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LAMIEE . / Drolo Ensemble

The Deafening Moment Of The Whistle After The Noise [Used Item]

LAMIEE . / Drolo Ensemble: The Deafening Moment Of The Whistle After The Noise <i>[Used Item]</i> (Shhpuma)

A truly fascinating and seamless hybrid of improvised and composed music, alongside an exploration of feedback and "its acoustic double, a harmonic noise", from the merging of two projects--LAMIEE and Dròlo Ensemble--plus Italian poli-instrumentalists Nicholas Remondino and Andrea Giordano (OTONN), yielding wonderfully complex and enveloping sound worlds.

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Nicholas Remondino-feedback, cymbals, prepared bass drum, synth, drums, objects, tapes, saw, prepared piano, sampler, voice

Andrea Silvia Giordano-organetto, flute, melodica, accordion, pump organ

Christian Thoma-oboe, english horn, bass clarinet

Martin Mayes-french horn, alphorn

Mariasole De Pascali-flutes

Ambra Chiara Michelangeli-viola

Michele Anelli-doublebass

Pietro Elia Barcellona-doublebass

Cosimo Fiaschi-soprano saxophone

Andrea Dellapiana-tapes

Roger Arntzen-doublebass

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UPC: 5609063800739

Label: Shhpuma
Catalog ID: SHH073
Squidco Product Code: 33671

Format: CD
Condition: NM
Released: 2022
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Rubedo Recordings, in Turin, Italy, during May, June and July, 2021, by Manuel Volpe. Mixed by Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicholas Remondino. Mastered by Lawrence English.

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"This association of two different projects, LAMIEE. and Dròlo Ensemble, comes from a third one, the duet formed by Italian poli-instrumentalists Nicholas Remondino and Andrea Giordano, OTONN, centered in the use of vocals, percussion and electronics.

From one side you have an exploration of feedback and "its acoustic double, a harmonic noise", and from the other reminiscences of a very old folk music expression from Piedmont, the "masche", which is tributed to witches and their rituals. The combination seems simultaneously ancient and contemporary, bringing the music outside of time, and simultaneously popular and experimental, with instruments like the organetto, the pump organ or the accordion sounding along synthesizers, tapes, woodwinds, horns and strings, in hybrids of chamber music and jazz.

Composition and improvisation appear in equal parts, sometimes seeming impossible to tell when there's a score ruling the events and when it's the moment and the spontaneity of the musicians that are in action. The most important aspect is that you never heard anything like this before."-Shhpuma

Artist Biographies

Nicholas Remondino is an electroacoustic sound, percussion and electronics artist. He is known for the groups Byenow, LAMIEE., ŌTONN, Sonoria, and Tweeedo.

-Discogs (

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"During the first years of her musical training, Andrea Silvia Giordano attended the E. Bianchi art school, and the vocal course of the F. Ghedini conservatory and Fondazione Fossano Musica. In those years, she sang in several vocal ensembles. In 2015, she started jazz studies at Siena Jazz University (Italy), before moving to Luzern (Switzerland) to study with Susanne Abbuehl and Lauren Newton. In 2017, she attended Stefano Battaglia, Alvise Violin and Ernst Reijseger workshops, which influenced her approach to composition and music. She is currently attending the music performance master at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo. The main aspect which characterises her musical journey is the internal process of self discovery and the attention she pays to the psychological impact of music."

-Esc.Rec 9/13/2023

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Christian Thoma: oboe, English horn, bass clarinet, composition

"I was born in Aosta, in 1970, and the desire to play was born at the age of 6, when for Christmas I ask my parents to give me a keyboard. So I immediately approached classical music, studying the piano privately until the age of 10.

As a teenager, I met rock and started playing the electric bass in various groups and, at the same time, I enrolled at the Musical Institute of Aosta to study oboe and composition until I graduated in oboe at the Conservatory of Alessandria.

After having carried out concert activity as an oboist in the field of classical music, I approach improvisation and "border" music through which I have the opportunity to express myself both as a performer in genres not practiced with my instrument, and as a composer. In the meantime I study the bass clarinet on my own and I graduated in Jazz at the Conservatory of Turin.

I wrote listening music for ensembles from the duo to the symphony orchestra, soundtracks for short films and documentaries, incidental music for theatrical performances, musicals and contemporary dance, song arrangements and I made performances in multimedia collective.

My music has been performed in important reviews in Europe, South America and Asia and recorded on several CDs.

I have worked, among others, with Stefano Battaglia, William Parker, Butch Morris, Aldo Romano, Dave Liebman, Harris Lambrakis, Fabrizio Bosso, Mario Raja, Carlo Actis Dato, Norbert Pignol, Stéphane Milleret, Achille Succi, Domenico Caliri, Stefano Risso , Alessandro Giachero, Matteo Cigna, Andrea Ruggeri, Pasquale Mirra, Gabriele Mitelli, Giulio Corini, Nelide Bandello, Sinequanon Teatro, Teatro Instabile of Aosta, Alessandra Celesia, Joseph Péaquin, Stefano Benni, Antonio Catania, Enrico Ghezzi ...

