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SQUIDCO Email Update, July 2, 2021

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
July 2, 2021

"I try to learn from everything I hear —
Other music, everyday sounds, washing machines, language patterns —
It's really a series of transitions."
—Mario Pavone

   Creative Artists

• Jonas Cambien Trio (w/ Roligheten/Wildhagen)
• Pedro Carneiro/Pedro Melo Alves
• Bryan Eubanks/Xavier Lopez
• Jean-Marc Fousatt
• Danilo Gallo Dark Dry Tears
   (Gallo/Milesi/Bigoni/Black/feat: Lorenzo Corti)
• Stephen Horenstein/Eyal Netzer
• Hprizm
• Ayumi Ishito
• The Killing Popes
• Stefano Leonardi/Antonio Bertoni
• Luis Lopes Lisbon Berlin Quartet
• Tim Olive
• Tony Oxley/Alan Davie
• Anthony Pateras
• Mario Pavone/The Tampa Quartet
• Guy-Frank Pellerin/Mattias Boss/Eugenio Sanna
• Gyan Riley
• Roots Magic
   (Pololla/De Fabritiis/Tedeschi/Spera)
• Strings5
• subterrene
• Cecil Taylor Ensemble
• Luis Vincente Trio
   (w/ Goncalo Almeida/Pedro Melo Alves)

Squid Bubbles  Essential Labels

577 Records
845 Audio
Astral Spirits
Bad Architect Records
Casco Records
Clean Feed

Creative Sources
Fou Records
Fundacja Sluchaj!
Sacred Realism


   Jazz & Improvisation

Cambien, Jonas Trio (w / Roligheten / Wildhagen): Nature Hath Painted The Body [VINYL]
(Clean Feed)

Cleverly complex yet melodically embraceable, the trio of Beligan pianist residing in Norway, Jonas Cambien's trio with Andre Rolighete on tenor and soprano saxophone and drummer Andreas Wildhagen perform eleven original Cambien compositions, a mix of astute, joyful and irrepressibly creative approaches to jazz and free improvisation.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Carneiro, Pedro / Pedro Melo Alves: Bad Company
(Clean Feed)

The title a reference to a 1953 poem by Yasuoka Shotaro, this album instead finds excellent company in the Portuguese duo of percussionists Pedro Carneiro on marimba with quarter tone extension and Pedro Melo Alves on prepared drums, their informed and unhurried improvised dialog merging concepts and influences of contemporary compositional music in compelling ways.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Fousatt, Jean-Marc: Les Vraies Richesses [VINYL + DVD]
(Fou Records)

Two concerts by improvising keyboardist and vocalist Jean-Marc Foussat, on the LP a recording at the Tout Rennes S'Emmerde event organized by From Town to Town, Capital Taboule, Consternation, L'Effroyable Association Western Soviets Satanist and Dream'in Noise, the 2nd a DVD of Foussat performing live on the beach as part of the 13th Farniente Festival.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $39.95          

Fousatt, Jean-Marc: Nouvelles [VINYL 2 LPs + DVD]
(Fou Records)

A vinyl reissue of improvising synth, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jean-Marc Foussat's 2001 Potlatch album, originally released as a CD-ROM and here with an accompanying DVD titled "Hope for Happiness" including 3 silent films, two of which relate to the album; performed with Pascal Bouscailloux, Jac Berrocal, Jean-Francois Pauvros, Roger Turner, &c.
     Buy      $39.95          

Gallo, Danilo Dark Dry Tears (Gallo / Milesi / Bigoni / Black / feat: Lorenzo Corti): A View Through a Slot
(Clean Feed)

With cinematic moments and dark, rich grooves, Italian bassist Danilo Gallo leads a quintet with fellow Italians Massimiliano Milesi on tenor & soprano saxophones, Francesco Bigoni on tenor saxophone & clarinet, American drummer Jim Black, and Lorenzo Corti on guitar, through a set of 10 Gallo compositions, melodically centered but surprising in detail and direction.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Horenstein, Stephen / Eyal Netzer: Speaking Through The Walls
(Creative Sources)

