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SQUIDCO Email Update, May 10, 2019

     Squidco & The Squid's Ear
May 10, 2019

"Music does not have to be understood.
It has to be listened to."
—Hermann Scherchen

   Creative Artists

• Christine Abdelnour / Chris Corsano
• Bruce Ackley/Fred Frith/Henry Kaiser/Aram Shelton
• Tony Buck/Massimo Pupillo [CD EDITION]
• Tony Buck/Massimo Pupillo [LP EDITION]
• Eugene Chadbourne/Henry Kaiser
• Michel Edelin Quintet w/ John Greaves
• Caroline Kraabel
• Christina Kubisch
• Dustin Laurenzi
• Roscoe Mitchell Orchestra
• Musicworks
• Angelika Niescier (w/ Tordini/Cleaver featuring Finlayson)
• Pateras/Baxter/Brown
• Jessica Pavone
• Allen Ravenstine
• Tomeka Reid/Filippo Monaco
• Stefan Roigk
• Udo Schindler/Jaap Blonk
• Stellari String Quartet (Wachsmann/Hug/Mattos/Edwards)
• Yves Theiler Trio (w/ Luca Sisera/Lukas Mantel)

Squid Bubbles  Essential Labels

Astral Spirits
Fragment Factory

Recommended Records
Relative Pitch
Trost Records
Wide Hive



   Jazz & Improvisation

Abdelnour, Christine / Chris Corsano: Quand Fond La Neige, Où Va Le Blanc ?
(Relative Pitch)

Through extended approaches to their instruments, Lebanese saxophonist Christine Abdelnour and NY drummer and slide clarinetist Chris Corsano create anomalous and unorthodox sound environments, Abdelnour making acoustics sound electronic through growls, smears and odd harmonics, while Corsano abuses an impressive palette of sound from every inch of his drums.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Ackley, Bruce / Fred Frith / Henry Kaiser / Aram Shelton: Unexpected Twins
(Relative Pitch)

Born out of Eugene Chadbourne's Twins band concepts from the 70s, which included over time saxophonist Bruce Ackley, and guitarists Henry Kaiser, and Fred Frith; fast forward to 2018 as Ackley & Frith return to the concept with Henry Kaiser and saxophonist Aram Shelton to revisit the original approach through pieces by those artists plus Steve Lacy, Eugene Chadbourne, and John Zorn.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Buck, Tony / Massimo Pupillo: Time Being [VINYL]
(Trost Records)

Italian composer and bass-player Massimo Pupillo (ZU) and Australian drummer Tony Buck (The Necks) collaborate in a beautifully haunting, absorbing ambient set, taking in electronic abstraction and free improvisation, released in two distinct editions--"Time Being" on vinyl LP and "Unseen" on compact disc, each with two different improvisations.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $22.95      Listen          

Buck, Tony / Massimo Pupillo: Unseen
(Trost Records)

CD edition of the LP listed above, with two different improvisations from the LP edition.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Chadbourne, Eugene / Henry Kaiser: Wind Crystals: Guitar Duets By Wadada Leo Smith
(Relative Pitch)

Long-time collaborators, guitarists Henry Kaiser and Eugene Chadbourne perform the compositions of trumpeter Wadada Leo Smith, starting with their recording from 1977 of his "Wind Crystals", then improvising over 5 other Smith compositions, ending the album with an updated, 2017 version of "Wind Crystals"; an excellent refresh and retrospective from two incredible improvisers.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Edelin, Michel Quintet w/ John Greaves: Echoes Of Henry Cow

Including musicians involved with the Canterbury scene (Sophia Domancich), Magma (Simon Goubert) and Henry Cow's own John Greaves narrating, French flutist Michel Edelin's Quintet takes on the music of Rock in Opposition legendary band Henry Cow, ten inventive "echoes" of their music as it has transformed performers and listeners over time; exceptional.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Kraabel, Caroline : Last1 And Last2

LAST is part of a series by Caroline Kraabel (LIO, Remote Viewers) mixing live improvisation with pre-recorded material provided by Robert Wyatt for this purpose, performed live at Cafe OTO in two versions: first where the 15-piece ensemble has not yet heard the Wyatt interventions, and second where they were familiar with and use his voice to structure what they play.
     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Laurenzi, Dustin: Snaketime: The Music Of Moondog [VINYL]
(Astral Spirits)