Since 1998 I have been teaching theoretical subjects, conducting improvisation and Conducion workshops and taking care of arrangements for the SFOM Orchestra - at the Music Training and Orientation School of the M. I. Viglino Foundation for Musical Culture in the Aosta Valley."

-Christian Thoma Website (Translated by Google) (

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Martin Mayes is a Scottish hornist, born 6 May 1952 in Dumfries, Scotland, UK. He is known for the groups: Cecil Taylor European Orchestra, Dròlo Ensemble, English Gamelan Orchestra, Grande Orchestra Nazionale Di Jazz (A.M.J.), Granularities, Hannes Zerbe Blechband, Italian Instabile Orchestra, Mama Lapato, Moers Brass Quintet, Ohrkiste, Pago Libre, Phantabrass, Portofranco Multicolor Orchestra, Roberto Ottaviano Six Mobiles, Setoladimaiale Unit, Spontaneous Music Orchestra, The Five Roosters, The Palm Beach Orchestra, Thomas Borgmann's Orkestra, University Jazz Project.

-Discogs (

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Mariasole De Pascali is an Italian flutist working in improvised and contemporary compositional music. She has recorded solo on Casa del Jazz, and on Leo Records with the group Marialuisa Capurso / Pat Battlstone / Francesco Massaro / Adolfo LA Volpe / Mariasole De Pascali / Giacomo Mongelli.

-Squidco 9/13/2023

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Ambra Chiara Michelangeli is an Italian violist, known for the group Drólo Ensemble and the duo Luca Petracca & Ambra Chiara Michelangeli.

-Squidco 9/13/2023

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Michele Anelli is an Italian bassist and double bassist, an improviser in jazz and free improv forms. He is a member of NERVIDI, Sergio Di Gennaro Sextet, Ubik Trio, 720° Quintet, and has performed with Setola di Maiale Unit.

-Squidco 9/13/2023

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"Pietro Elia Barcellona is an Italian contrabassist, composer and improviser currently based in the Netherlands, where he is active in the fields of experimental music involving both improvising and performing written material.

In the field of new music, Pietro has premiered works of composers such as Frank Denyer, collaborating with Amsterdam-based Ensemble Scordatura, and Robin Engel as first double bass of the Junger Künstler Bayreuth Orchestra; as well as performing in festivals such as Gaudeamus, Amsterdam Viola Festival and Doek Festival. Pietro has also played as a soloist for Sebastian Gramss' BasseMasse Sizilien Orchestra as part of Curva Minore in Palermo. Pietro has studied with teachers such Dario Calderone and Ernst Glerum and his repertoire includes composers such as Giacinto Scelsi, Stefano Scodanibbio, Salvatore Sciarrino. Pietro has also received lessons in contemporary chamber music from Helen Hulst and Nick Sterling, members of Nieuw Amsterdams Peil.

As an improviser Pietro has performed with numerous formations. He is co-leader of Fade in Trio, an ensemble focused on exploring ways of mixing Carnatic rhythms, free improvisation and unconventional techniques. The trio was among the winners of "Tomorrow's Jazz Prize" in Venice in 2021. Pietro is also a member of Moving Air Ensemble, an immersive project involving a kinetic sound installation combined with an acoustic ensemble. Furthermore, he is a member of Stab Freeze Collective (a sound painting ensemble), All Strings (an improvised music series of only string instruments players).

As a composer Pietro is interested in exploring the boundaries of composition and improvisation as well as the relationship between musical gesture and rhythm. Pietro is founder and co-leader of Ensemble Mellonta, a collective devoted to the performance of contemporary music and new compositions for which he also composes."

-Ulysses Network (

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"Cosimo Fiaschi was born on the 12/02/1998 in Firenze, Italy. He has been playing saxophone for ten years both classical music and jazz. Since some years he decided to play soprano saxophone with particular attention in multiphonics and their possiblities in improvised and experimental fields. He plays in Alessandro Giachero 'Sonoria' and Ensemble Ektós. He lives in Copenhagen."

-AUTRecords (

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Andrea Dellapiana is a sound artist and podcaster. He is known for the groups Byenow, and Dròlo Ensemble.

-Discogs (

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"Studied music at the University of Oslo from 1998-1999 and at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo from 1998-2006. He is known from the piano trio In The Country, who was awarded "Young Jazz Musicians Of The Year 2004" in Norway. The trio has released three albums on the Norwegian indie-label Rune Grammofon to much acclaim. He is a regular together with Shining-leader Jørgen Munkeby with the noise-rock-jazz-quartet Chrome Hill and has teamed up with Chrome Hill-drummer Torstein Lofthus as two thirds of Håvard Stubø Trio. He has also worked with downtown NYC icon Marc Ribot and pedal-steel guitarist Bob Hoffnar, and other international artists such as Neil Metcalfe, Terry Day, John Russell, Sidsel Endresen, Susanna Wallumrød og Stian Carstensen."

-Ballrogg Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Segn - Ciair - Sgliss 1:07

2. Liri - Smens - Artorn 6:35

3. Orgo - Lotra - Macula 13:58

4. Losa - Sercc - Breugg 1:30

5. Soen - Manch - Sterme 4:13

6. Niss - Ceffi - Contra 11:35

7. Nsun - Vorti - Desvij 4:43

8. Cree - Veuid - Cherpa 1:20

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