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Colonna / Marraff / Spera / Zanotti: Red Planet (Relative Pitch)

An energetic concert at Area Sismica, in Forli, Italy from the dual saxophone and dual drums Italian quartet of Marco Colonna on baritone & sopranino saxes, Edoardo Marraffa on tenor & alto saxes, Fabrizio Spera on drums, percussion & bow, and Marco Zanotti on drums, percussion & kalimba; a wonderfully explosive concert, the first live post-pandemic performance for all four.

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UPC: 5904224871826

Label: Relative Pitch
Catalog ID: RPR1169
Squidco Product Code: 33535

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded live at Area Sismica, in Forli, Italy, on April 7th, 2020, by Matteo Valia.


Marco Colonna-baritone saxophone, sopranino saxophone

Edoardo Marraffa-tenor saxophone, alto saxophone

Fabrizio Spera-drums, percussion, bow

Marco Zanotti-drums, percussion, kalimba

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Red Planet was, In the beginning, just one of a series of ad-hoc groups created to perform at one of Area Sismica's first initiatives after the first long lockdown in the pandemic era. In fact for all of us this came as the very first invitation to play again in front of a real audience. Needless to add that after such a weird long time of "silence and stillness" this gig turned out to be an intense experience. A sudden explosion of both mental and physical energy that eventually inspired us to keep the group alive."-Relative Pitch

Artist Biographies

"Marco Colonna, born in Rome on 21/12/1978, began playing the clarinet at the age of eight. Active for about twenty years in the most varied musical environments, it is formed under the guidance of Piero Quarta and Gaetano Zocconali, attends the Conservatory Licinio Refice of Frosinone and is perfected in the seminars with Alfredo impulliti and Achille Succi in jazz.


He specializes in the performance of contemporary music with the master Harry Sparnaay. At the same time he deals with music for theater, cinema and documentaries, collaborating with Rai Trade and with the companies Centro Mediterraneo delle Arti, Artes, Piccolo Brancaccio, L'Orologio.


Dedicator of many works for bass clarinet and double bass clarinet only - by composers such as Giorgio Colombo Taccani, Dan Di Maggio, Sofia Mikaelyan, Shigeru Kan No - participates in the Venice Biennale and at the Festival Cinque giorni in Milan, with a program of first performances for double bass clarinet only.


In jazz he plays with Andrew Cyrille, Gebhard Ulmann, Omar Tamez, Ivano Nardi, Michele Rabbia, Silvia Bolognesi, Eugenio Colombo, Antonello Salis, Butch Morris, Fabrizio Spera, Roberto Bellatalla, Evan Parker, Ettore Fioravanti, Alessandro Giachero, Francesco Cusa, Cristiano Calcagnile, Roberto Del Piano, Massimo Falascone, Stefano Giust, Giovanni Maier, and Zlatko Kaucic.


Signed in 2014 among the best new talents and musicians for the magazine Musica Jazz, it is also distinguished in the categories Baritone Sax and Other Instruments for the magazine Jazz It. Coproduce together with Fonterossa Records of Silvia Bolognesi the DESMADRE disc in duo with Agusti Fernandez, and Ghost Trio with Silvia Bolognesi and Ivano Nardi for Setola Di Maiale.


His Unity group was premiered at the Sala A of Radio Tre and aired in prime time for Radio 3 Suite. He writes an article dedicated to FRED HO on Jazz Music that follows ideally his work for baritone saxophone " The Joyful Breath of the Dragon ". Always the same magazine publishes the UNITY disk of the homonymous group, quintet led by him, characterized by the peculiar three-wind training, whose fundamental presence is the bassoon, the piano and the drums.


His trio MC3 was produced by the Roman club Ventotto Di Vino and offers a synthesis between groove, Mediterranean origins and free improvisation.


He collaborates and accompanies Alberto Masala's readings, in concerts for voice and clarinets on the poet's lyrics.


Participates in International Festivals such as Roccella Jonica, Musica Sulle Bocche, Visiones, Encuentro di Jazz and Musica Viva. In the folk field he plays in the group Acquaragia Drom with which he records a record (Rom Kaffè) and realizes tours in Mexico, USA, Malaysia, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Germany and throughout Italy, participating in the main World Music festivals such as Sziget (Hungary), Rain Forest World Music Festival (Malaysia), Rome Meet the World, NYC Gipsy Festival.


Reported by Musica Jazz magazine among the best young talents of Italian jazz in 2012.


