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Vehicule: Aubusson (Sublime Retreat)

A diverse set of compositions spanning dreamlike aural landscapes, petite songs and assertive experiments of rich sound, in the fourth album from French sound artist Sylvain Milliot under the project name Véhicule, developed from improvised recordings that were then developed in the studio, each piece fitting together in a larger and aurally satisfying framework.

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Sylvain Milliot-composer, performer

Emily Arnolda-Ardaillon-voice

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Label: Sublime Retreat
Catalog ID: SR017
Squidco Product Code: 33832

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Poland
Recorded by Sylvain Milliot.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Aubusson is the fourth album by musician and composer Sylvain Milliot under the moniker Vehicule. The album's title refers to the French city of Aubusson, well known for its tapestries. Véhicule has composed each track as a musical tapestry, a sound capsule that can evoke imaginary pictures, like a journey through a dreamy landscape. In this way, the titles, with their poetic dimension, can resonate with the music, just as the title next to a painting we see in a museum can bring meaning (or disturbance) to the viewer.

The music, as in Véhicule's previous albums, is composed of various sources of improvisation on many devices (keyboards, flutes, samples) and rearranged in the editing process. Aubusson focuses on the relationship between acoustic and electronic sounds (such as pump organ and synthesizers) and nuances of the listening experience, with attention to the pleasure of music in its rhythmic, melodic and harmonic aspects. All the tracks have in common that they share a mood or a certain colour and carry emotions, like a vehicle, a poem or a sound metaphor."-Sublime Retreat

Artist Biographies

"Sylvain Milliot, aka Piano Brut, Véhicule, is a French musician, composer and author. He works for living arts and creates plays for theater with the stage director Lise Ardaillon within Moteurs Multiples. Under the name of Véhicule he creates musical pieces from acoustic and electronic processes with different materials (samples, field recordings, improvisation playings). The music is a mix of composition, improvisation, accidents with a particular attention to the sound aspect and the narrative sound writing. The music should product affects and mental images."

-Acoustic Cameras (

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Emily Arnolda-Ardaillon is a French vocalist, performing in theater works, known for the performance piece Monde, and her association with Sylvain Milliot (Piano Brut, Véhicule).

-Squidco 12/6/2023

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Track Listing:

1. Un esquif sur l'iceberg 05:06

2. Montee du Matterhorn 05:35

3. Gardiens des grottes 06:12

4. Pollens de Pompei 02:36

5. Le calvaire de Carcassone 02:22

6. elephants du Causse Mejean 04:10

7. Gigue sous l'arbre 02:37

8. L'in-fiddle 04:47

9. Falaises de craie jaune 02:42

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