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The RéR Quarterly is a sound magazine, featuring commissioned pieces, projects, live recordings, found sound &c. from all over the world. Plus a 64 page A4 magazine with theoretical and practical articles (often by the composers and performers featured on the LP), texts, artworks, provocations - and not fan interviews, record reviews or promotions. "Theirs is the pursuit of unimaginable, packed in artwork of giddy luminescence"
(Paul Oldfield, Melody Maker).

Re 0101 Quarterly Volume 1 Number 1
with magazine
May 1, 1985 LP

Steve Moore The Threshold of Liberty
Lars Hollmer Experiment
Chris Cutler/Lindsay Cooper Education
5 uu's Compomisation
Joseph Racaille Dans Les Yeux Bleues
The Lowest Note Naiwabi
Adrian Mitchell Sorry 'bout That
Kalahari Surfers Prayer for Civilisation
Mission Impossible Indefinite
Adrian Mitchell Song In Space
Stefano Delu Pensa Un Numero
Mikolas Chadima A Walk Around the Brewery
Adrian Mitchell Saw It In the Papers

Re 0102 Quarterly Volume 1 Number 2
with magazine
Sep 1, 1985 LP

Duck and Cover
- Brecht/Eisler
- Cutler/ Frith
- Goebbels/Harth
- Tom Cora
- Dagmar Krause
- Lewis
Berlin Programme, Berliner Ensemble
GDR 1985
John Oswald Mystery Tapes 1
Conrad Bauer Marzfeber
Reportaz Fluent
Battle-painter's Song
The Day When Truth Was Not Existed
Adrian Mitchell Stufferation

Re 0103 Quarterly Volume 1 Number 3
with magazine
Jan 1, 1986 LP

The Big Guns Card to Bernard
Biota Early Rest Home
Robert Wyatt Pigs
Roger Turner Sprung from Traps
Kontroll Csoport Little Red Bombadier
Adrian Mitchell Woman of Water
Cassix Coste
The Stanislavsky Method
Tempo di Pace, Bari
Copy Machine
Finta di Nulla
Nazca Nadja

Re 0104 Quarterly Volume 1 Number 4
with magazine
May 1, 1986 LP

After Dinner A Walnut
A Man of Marble
Glass Tube
Wondeur Brass L'heure des louves
Strange Games
Steve Moore Hermetic Discourse
Art Moulu Trefin C'est bon la viande
Adrian Mitchell The murder of the poet Michael Smith by three men in Kingston, Jamaica
The Black Sheep Power
Andre Duchesne Cantate 159
Adrian Mitchell Staying Awake

Re 0201 Quarterly Volume 2 Number 1
with magazine
Mar 1987 LP

Blitzoids Puptent
UR Imperialism of the Future
Kaiser,Maxymenko,Frisell The Same Thing
Iva Bittova & Pavel Fajt The Wedding
Anthony Moore Plains of Hungary
John Oswald Parade
Joseph Racaille Pegase
This Heat Nivelles
The Accordion Club The Egg & I
It Happened to Me

Re 0202 Quarterly Volume 2 Number 2
with magazine
Autumn 1987 LP

5 uu's In Life's Hands
Robert Wyatt Chairman Mao
John French Yeah Mom
Arturo Meza From Suite Koradi
Intellectual Cabaret Suite (Resume 84-86)
Jocelyn Robert Christi Crucifixi Ultima Verba
Hunk Ai! Dance
Henry Kaiser The Barking Dogs versus the Minimalists

Re 0203 Quarterly Volume 2 Number 3
with magazine
1988 LP

John Oswald Klangfarbenprobes
Musci/Venosta Warsong
Luciano Margorani Redens/Orbitson Parva
Tone Dogs Brave It
David Myers Engine of Myth
J. Grigsby Warheads
Kampec Dolores Tango
La 1919 Tra Le Due Ingliterre
Grigsby/Laner Pageant for Blinking Signal
J. Lachan Flaubears Dancing
Miriodor Moyen-age

Re 0204 Quarterly Volume 2 Number 4
with magazine
1989 LP

Expander Des Fortschritts Todesanzeige
Werner Kodytek Cairo: Khan Al Kaki
Increase the Angle Picasso's Last Stand
Bill Gilonis All Thumbs
Dim Retire Os
Lutz Glandien Cut
Thinking Plague Organism
Jean Derome USA/Intolerance

Re 0301 Quarterly Volume 3 Number 1
with magazine

Steve Moore Iranian Rock
Overflow Bakerloo Boogaloo
Don Wherry Bells
State of War War Is Deception
Trevor Wishart VOX-5
ZGA Anything's Possible
Rene Lussier Duchesne Telephone
Christmas Message
Extrait du Manifeste du 'Front de liberation du Quebec'
Bing Selfish & The Ideals Government of Love
Murphy Working Stiffs Working Stiff

RéR 0302 Quarterly Volume 3 Number 2
with magazine
1990 LP

David Myers/Alex Ross Pressure Inversion Ratios
Lutz Glandien Es Lebe
Zygmund Krauze Stone Music
Rasmus B. Lunding Music from the Bacchase
Charles Southern Release
Meccanuium The Old Pianola
Ne Zhdali Dedicated to Marina D.

