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Ratchet Orchestra: Coco Swirl
Ratchet Orchestra:
Coco Swirl

(Ambiances Magnetiques -- Canada )

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Active since the early 90's, the superb Montreal super-group Ratchet Orchestra under the direction of Nicolas Caloia with 19 performers presents 10 works including the title track, with soloists including Jean Rene, Lori Freedman, Jean Derome, Ellwood Epps, Sam Shalabi, Craig Petersen, Yves Charuest, Joshua Zubot, Scott Thomson, Isaiah Ceccarelli, &c.

Leaney, Aaron & Chris Dadge: Continuity
Leaney, Aaron & Chris Dadge:

(Bug Incision Records -- Canada )

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The Leaney-Dadge duo has been working together since 2006; this release is taken from a series of weekly sessions in Mount Pleasant, Calgary, using extended instrumentation including trumpet, percussion, zither, recorder, and piano.

Leaney, Aaron : Three
Leaney, Aaron :

(SOCAN -- Canada )

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Original compositions drawing on free jazz forms from Canadian saxophonist Leaney with Bent Spoon trio drummer Chris Dadge and Thomas Golub on bass.

The Squid's Ear Magazine

The Squid's Ear Magazine

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