Two Israeli tenor saxophonists of different generations--Stephen Horenstein, who is associated with Bill Dixon and the Kadima label, and Eyal Netzer of Lab Orchestra and works with Albert Beger--in an intimate dialog of passionate playing merging jazz forms and experimental approaches to improvisation, both taking up drums, Horenstein also performing on soprano sax.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Killing Popes, The (Steidle / Mobus / Nicholls / Downes / Donkin): Ego Kills

An incredibly inventive album of 21st century jazz incorporating a twisted wealth of rock and electronic elements, in the 2nd album from Killing Popes led by drummer Oli Steidle and keyboardist Dan Nicholls, with Frank Mobus (guitar) and Phil Donkin (bass), Philipp Gropper (saxophone), Jelena Kuljic (voice & sampler) plus Natalie Sandtorv & Liv Nicholls on voice.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Leonardi, Stefano / Antonio Bertoni: Viandes [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD]
(Astral Spirits)

Using unusual techniques and a collection of instruments that include the standard Western instruments of cello and flute, along with guembri, sulittu, dilli kaval, bass xun, launeddas (mancosedda, tumbu), plus the application of objects against strings, the Italian duo of Antonio Bertoni & Stefano Leonardi engage in seven remarkable and assertive improvised duos.
     Buy      $7.95      Listen          

Lopes, Luis Lisbon Berlin Quartet: Sinister Hypnotization
(Clean Feed)

Living true to its album title, electric guitarist Luis Lopes' collective Lisbon Berlin Quartet with Rodrigo Pinheiro on Fender Rhodes, Robert Landfermann on double bass & effects and Christian Lillinger on drums, creates an hypnotic brew of interactive, weaving and layered improvised expression, rapid-paced yet hypnotically sinister in its controlled kinetic flow.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Oxley, Tony / Alan Davie: Elaboration Of Particulars

Five startlingly modern and fascinating dialogs from the duo of multi-instrumentalist and artist Alan Davie and percussionist Tony Oxley, active in the 1970s around The Alan Davie Music Workshop, is heard in these never previously released recordings from 1977-78 captured at Davie's home studio, Oxley performing on percussion and electronics and Davie on piano, percussion and ring modulator.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Pavone, Mario / The Tampa Quartet: Isabella
(Clean Feed)

In the final stages of cancer, late double bassist and composer Mario Pavone recorded this lyrically warm and beautifully sincere album of modern jazz in a quartet with his son Michael Pavone on guitar, Mike DiRubbo on alto saxophone and Michael Sarin on drums, written as a tribute to his granddaughter Isabella, who died in 2020 when she was only 23 years old.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Pellerin, Guy-Frank / Mattias Boss / Eugenio Sanna : Water Reflections

Three disparate improvisers--Guy-Frank Pellerin on soprano & tenor saxophones, Matthias Boss on violin & voice and Eugenio Sanna on amplified guitar plus small metallic layers, balloons & voice--present a non-idiomatic, fully improvised set of "sonorities, fragments, atmospheres seeming to constitute independent parts, but actually forming a unicum".
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Roots Magic (Pololla / De Fabritiis / Tedeschi / Spera): Take Root Among The Stars [VINYL]
(Clean Feed)

Mining the area between the blues and creative jazz with pieces by Charles Tyler, Ornette Coleman, Phil Cohran and Sun Ra, this is the 3rd album from the Italian quartet of Alberto Popolla on clarinets, Errico De Fabritiis on saxophones, Gianfranco Tedeschi on double bass, and Fabrizio Spera on drums & percussion, joined by Eugenio Colombo on flute and Francesco Lo Cascio on vibes.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Strings5: Lost In Labyrinth
(Casco Records)

A chamber-oriented album of strings & piano improvisation released on cellist Raoul van der Weide's Casco label, in a quintet of Marta Warelis on piano, Jacob Plooij on violin, Raoul van der Weide on cello & percussion, Henk Zwerver on guitar, Jan Nijdam on double bass, recording in the studio for eight quick-witted, sophisticated and innately playful conversations.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          

Taylor, Cecil Ensemble: Goetingen [2 CDs]
(Fundacja Sluchaj!)

