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Dorner, Axel / Roger Turner / Ra Ra da Boff: London Leipzig Berlin

Label: Euphorium
Product Code: 30734
Catalog Code: EUPH 047
Country: Germany
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Ra Ra da Boff is an alter ego for keyboardist Oliver Schwerdt, here performing on electric organ in a trio with trumpeter Axel Dörner and percussionist Roger Turner, the three turning free improvisation on its ear through extended and unusual approaches to their instruments in an impressionistic set of three impressive and slowly tumultuous extended conversations; exemplary!

Fousatt, Jean-Marc: Nouvelles [VINYL 2 LPs + DVD]

Label: Fou Records
Product Code: 30502
Catalog Code: FR- LP 06/07 + DVD 01
Country: France
Price: $39.95

In Stock

A vinyl reissue of improvising synth, vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Jean-Marc Foussat's 2001 Potlatch album, originally released as a CD-ROM and here with an accompanying DVD titled "Hope for Happiness" including 3 silent films, two of which relate to the album; performed with Pascal Bouscailloux, Jac Berrocal, Jean-Francois Pauvros, Roger Turner, &c.

Monicker (Scott Thomson / Arthur Bull / Roger Turner): Libr'aerie

Label: Bug Incision Records
Product Code: 29663
Catalog Code: bim-79
Country: Canada
Price: $11.95

In Stock

The second release from the trio of legendary London improvising drummer Roger Turner, Montreal trombonist Scott Thomson and guitarist Arthur Bull, aka Moniker, after their 2018 Ambiances Magnetiques album "Spine", in three improvisations about "Books", quick witted active improvisation with a carefree and bright approach to exceptionally detailed interaction.

Croaks, The (Kuchen / Turner / Rogers): One Of The Best Bears!

Label: Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!)
Product Code: 28486
Catalog Code: FSR 08 | 2020
Country: Poland
Price: $15.95

In Stock

An album of controlled cacophony and slippery improvisation from the trio of Martin Klapper on amplified objects, toys & small electronics, Martin Kuchen on sopranino & soprano saxophones, snare drum resonator & metal objects, and Roger Turner on drums, small cymbals, metal and plastic, recording in Stokholm as they apparently try to build a shooting bear.

Satoh, Masahiko / Otomo Yoshihide / Roger Turner: Sea

Label: Relative Pitch
Product Code: 28304
Catalog Code: RPR 1092
Country: USA
Price: $8.95

In Stock

After their Doubtmusic CD "Live at Hall Egg Farm", capturing the trio of Masahiko Satoh on piano, Otomo Yoshihide on electric guitar & whistle, and Roger Turner on drums & percussion in Fukaya City, this new chapter in the trio's activities finds them live at Shinjuku Pit Inn, in Tokyo the following year, for two energetically active and captivating conversations.

Kuchen, Martin / Ed Pettersen / Roger Turner: The End Of The Universe

Label: Split Rock Records
Product Code: 26665
Catalog Code: SRR18008
Country: USA
Price: $11.95

In Stock

Swedish saxophonist Martin Kuchen (Angles), US guitarist Ed Pettersen, and UK percussionist Roger Turner join together in London for a studio album of improvisations referencing the vastness of space through the exploration of textures and sounds, influenced by the "Interstellar Transmissions" album that improvised with the sounds of the Voyager spacecraft.

Imai, Kazuo / Roger Turner: Molecules [2 CDs]

Label: Ftarri
Product Code: 26166
Catalog Code: ftarri-983
Country: Japan
Price: $17.95

In Stock

Caught live at Bar Isshee in Tokyo, Japan in 2017, the duo of Kazuo Imai (nylon string guitar) and Roger Turner (snare drum, tom tom, cymbals, metal & wood) present two distinct sets, each one on a separate CD, the first using open but continuous playing of great control and precision, the second a more unpredictable and assertive set of unorthodox interplay.

Minton, Phil / Roger Turner: Scraps Of Heard

Label: Confront
Product Code: 25657
Catalog Code: ccs 86
Country: UK
Price: $11.95

In Stock

London Free Improv Scene long-standing members, vocalist Phil Minton and drummer/percussionist Roger Turner's first album together, "Ammo", was released in 1984; the two have continued to record together, and this live recording from 2016 in Hanover, Germany shows the two continuing to create distinctly bizarre and wonderfully personal dialog unlike any other.

Van Hove, Fred / Roger Turner: The Corner

Label: Relative Pitch
Product Code: 24581
Catalog Code: RPR 1059
Country: USA
Price: $8.95

In Stock

Pioneering improvising pianist Fred Van Hove at UK's Cafe OTO for the first time, captured in a duo with UK drummer/percussionist Roger Turner, their first recording together, for a night of exceptional improvised interplay, sophisticated and complex playing that is constantly buoyant and charming, an enthralling conversation between two veteran players.

Tin (Dominic Lash / Axel Dorner / Roger Turner): Uncanny Valley

Label: Confront
Product Code: 23305
Catalog Code: ccs 73
Country: UK
Price: $13.95

In Stock

A new trio at the time, TIN is trumpeter Axel Dorner, bassist Dominic Lash, and drummer/percussionist Roger Turner, captured live in three locations during their 2015 UK tour, presenting masterful avant improvisations of sound-oriented work using an immense technical vocabulary to creative inventive and captivating dialog.

Akchote / Foussat / Turner: Acid Rain

Label: Ayler
Product Code: 16611
Catalog Code: aylCD-128
Country: Sweden
Price: $15.95

In Stock

A burning release mixing free improv and ea forms from the trio of Jean-Marc Foussat (analog Synth), Noel Akchote (guitar) and Roger Turner (drums), recorded in Poitiers at Le Confort Moderne during a recent European tour.

Thomas / Minton / Tucker / Turner: Scatter

Label: FMR
Product Code: 11991
Catalog Code: FMR 237
Country: Great Britain
Price: $14.95

In Stock

The unusual Scatter group formed in the early 90s to perform live improvisation with a rich dynamic range, expressive depth, quicksilver reactions and a sly sense of humour.