The Viking of 5th Avenue, the melodic compositions of eccentric NY composer Moondog (Louis Thomas Hardin) are explored through inventive and lyrical arrangements for improvisations in a Chicago octet performing live at the Hungry Brain, brought together by tenor saxophonist Dustin Laurenzi, with Jason Stein, Nick Mazzarella, Chad McCullough, two drummers and bass.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Mitchell, Roscoe Orchestra: Littlefield Concert Hall Mills College [VINYL]
(Wide Hive)

Roscoe Mitchell's 25 Piece Orchestra returns with an outstanding follow-up to his 2017 release "Discussions", recorded in concert at the Littlefield Auditorium in Mills College, reworking earlier pieces that take advantages of Mitchell's systems designed to articulate and capitalize on the tensions between composition and improvisation; an impressive achievement.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Niescier, Angelika (w/ Christopher Tordini / Gerald Cleaver feat Jonathan Finlayson): New York Trio

After last year's release of "The Berline Concert", Cologne-based saxophonist Angelika Niescier returns to New York to record in the studio with the quartet of bassist Christopher Tordini, with whom she's recorded before, plus trumpeter Jonathan Finlayson and drummer Gerald Cleaver, the excitement of their playing unmistakable in 8 Theiler improvisations.
     Buy      $18.95      Listen          

Pateras / Baxter / Brown: Bern.Melbourne.Milan

Since 2002 specializing in improvisation using prepared acoustic instruments, the Australian trio of Sean Baxter on drums, David Brown on prepared guitar, and Anthony Pateras on prepared piano release a double CD of archival and live recordings, including their first rehearsal in Princes Hill and their last recorded European concert in Milan; exceptional!
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $18.95      Listen          

Pavone, Jessica: In The Action
(Relative Pitch)

Four distinct pieces for solo viola and effects from NY composer/improviser Jessica Pavone, each piece using electronic elements to blur wave motions interacting with minimalist motifs, merging folk elements with avant elements, using extended bowing techniques to blend unlikely matches of acoustics and electronics in unconventional and appealing performance.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Reid, Tomeka / Filippo Monaco: The Mouser
(Relative Pitch)

Tomeka Reid is a Chicago based cellist, composer and free improviser, versed in classical and jazz contexts, here in a duo with Italian drummer Filippo Monaco recording in his studio in Milano, a lively conversation of extended acoustic improvisation using diverse techniques and approaches with an arsenal of percussive instruments; impressive and engaging.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Schindler, Udo / Jaap Blonk: Hillside Talks
(Relative Pitch)

Performing in Krailling-Munich at Udo Schindler's Salon fur Klang+Kunst in 2018, Netherland free improvising, brilliantly mad vocalist Jaap Blonk joins the reed master for ten acoustic improvisations with Schindler on a variety of reeds and brass instruments, the dialog authoritatively informed, masterful, slightly deranged, and continuously captivating.
     Buy      $13.95      Listen          

Stellari String Quartet (Wachsmann / Hug / Mattos / Edwards): Vulcan

The superb free improvising group Stellari String Quartet came together more than ten years ago, with members from Brazil, England, Swizerland and Uganda, here in only their 2nd release, using improvisational processes in the 11 pieces of of their live album recorded at St. Mary's Church Stoke Newington and Iklectic Art Lab London 2018.
     Buy      $16.95      Listen          

Theiler, Yves Trio (w/ Luca Sisera / Lukas Mantel): WE

Swiss pianist and composer Yves Theiler's Trio with bassist Luca Sisear and Lukas Mantel in a lyrical and upbeat album of contemporary jazz, balancing free playing with optimistic melodic arrangements leaving himself and his players plenty of room for expression, their association since 2012 bringing a nearly telepathic rapport in their enthusiastic interaction.
     Buy      $18.95      Listen          



Kubisch, Christina : Schall und Klang
(Fragment Factory)

Hermann Scherchen (1891-1966) was a conductor & champion of 20th-century composers; in 1954 he established an electroacoustic experimental studio, with guests including Iannis Xenakis, Luc Ferrari, Edgar Varese and Luigi Nono; here Christina Kubisch provides a remarkable portrait of Scherchen in sound, merging his recordings, recited texts, and recordings from her own research.
Squidco Pick

     Buy      $14.95      Listen          

Roigk, Stefan : Suffering For The Promised [VINYL]
(Fragment Factory)

Multi-disciplinary artist living in Berlin, Stefan Roigk developed "Suffering For The Promised" over a 14 year period, composing this large work of acousmatic music as an atmospherically intense yet utterly fragile piece, combining concrete sounds, field recordings and devotional vocal fragments in an eclectic and highly intimate composition of great depth and detail.
     Buy      $19.95      Listen          


