blending the acoustic aspects of his regularly performing trio with unusual electronics, trombonist Michael Dessen's NY trio with bassist Christopher Tordini and drummer Dan Weiss carve out a unique territory that balances lyrical, aggressive, and swinging aspects of free jazz with other-worldly interactions, in an album honoring late saxophonist Yusef Lateef.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Heat Death, The (Moster / Kuchen / Aleklint / Hyouer, Andersen): The Glenn Miller Sessions [3 CDs]
(Clean Feed)

With members of The Core, Angles 9, Cortex, &c. The Heat Death is a Norwegian quintet with dual reeds and winds from Kjetil Moster & Martin Kuchen, Mats Aleklint on trombone, Olay Hoyer on bass, and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen on drums, a blazing band of energetic, informed and joyful free improv in a long-anticipated releases presenting 3 CDs of extended play.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Lumpert, Igor / Innertextures (Ward / Tordini / Grohowski): Eleven
(Clean Feed)

The 3rd release of saxophonist Igor Lumpert's Innertextures, expanded to a quartet with the Chicago saxophonist Greg Ward joing the previous trio of Chris Tordini on double bass, and now with Kenny Grohowski on drums, with trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson joining on two tracks and bass clarinetist John Ellis on another, all performing Lumpert's exuberant and clever compositions.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Mazurek, Rob: Chimeric Stoned Horn [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD + 3D GLASSES]
(Astral Spirits)

The 2nd part of Chicago trumpeter Rob Mazurek's Astral Spirits series that started with "Vortice of the Faun", Mazurek performing on piccolo trumpet, electronics, voice, and percussion in a detailed journey, released alongside Mazurek's art opening "Constellation Scores" at URDLA, the cover showing two 3-D prints and the package comes with glasses to view them.
     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Mochizuki, Harutaka : Through The Glass
(Armageddon Nova)

Multi-instrumentalist improviser Harutaka Mochizuki releases this solo album performing on saxophone, performing two extended improvisations that explore the instrument as a whole, producing unusual sounds from the physical and mechanical aspects of the horn alongside more traditional playing, using an expanded range of dynamics to build tension and interest.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Nilssen's, Gard Acoustic Unity : Live in Europe [VINYL 3 LPs + 3 CDs]
(Clean Feed)

Three complete 2016 concerts at North Sea Jazz Festival, Ljubljana Jazz Festival and Oslo Jazz Festiva, and 3 CDs to present them, from drummer Gard Nilssen's Acoustic Unity, a superb free/post-bop group with a core of Nilssen, bassist Petter Eldh, and saxophonist Andre Roligheten, featuring 3 saxophonists: Fredrik Ljungkvis, Kristoffer Berre Alberts, and Jorgen Mathisen.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $59.95      Listen          

Orquestra Del Tiempo Perdido: Stille

Dutch multi-instrumentalist/composer Jeroen Kimman conceived this album and performs most of the instruments on this album, assisted by Dutch musicians including Michael Moore, Mark Morse, Koen Kaptijn, Michiel van Dijk, &c., for music blending contemporary compositional music, jazz, experimental electroacoustic, math-rock, pop, exotica and even vaudeville.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Oyauchi, Aishi : Hidden Though It Is Difficult
(Armageddon Nova)

Aishi Oyauchi is a free improvising alto saxophonist in the tradition of Kaoru Abe and who hails from the same first generation of Japanese free improvisers from the 1960s; this album finds him performing on alto and soprano sax at Performing Art Center, using space and abrupt diversions alongside unusual tone and technique with percussive asides.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Perelman, Ivo (w/ Matthew Shipp / William Parker): The Art Of Perelman-Shipp Volume 1 Titan

For more than 20 years Brazilian tenor saxophonist Ivo Perelman and New York pianist Matthew Shipp have collaborated in a diverse set of projects that have led to more than 30 albums; this first volume of 6 albums brings the two together with frequent collaborator William Parker for a 6 part work, fittingly dedicated to Saturn's largest moon, "Titan".
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Silva, Susana Santos : All The Rivers | Live At Panteao Nacional
(Clean Feed)

