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Chefkirk / Crank Sturgeon : Nice To Err With You (2 CDs) (Love Earth Music)

Bringing together two aberrant sound artist--Chefkirk, aka Roger Smith, based in Oregon; and Crank Sturgeon, aka Matt Anderson currently based in Massachusetts--for two CDs of rhythmic mayhem layered and punctuated with electronics and mutilated sounds from objects & voice, with beats that feign steadiness but derail in amusing and embraceable ways; weird fun! Mastered by Squidco's own Carl Kruger.

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product information:

Label: Love Earth Music
Catalog ID: LEM-292
Squidco Product Code: 33399

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack - 6 panels
Recorded in Oregon, California, and Maine, 2020 to 2021. Mastered by Carl Kruger.



Crank Sturgeon-electronics, objects

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"A whopping double dose of Dada from the duo of Chefkirk (Roger Smith) and Crank Sturgeon (Matt Anderson). Cheap electronics get poured into a large ornate mixing bowl and twiddled about to lovely effect. A hint of the ol' idiot glee is at work here methinks. Loops thick with pocket lint get submerged under squealy chipmunk trailer wheels amid an unintelligible mutter-line. I cannot stress enough just how dangerous driving became while listening to this on the car stereo. So keep it at home, obviously.

Writers used to refer to double albums as "sprawling" and I think that term might be a bit too gauche to apply here. From the eye-popping computer-made cover art to the long recitation of long-held truths, this is a tidy achievement indeed. What does it sound like? I guffaw at the very question, but I'll try to answer it anyway. A thick field of electricity welded to a roomful of barely articulated notions, corralled by a couple of giggling cohorts sharing a number of in-jokes simultaneously. Yes, there is crackle. And fizz, and chirp and whinny too. Plus a lot of stuff that's unnamable, so I won't even try. A clue might be the eagle, frog and ship-devouring squid that lie waiting under the pastel pink, yellow and lime green pasties on the front cover. This stuff is just plain fun. There's so much going on at times that you just have to sit back and let it rain down on you and be happy to catch the odd detail. Over time you'll learn to love it all. Unlike much that gets lumped under the general rubric of "noise" these gentlemen swing vary hard toward the idea that making a racket is one of the last joys known to mankind. Perhaps this will inspire you to your own revelry."-Jeph Jerman

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Artist Biographies

"Working under the inclusive category of noise, CHEFKIRK creates distinctive compositions of sound by combining together improvised drone and harsh electronics forced from a minimal arsenal of boxes with knobs and switches. CHEFKIRK makes his music in Eugene, Oregon, North America."

-Chefkirk 9/27/2023

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Crank Sturgeon, real name Matt Anderson, aka G.Eon Ruts, is an American noise and performance artist born in 1971. He started his career in Maine, and is currently based in California.

-Squidco 9/27/2023

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Track Listing:


1. Courting Yesterday's Undignified Outburst With Asbestos 4:07

2. Mutual Twice And Nice To Err 4:03

3. Cobs On A Sputtering / Ache That Iron 4:04

4. Boggling Tongue Roles An Hora 5:18

5. Pursed Milk Trinkacies 8:01

6. Agua Ducked 4:07

7. Clabber Bandle Resplendence 3:52

8. Buzz Takes Torque For A Rind 4:36

9. Very Capable Fatherly Figurine Correction 4:04

10. A Snuffling End To Laps Of Yore 5:22

11. Fascination Aspiration Repudiation 6:18


1. Tomorrow Hasn't An Evenly Bristle 4:12

2. Spot On The Fibering Snipe 5:19

3. Lucid Careen 5:16

4. Morning Rear Mirror Epitaph 6:40

5. Unintended Eye Douse 5:22

6. Pocketed Misfortunate 7:04

7. Tensions Shuckle Whilst Trillings Mewl 7:28

8. Fetching Pocks (As Advertised) 4:27

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