   Books & Magazines

Musicworks: #133 Spring 2019 [MAGAZINE + CD]

Spring 2019 issue of Canada's premier new music magazine, with articles on Montreal's Dominique Fils-Aime; Composer Linda Catlin Smith; Strasbourg-based Canadian composer and heckelphonist Samuel Andreyev; Camae Ayewa and Carmel Farabakhsh; plus a 10-track various artists CD with tracks from the above, including a work by Wadada Leo Smith, &c. &c.
     Buy      $15.95      Listen          

Ravenstine, Allen : Four Stories Book [BOOK]
(Recommended Records)

The original EML synthesizer player for the unique and forward-thinking Cleveland rock band Pere UBU, Allen Ravenstine presents an illustrated book with four stories written during his touring days and referring to those years, originally published in Cleveland Edition, The ReR Records Quarterly, and The Penguin Book of Rock and Roll Writing.
     Buy      $9.95          

The Squid's Ear The Squid's Ear is Squidco's companion online magazine, featuring reviews of Squidco items from independent writers.

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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.:
Hallelujah Mystic Garden Part Two [VINYL]
(Important Records)

Baczkowski / Lopez / Corsano:
Old Smoke
(Relative Pitch)

Michel Banabila :
(Tapu Record)

Ferran Besalduch / Riuichi Daijo:
(Creative Sources)

Falter Bramnk:
Diez Seiz
(Creative Sources)

Anthony Burr / Charles Curtis:
Chamber Music: Alvin Lucier & Morton Feldman
(Important Records)

Nicolas Caloia / Yves Charuest / Karl Fousek :
(Astral Spirits)

Dark Star Safari (Rohrer / Bang / Honore / Aarse):
Dark Star Safari

Dark Star Safari (Rohrer / Bang / Honore / Aarse):
Dark Star Safari [VINYL]

Denzler / Grip / Johansson:
Zyklus 1 [2 CDs]
(Umlaut Records / SJ)

Dyberg / Masing / Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Jacobson:
(Creative Sources)

Paul Flaherty :
Focused & Bewildered
(Relative Pitch)

Ken Ganfield x Kurt Liedwart x Petr Vrba:
Something Wrong There
(Mikroton Recordings)

GGRIL [feat John Butcher / Isaiah Ceccarelli / Xavier Charles]:
Facon [2 CDs]

Jimmy Giuffre 3 (w / Bley / Swallow):
Graz Live 1961
(Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics)

Guillermo Gregorio / Brandon Lopez:
12 Episodes
(Relative Pitch)

Mats Gustafsson / Christian Marclay:
Link [VINYL]
(Smalltown Superjazzz / Actions for Free Jazz)

Alex Hendriksen / Fabian Gisler:
The Song Is You
(Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics)

William Hooker:
Cycle Of Restoration
(FPE Records)

Conversaphone Plus

Hildegard Kleeb / Roland Dahinden / Alexandre Babel:
(Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics)

Franz Koglmann Septet (w / Clark / Arcari / D'Agaro / Turkovic / Pasztor / Herbert):
Fruits Of Solitude
(Hat Hut Ezz-Thetics)

Alvin Lucier:
Orpheus Variations
(Important Records)

Mopcut (Konig / Desprez / Chen):
Accelerated Frames Of Reference [VINYL]
(Trost Records)

Peter Orins :
Happened By Accident
(Tour de Bras)

Rodrigues / Rodrigues / Santos:
Le Havre
(Creative Sources)

Joris Ruhl:
Toile, Etoiles
(Umlaut Records)

Sista Maj (Segel / Tuominin / Axelsson / Wiberg):
Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy [VINYL 2 LPs]

Spires That In The Sunset Rise:
House Ecstatic [CASSETTE w/DOWNLOAD]
(Astral Spirits)

Sabu Toyozumi:
Chasing The Sun
(ChapChap Records)

Umlaut Big Band:
Plays Don Redman: The King Of Bungle Bar
(Umlaut Records)

(Creative Sources)

Wabi Experience :
Wabi Experience
(Mikroton Recordings)

Pierce Warnecke / Louis Laurain:
Phonotypic Plasticity [CASSETTE w/DOWNLOAD]
(Astral Spirits)

Jacob Wick / Phil Sudderberg:
Combinatory Pleasures [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD]
(Astral Spirits)

Zyft (Ziv Taubenfeld / Henk Zwerver / Maya Felixbrodt):
Midnight Tea Suite
(Creative Sources)

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