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Lipson, Evan: Echo Chamber
Lipson, Evan:
Echo Chamber

(Public Eyesore -- USA )

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A foundational player for bands including Dynamite Club, Virtual Balboa, Normal Love and work with Jack Wright and Mike Pride, double bassist Evan Lipson presents his debut solo release, a multi-channel recording presenting a single uninterrupted improvised double bass performance recorded live.

Virtual Balboa / Greg Kelley: Petricho
Virtual Balboa / Greg Kelley:

(Creative Sources -- Portugal )

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The Virtual Balboa trio of Philadelphia improvisers Zachary Darrup on guitar, Evan Lipson on double bass and Ben Bennett on percussion, all performers associated with Spring Garden Music & saxophonist Jack Wright, are joined by open-form trumpeter Greg Kelley for this wonderfully scrabbly and tenacious live set captured at Vermillion in Seattle in 2019.

Pride, Mike From Bacteria To Boys: hang
Pride, Mike From Bacteria To Boys:

(Funhole -- USA )

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A radical trio of musicians approach Mike Pride's newest compositional strategies based on cellular movement, snowballing momentum and the most focused and concrete of improvisations.

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The Squid's Ear Magazine

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