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Gregorio, Guillermo / Damon Smith / Jerome Bryerton: Room of the the Present

Label: Listen! Foundation (Fundacja Sluchaj!)
Product Code: 29975
Catalog Code: FSR 03/2021
Country: Poland
Price: $15.95

In Stock

Two performances of Chicago reedist and composer Guillermo Gregorio's graphic score "Moholy 2", inspired by the artwork of László Moholy-Nagy, recorded in two conductions at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago in 2007 & 2008 by the trio of Gregorio on clarinets & alto sax, Damon Smith on double bass, and Jerome Bryerton on percussion, cymbals and drums.

Gratkowski, Frank / Damon Smith / Jerome Bryerton: The Voice Imitator

Label: Balance Point Acoustics
Product Code: 18161
Catalog Code: BPA006
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

German reeidst Frank Gratkowski in a trio with West Coast percussionist Jerome Bryerton and bassist Damon Smith, in an album of free music that blends the sensibilities of free improv with contemporary compositional music.

Hartsaw / Aspelin / Smith / Bryerton: Ausfegen [Used Item]

Label: Balance Point Acoustics
Product Code: 15372
Catalog Code: bpa012
Country: USA
Price: $7.95

In Stock

Extreme improvisation from the West Coast, using dissonance, dynamics, harmonics, conversational interaction, extended techniques and energy, new viewpoints inspired by a mix of contemporary classical and jazz.

Hartshaw / Aspelin / Smith / Bryerton: Ausfegen (Dedicated To Joseph Beuys)

Label: Balance Point Acoustics
Product Code: 15125
Catalog Code: BPA012
Country: USA
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Unusual improvisational forms from the quartet of saxophonist Paul Hartsaw, guitarist Kristian Aspelin, bassist Damon Smith and percussionist Jerome Byrerton, recording in Oakland, CA in 2006.

Bennet / Bryerton / Butcher / De Gruttola / Kaiser / Smith: Sextessense: A Tribute to John Stevens and the SME

Label: Balance Point Acoustics
Product Code: 06437
Catalog Code: bpa011
Country: USA
Price: $14.95

In Stock