A double CD of the complete Cecil Taylor Ensemble's 1990 performance at Junges Theater in Gottingen, Sweden, with personnel similar to his 1989 Cecil Taylor Workshop Ensemble album Legba Crossing, here in an adventurous concert of large group improvisation with Taylor performing on piano while directing and conducting the extended orchestration that includes balafon & elephanthorn!
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $19.95      Listen          

Vincente, Luis Trio (w/ Goncalo Almeida / Pedro Melo Alves): Chanting In The Name Of
(Clean Feed)

An album of spiritual and lyrically rich free improvisation from trumpeter Luis Vicente's Trio with double bassist Goncalo Almeida and drummer/percussionist Pedro Melo Alves, the three Portuguese improvisers performing Vicente's compositions that urge the performers to search and extend themselves expressively through both inspiring interplay and reflective calm.
     Buy      $14.95      Listen          



Eubanks, Bryan / Xavier Lopez: Natural Realms
(Sacred Realism)

These 2016 recording between Bryan Eubanks and Xavier Lopez demonstrate the analog networked sytem they developed, based on the harmonics of random feedback, using this information in real time to shape generative rhythms and other juxtapositions from soprano saxophone and percussion, in four recordings improvised live at Studio 8 bar in Berlin.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Hprizm: Signs Remixed [BLACK VINYL]
(577 Records)

577 Records' experimental, electronic sub-label Positive Elevation releases this remix of Gerald Cleaver's Signs album, itself an innovative album of synthetic rhythms and sonic landscape, here reworked by producer Hprizm, aka High Priest of Antipop Consortium, channeling Cleaver's work into dream-like territory that re-thinks and re-paces the original.
     Buy      $18.95      Listen          

Ishito, Ayumi: The Spacemen Vol. 1
(577 Records)

Somewhere between Acid Mothers, 70s Miles or Sun Ra's Arkestra, NY-based Japanese saxophonist Ayumi Ishito's first Spacemen volume with Theo Woodward on synth & vocals, Nebula and the Velvet Queen on theremin, Jake Strauss on guitar & bass and Steven Bartishev on drums, lives up to it's cosmic moniker through exploratory improv blurring jazz, electronica and psych.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Olive, Tim: Spot of the Foul (total mass retain)
(845 Audio)

The second-ever solo release from Tim Olive and his first since 2008, in a distinctive set of compositions that layer and superimpose multiple, darkly intense recordings of improvisations made with magnetic pickups, metal plates, springs, wire, tuning forks, electromagnets, bow, breath, dental floss, envelope generator, fuzz, spring reverb, and preamplifier.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $11.95      Listen          

subterrene: Coercer
(Bad Architect Records)

Subterrene, aka Grant Stewart, is a sound artist developing deep and cloud-like bursts of sound that create textures and aural interactions of an hallucinatory nature, here evoking the coercer--"the inverse of the seducer, using pressure, intimidation, or force to shape the behavior of another" in a journey from initial imposition to self-emancipation.
     Buy      $12.95      Listen          



Pateras, Anthony: Pseudacusis

The title referring to a condition of aural hallucinations, Anthony Pateras' composition is a work of tense motion, dissonance and resolution, commissioned by the Musica Sanae project and performed at the 17th Sacrum Profanum Festival in Krakow, 2019, using a recording improvised and assembled in Australia with his tape septet that underpins the performances in concert with his live septet.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Riley, Gyan: Silver Lining

Virtuoso guitarist and composer Gyan Riley, son of composer Terry Riley, in his second solo album on the Tzadik label, a brilliant collection of classical guitar works expanded with influences from minimalism, flamenco, bossa nova, and folk, nine pieces recorded during the pandemic lockdown for an album of intricate detail and reflective perseverance.
     Buy      $15.45      Listen          


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Susan Alcorn:
The Heart Sutra (Arranged by Janel Leppin) [VINYL]
(Ideologic Organ)

Arcana: Bill Laswell / Tony Williams:
Arc of the Testimony
(Mod Reloaded)

Arcane Device:

Duck Baker (w/ Bailey / Beresford / Dresser / Butcher / Moore / Rudd / Ward / Williamson / Edwards / Noble):

Jeremy Baysse:
In C
(Creative Sources)

Big Bad Brotzmann Quintet :

Michael Bisio / Kirk Knuffke / Fred Lonberg-Holm:
The Art Spirit

Michele Bokanowski :
Rhapsodia / Battements Solaires [VINYL]
(Recollection GRM)

Christer Bothen :
Ambrosia [3 CD BOX SET]
(thanatosis produktion)

Williams Burroughs S. / Brion Gysin:
Williams S. Burroughs & Brion Gysin [VINYL]
(Cold Spring Records)

Barry Chabala / Ann Coman:
In And Out Of Focus

Colonna / Miranda / Spera:
(Fundacja Sluchaj!)