Luigi Onori dedicates to him a page on Alias ​​del Manifesto, calling him "One of the best creators of music of his generation".He writes the text FRAGMENT which becomes a musical scene for voice and clarinets.


Activates a stable collaboration with the musician Vaggelis Merkouris on the Mediterranean repertoire. Fonda Duo Apolide together with the bandoneonist Carlo Maver."

-Marco Colonna Website (Translated by Google) (

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"Edoardo Marraffa has been involved in improvised and free music since 1993, collaborating with the most innovative bands of the Italian scene like Collettivo Bassesfere, Specchio Ensemble, while his current projects are: Casino Di Terra, Vakki Plakkula, Mrafi, Small Talk, Eco D'alberi, Les Ravageurs, ChiaroScuro, Tell No Lies, Marraffa Stadhouders Heather Aitaj quartet.

During the last years he collaborated with musicians like Tristan Honsinger, William Parker, Hamid Drake, John Edwards, Olaf Rupp, Han Bennink, Clayton Thomas, Wayne Horvitz, Wadada Leo Smith. He has appeared at important international jazz festivals in Europe and America like Vision Festival, Umbrella Music Festival, Mostra Sesc de Artes, Uncool music of the cosmos, Taktlos, Konfrontationen, Artacts, Angelica, Controindicazioni, Clusone Jazz, Konstanzer Jazzherbst, ContemporaneaMente, Sant'Anna Arresi, Crossroads, An Insolent Noise, Jeff Festival, Festival Mètèo, Incubate Festival, Soundsofmusic Groningen, Limmitationes, Sudtirol Jazz Festival."

-Edoardo Marraffa Website (

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Born in Rome where he has been active for many years both as a musician and organizer in the field of experimental and improvised music. Founding member of Ossatura, 7k Oaks, Eco d'Alberi, Weightless, Truth in the Abstract Blues and has worked, amongst others, with Peter Kowald, Mike Cooper, Wadada Leo Smith, Butch Morris, ROVA, Blast, Lisle Ellis, Larry Ochs, John Butcher, John Edwards, Evan Parker, Alfred Harth, Tim Hodgkinson, Wolfgang Fuchs, Thomas Lehn, Michel Doneda, Lol Coxhill, Veryan Weston, Hans Koch and Axel Dorner.

-Recommended Records 9/27/2023

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"An unconventional, unpredictable musician, tirelessly curious about tradition and prone to experimentation. Marco Zanotti is a composer, performer and producer, he prefers drums and percussion, but he often finds himself with different instruments, real or invented, with which he communicates with the public and gives expression to his music.

He is the founder and director of Cucoma Combo (Black Sweat Rec) and of the Classica Orchestra Afrobeat, a chamber ensemble with which he records three albums (feat. Seun Kuti, Sekouba Bambino, Baba Sissoko and Njamy Sitson) and participates in important international festivals including Glastonbury-UK.

He plays with the avantgard-impro trio Mothra モスラ, in two duos with Fabio Mina and with the griot Jabel Kanuteh (Gambia), as well as with Cumbia Poder (Colombia), Del Barrio (Argentina) and choro ensamble Regional Matuto (Brazil). An autobiographical album named Reflexio is coming out in 2020, together with the works of Italian artist Gaia Carboni.

He collaborates and has collaborated with numerous musicians and artists all over the world, but also with directors, choreographers and choirs including Aldes, Fantateatro, Magnifico Teatrino Errante, ERT, Coro Voz Latina, Coro Farthan, always supporting the artistic production with a constant search for stimuli and sounds, with frequent trips especially in Africa and Latin America.

In 2019 he wrote the music and plays in the show Mbira by Roberto Castello (UBU prize candidate), took part in the soundtrack of Gauguin in Tahiti, the lost paradise (Nexo Digital) by Remo Anzovino and took care of the research and musical production of Pamoja Odyssey: a radical act of co-creation, an international project aboard a traditional dhow ( associated with a film festival along the coasts of East Africa.

Since 2010 he has held a permanent experimental laboratory called Officina del Ritmo, hosted in 2019 in the program "Le 100 percussioni" by Ravenna Festival.

In 2012 he translated and edited the Italian edition of Fela Kuti's biography FELA, this bitch of a life, by Carlos Moore (Arcana ed.)."

-Marco Zanotti Website (

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Track Listing:

1. Open Sky pt 1 Starless Black 08:56

2. Open Sky pt 2 Purple Glow 14:26

3. Open Sky pt 3 Cloudy Red 16:43

4. Nebula 12:43

5. Opal 06:51

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