Exploring the ambient sound of the immense marble temple of the Portuguese National Pantheon, trumpeter Susana Santos Silva recorded this beautiful and spiritual solo improvisation as part of the Rescaldo Festival, adding tin whistle and bells as her stunning tone and impressive technique resonated and invoked the spirit of this 17th century monument.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Strom, Jon Rune Quintet: Fragments
(Clean Feed)

Playing both upright & electric bass and doubling that with 2nd bassist Christian Meaas Svendsen, Jon Rune Strom leads his quintet of young Norwegian players--trumpeter Thomas Johansson, saxophonist Andre Roligheten, and drummer Andreas Wildhagen--for a live set at one of Norway's premiere jazz clubs, Nasjonal Jazzscene, for a jazz album of powerfully expressive free playing.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Tandaapushi: Borromean Rings

The second album from this Norwegian electric improvising power trio, using dark rhythmic grooves over which guitar, electric piano, amplified objects, no-input mixing board, and pianet emerge, creating hypnotic states that lead to exultant moments through sinuous melody, building and releasing intensity while maintaining a consistent gauzy undertone.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Tree Ear (Strinning / Troller / Hemingway): Witches Butter [VINYL]
(Clean Feed)

After percussionist and composer Gerry Hemingway migrated to Luzern, Switzerland he joined forces with the creative improvising community in that city, in particular with guitarist Manuel Troller and saxophonist and bass clarinetist Sebastian Strinning, the trio taking the name Tree Ear, blending free and idiomatic improv in bold, uncommon and spellbinding ways.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $22.95      Listen          



Chrysakis, Thanos: Equinox
(Aural Terrains)

A remarkable album of electronic composition from sound experimenter and improviser Thanos Chrysakis, ten stunning compositions that explore a diverse set of tones across a broad spectrum of rich deep timbre and beautiful high frequency ringing, bell-tones at times taking the focus, at others providing a rotating basis for ethereal experiments; sophisticated and engaging!
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $16.95      Listen          



Basho, Robbie: Live in Forli, Italy 1982

Late steel-string guitarist Robbie Basho was a technically adept and creative guitarist, well-studied in a variety of approaches to the guitar, and fascinated with philosophy and inner exploration; this album was recorded in 1982 in Italy's 18th-century Palazzo Gaddi, Basho affably talking with the audience and presenting a captivating and joyful concert.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Millevoi's, Nick Desertion Trio (w/ Jamie Saft): Midtown Tilt

Leaning more towards rock than jazz, but blending compelling blues-based improv, NY guitarist Nick Millevoi leads his Desertion project through a look at Wildwood, NY, the core of the trio as bassist Johnny DeBlase (Many Arms, Sabbath Assembly) and drummer Kevin Shea (Mostly Other People Do The Killing, Talibam!), with Jamie Saft on organ throughout.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

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(Creative Sources)

Baker / Glover:
Love, Approximately
(Bad Architect Records)

Daniel Carter / Demian Richardson / Matthew Putman / David Moss / Federico Ughi:
The Gowanus Recordings [VINYL + DOWNLOAD]

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Vol. 4 & 5: Trondheim
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Lasse Marhaug:
Void [7"]

Aaron Martin / Machinefabriek:

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The Art Of Perelman-Shipp Volume 6 Saturn

Davide Piersanti / Hui-Chun Lin / Sergio Castrillon / Ulf Mengersen / Klaus Kurvers:
(Creative Sources)

Ernesto Rodrigues / Nuno Torres / Carlos Santos / Stale Liavik Solberg :
(Creative Sources)

Sainct Laurens (Pierre-Yves Martel / Philippe Lauzier):
Volume 2 [VINYL]

Donald Sturge / Anthony McKenzie II (w/ Nels Cline, Arnold Lee, Melvin Gibbs, David Hofstra, Vernon Reid, CX Kidtronik):

Federico Ughi (Ughi / Irwin / Snyder / Adu / Swanson):

Wasteland Jazz Unit:
Attuned To Ruin [CASSETTE]
(Banned Productions)

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Improv Messenger [CDr + DOWNLOAD]

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Ame Zek :
First Bow
(Creative Sources)

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Puppation of Dissonance

Rutger Zuydervelt (w/ Ilia Belorukov / Rene Aquarius):
The Red Soul


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