Comes & Simonis:
Regering [CD + DOWNLOAD

Alvin Curran:
The Works [VINYL]
(Our Swimmer)

Giovanni Di Domenico :
Decay Music n. 4: Downtown Ethnic Music [VINYL]
(Die Schachtel)

Robert Dick / Nicola L. Hein:
Structures of Unreason

Disquiet (Kurzmann / Brandlmayr / Jernberg / Williamson):
(Trost Records)

Disquiet (Kurzmann / Brandlmayr / Jernberg / Williamson):
Disquiet [VINYL]
(Trost Records)

Iancu Dumitrescu / Ana-Maria Avram:
At the GRM Paris (performed by Stephen O'Malley)
(Ideologic Organ)

Julius Eastman:
Three Extended Pieces For Four Pianos [2 CDs]
(Sub Rosa)

Barbara Feldman Monk :
(Another Timbre)

Joakim Forsgren / Andreas Hiroui Larsson:
Vending Machine
(thanatosis produktion)

Frisque Concordance (Georg Graewe / John Butcher / Wilbert De Joode / Mark Sanders):
Distinct Machinery [2 CDs]
(Random Acoustics)

Fred Frith:
Crossing Borders (Volume 2 Of The Fred Records Story, 2001-2020) [BOX SET]
(Recommended Records)

Fred Frith:
Stepping Out (Volume 3 Of The Fred Records Story, 2001-2020) [BOX SET]
(Recommended Records)

Arvind Ganga / Riccardo Marogna:
Ballads From The Wrecked Ship
(A New Wave of Jazz)

Pierre Gerard:
Pieces Of Apparatus
(A New Wave of Jazz)

Will Guthrie / James Rushford:
Real Real World [VINYL]
(Black Truffle)

Hecker / Okkyung Lee:
Statistique Synthetique / Teum (the Silvery Slit) [VINYL]
(Portraits GRM)

J/L Duo:
Ismalfa [VINYL]
(thanatosis produktion)

Jauniaux / Charles / Mariage :

Amirtha Kidambi / Matteo Liberatore:
(Astral Editions)

Adrian Knight:
Fly By Night [2 CDs]
(thanatosis produktion)

Sergey Kostyrko / Tim Olive:
(845 Audio)

Matthijs Kouw:
The Great Image Has No Form [CD + DOWNLOAD]

Martin Kuchen:
Det Forsvunnas Namn [VINYL]
(thanatosis produktion)

Oliver Leith:
Me Hollywood
(Another Timbre)

Yoshio Machida / Cal Lyall:
Premeditation [VINYL 2 10-inch records]
(By the Bluest of Seas)

Lionel Marchetti :
La Grande Vallee / Micro-climat
(Recollection GRM)

The Mighty Cloud (Dave Quam / Joe Foster):
Especially Songs
(Sacred Realism)

News From Babel:
Letters Home [VINYL]
(ReR Vinyl)

Ochs-Robinson Duo:
A Civil Right

Opening Performance Orchestra Plays Phill Niblock:
Four Walls Full Of Sound
(Sub Rosa)

Two Crumbling Shapes [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD]

Torsten Papenheim :
(Creative Sources)

Regenorchester XII:
Relics [VINYL]
(Trost Records)

Linda Smith Catlin / Apartment House:
(Another Timbre)

Jos Smolders:

Un Poco Loco (Fourneyron / Beliah / Gesser):
(Umlaut Records)

James Weeks :
(Another Timbre)

Welcome To Silkeborg (Varela / Trinite):
(Creative Sources)

Alan Wilkinson / Dirk Serries:
One In The Eye [2 CDs]
(A New Wave of Jazz)

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