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Cyclone Trio (Massimo Magee / Tim Green / Tony Irving): The Clear Revolution

Label: 577
Product Code: 29978
Catalog Code: 5857
Country: USA
Price: $14.00

In Stock

An exciting album of free jazz from the Australia/London-based Cyclone Trio, their name apt in the feverish interaction between saxophonist Massimo Magee and dual drummers Tony Irving and Tim Green on the opening work, the album patterned like a storm that slows introspectively for a quiet eye, then drums up a final gale force that dissipates to a sort of calm; brilliant.

Irving, Tony / Massimo Magee : Vitriol And The Third Oraculum

Label: 577
Product Code: 28572
Catalog Code: 5835
Country: USA
Price: $14.00

In Stock

Two separate live recordings from the UK sax & drum duo of Massimo Magee on tenor, alto and sopranino saxophones, and drummer Tony Irving (Ascension), both captured in 2019 at The Globe in Newcastle Upon Tyne and at Hundred Years Gallery in London, as they burn through three free jazz dialogs of passionate playing informed by personal history and creative drive.

Irving, Tony / Massimo Magee: The Fog [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD]

Label: Astral Spirits
Product Code: 25469
Catalog Code: AS059
Country: USA
Price: $7.95

In Stock

London scene free players since the 90s, drummer Tony Irving and alto saxophonist Massimo Magee, both of the improvisation duo Ascension, meet in the studio to record seven distinctive and quirky dialogs of strong technical skill, Irving often thundering over Magee's strangling runs and melodic diversions and asides; powerful and unpredictable.