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Music Improvisation Company, The (Bailey / Parker / Davies / Muir) : 1969, 1970 [VINYL 2 LPs]

Label: Honest Jons Records
Product Code: 28227
Catalog Code: HJR 209LP
Country: UK
Price: $32.95

In Stock

An impressive lineup of legendary players in this much-need reissue of guitarist Derek Bailey's 1976 Music Improvisation Company album 1968-1971", exploring innovative free and electroacoustic improvisation in these 1969 & 1970 recordings with Evan Parker on soprano saxophone & amplified auto harp, Hugh Davies on live electronics & organ, and Jamie Muir on percussion.

Burn, Chris / Philip Thomas: as if as

Label: Confront
Product Code: 28070
Catalog Code: core 09
Country: UK
Price: $13.95

In Stock

Contemporary composer, improviser and pianist Chris Burn in 4 lively, playful and fasciatingly structured works, as heard in Philip Thomas's renderings: "as if as"; "only the snow"; a transcription of Derek Bailey's "from ten, two, and three" in 6 parts; "pressings and screening" in 4 parts; and "the sky a silver dissonance" with Kate Ledger as a 2nd pianist.

Chadbourne, Eugene / Cat Jammers: Invitation To A Jam Session

Label: Chadula
Product Code: 27260
Catalog Code: None
Country: USA
Price: $12.95

In Stock

In the 1980's guitarist and eccentric sound artist Eugene Chadbourne started a series of cassettes that ultimately became the LP "Country Music in the World of Islam"; this new and astonishing archive collection culls material from that and blends it in studio collage with live material from Elliot Sharp, Sun City Girls, Jon Rose, phone messages from Derek Bailey, &c &c.

Bailey, Derek / Tristan Honsinger: Duo [VINYL-DAMAGED]

Label: Honest Jons Records
Product Code: 26476
Catalog Code: HJR 204LP
Country: UK
Price: $16.00

In Stock

A proper reissue of the 1976 Incus album from guitarist Derek Bailey and cellist Tristan Honsinger, primarily from a live concert at at Verity's Place in London on February 7, 1976, with two unusual studio recordings punctuating the album, an early example of their long history of collaboration and a great example of their intense, joyful, and truly free improvisation together.

Bailey, Derek: Lot 74 [VINYL-DAMAGED]

Label: Honest Jons Records
Product Code: 26475
Catalog Code: HJR 203LP
Country: UK
Price: $16.00

In Stock

An impressive vinyl reissue of guitarist Derek Bailey, one of the most unique and influential free improvisers, in his 1974 solo recording on the Incus label, with Bailey playing on two amps and two volume pedals, a veritable duo split in the stereo field with occasional banter and observations, as he blends abstract and lyrical approaches on guitar in amazing ways.

Bailey, Derek: Live at G's Club - Barcelona Chronicles

Label: Incus
Product Code: 14382
Catalog Code: DVD01
Country: UK
Price: $14.00

In Stock

London Scene guitar master Derek Bailey from a 2004 live recording performing solo on electric guitar at G's Club, originally issued as a CDR but here complete on DVD.

Gaines, Will / Derek Bailey: Rappin & Tappin

Label: Incus
Product Code: 02008
Catalog Code: CD55
Country: UK
Price: $17.95

Out of Stock

Free improvising guitarist Derek Bailey in duo with tap dancer Will Gaines, whose percussive dancing can be heard clearly, while Bailey plays guitar and Gaines "raps" in a sort of vaudevillian approach; a unique item even in Bailey's catalog!