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Gintas K: Sound & Spaces #2
Gintas K:
Sound & Spaces #2

(Love Earth Music -- USA )

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With albums on Creative Sources, Bolt and esc.rec., &c., Lithuanian sound artist working in the digital electronic realm Gintas K. releases a solo album of nine compositions for computer, midi keyboard & controller, using glitch, oddly punctuated rhythmic elements and alien sound sources for an oddly compelling album of slippery electronics and strange sonic environments.

Gintas K: Variations in a - moll for a granular synthesis [CD + DOWNLOAD]
Gintas K:
Variations in a - moll for a granular synthesis [CD + DOWNLOAD]

(esc.rec. -- Netherlands )

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Six variations in Lithuanian sound artist and composer Gintas K's work composed during an art residency in MoKS (, Estonia, each variation between 8 to 12 minutes long evolving interactions between granulated and continuously shifting computer generated sounds, thick electronics that leaves space amidst the synthetics to create digestible and intriguingly compelling works.

Gintas K: Blind Man Tales
Gintas K:
Blind Man Tales

(Bolt -- Poland )

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Gintas K, in a moment of frustration, took more than 40 elements from some recent work he was preparing and put them into multichannel software which, with a few corrections, became this surprising and complex work of organized and detailed sound.

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