RéR 0303 Quarterly Volume 3 Number 3
with magazine
1991 LP

Steve Moore Chiarioscuro
5 uu's Carousel of Progress
Jocelyn Robert Photo Project Piece
Abdo-Men Intense Grace
Hail Racer Hero
Ilegal Functino Microclimats
Tom Djll Tombo
Eric Hug Diary XI-XV
When Bell

RéR 0401 Quarterly Volume 4 Number 1
with magazine
1994 CD

Koongoortoog Track
The Adenoid Quartet Ostrich Wheel
John Oswald Z
Tom Nunn TP2
Diledadafish What's the Point?
Lesego Rampolokeng with
The Kalahari Surfers
The Desk
Cornelius Cardew Vietnam's Victory
Peter Machajdik Death in 40 Pictures
Tizanio Popoli and N.O.R.M.A. Circus Music
Al Margolis Sonnet 2
David Myers The Unknown (No. 4)
Thinking Plague How to Clean Squid
ZGA Lost Title
Biota Walk Aside
Martin Burlas The Cross and the Circle
Blitzoids Chair
Les Sales Combles Les Cons Ont Danse.
Lait Condense
Chris Cutler and Fred Frith Encore

RéR 0402 Quarterly Volume 4 Number 2
with magazine
1997 CD

Q.R. Ghazala Sacrifice to Isis
Mike Hovancsek/Paul Guerguerian Three Cold Floors
Tom Dimuzio Inception
Marie Goyette Short-Cuts: Brahms
Ken Ando Danseuse
Robert Iolini Congo
Robert Iolini Zimbabwe
Giovanni Venosta From 'Le Ombre Di Otello'
Keith Rowe and Alain De Fillips Feu Brilliant
Brian Woodbury's Variety Orchestra featuring Dudley Saunders. Shenandoah/Innsbruck
Richard Barrett The Unthinkable
Stevan Kovacs Tickmayer Heterophony (1989)
Volapuk Des Objets de la plus grande importance
Boris Kovacs Extract from
Philip Perkins Virgo Ramayana
Shelley Hirsch, Jon Rose, Chris Cutler After hours/The colour of Blood

RéR QCD1 Quarterly Collection Selections from Volume 1 1991 CD

John Oswald Mystery Tapes 1
Duck and Cover Berlin Programme, Berlier Ensemble
GDR 1985
- Brecht/Eisler
- Cutler/Frith
- Goebbels/Harth
- Cora
- Krause
- Lewis
Steve Moore Hermetic Discourse
Cassix Coste
The Stanislavsky Method
Tempo di Pace, Bari
Copy Machine
Finta di Nulla
5 uu's Compomisation
Steve Moore The Threshold of Liberty
Biota Early Rest Home

RéR QCD2 Quarterly Collection Selections from Volume 2 1991 CD

Robert Wyatt Chairman Mao
Iva Bittova/Pavel Fajt Wedding
La 1919 Tra le Due Inghilterre
Jocelyn Robert Christi Crucifixi Untima Verba
Brad Laner/James Grigsby Pageant for Blinking signal
J. Lachan Flaubears Dancing
Henry Kaiser The Barking Dogs vs. The Minimalists
Increase the Angle Picasso's Last Stand
Bill Gilonis All Thumbs
David Thomas The Egg and I
Joseph Racaille Pegase
John Oswald Klangfarbenprobe
Musci/Venosta Warsong
Luciano Margiorani Ridens/Orbiston Parva
5UU's In Life's Hands
James Grigsby Warheads
When Under X-Mas Tree
Jean Derome USA Intolerance
ITALY Resistance

Six Classic Contrete, Electroacoustic and Electronic Works 1970-1990 with 24 Page book of texts, pictures and notes 1991 CD

John Oswald Parade
Georg Katzer Aide Memoire
Lutz Glandien Es Lebe
Steve Moore A Quiet Gathering
Jaroslav Krcek Sonaty Slavickove
Richard Trythall Ommagio a Jerry Lee Lewis

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