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Bogacz, Santiago / Emiliano Aires: Retrato Anos Despues (Relative Pitch)

With nine years of work together, the Uruguayan duo of guitarist Santiago Bogacz, aka Matador, and clarinetist Emiliano Aires have developed a near-telepathic dialog of sharp-edged interactions through technically rapid exchanges and plateaus of anxious reserve; exhilarating work heard here in 9 vehement and creatively urgent improvisations.

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UPC: 5904224871673

Label: Relative Pitch
Catalog ID: RPR1150
Squidco Product Code: 33095

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded in 4Tavella, Montevideo, Uruguay, on September 15th, 2021, by Martin Tavella.


Santiago Bogacz-guitar

Emiliano Aires-clarinet

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"This is the first recording of this guitar/clarinet duo from Uruguay. These nine frenzied tracks display an intensity and passion developed over 9 years of playing. Their listening and anticipation of each other is telepathic. The results are edgy and invigorating."-Relative Pitch

"Uruguayan guitarist Santiago Bogacz is a genre-bending virtuoso with a strong penchant for improvised music. Over the years he has released many solo and duo recordings, some under the stage name Matador. On the stimulating and poignant Retrato Años Despues he joins forces with his compatriot Emiliano Aires for nine spontaneously created pieces.

Aires sticks to the infrequently heard soprano clarinet, the twittering tones of which, with their hints of vibrato, complement Bogacz's resonant strings. "Siempre Ya Es Mañana" is an angular dialogue with overlapping bursts of notes that are delightfully dissonant. The duet wavers between the contemplative and passionate without losing its spiritual edge. The pair balances the fury of their extemporizations with the elegance of their individual streams of consciousness, and the command over their respective instruments

Elsewhere, "Sacamos La Misma Foto" veers more towards a zen ambience. Aires coaxes out of his horn chant-like refrains that have a touch of eastern mysticism. Bogacz contributes deep resonant lines that chime like bells and darkly reverberate. Overall the meditative mood makes these exchanges sound more like an ethereal, pagan rite than a conversation. The two improvisations echo against one another to a haunting and otherworldly effect.

Similarly steeped in quietude is "Por Ahora Dos." Aires' staccato phrases and Bogacz's muscular strums pierce the silence occasionally, yet a pensive serenity prevails. Angular wails match dense chords and often the two musicians let loose floods of fiery phrases. In the end they return to the somber and soulful atmosphere that is one of the elements that makes the entire set so mesmerizing.

In between the longer pieces there are brief, crisp and memorable interludes. "El Modelo" is a short, avant-folkish, tune that clocks at 50 seconds. Meanwhile "Que Anadie Le Interese," of just under a minute duration, is furious, no hold barred, sonic experiment. It contrasts perfectly with the forlorn, meanderings of the equally concise "Paro 24 Hs."

Bogacz and Aires are remarkably in sync in their shared artistic vision. Retrato Años Despues is a thought provoking album that also moves at a visceral level. It is a unique and demanding work and rewards open-minded listening."-Hrayr Attarian, All About Jazz

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Artist Biographies

Santiago Bogacz, aka Matador, is a guitarist from Uruguay. He is known for the group Los Nuevos Creyentes, and his duo with clarinetist Emiliano Aires.

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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Emiliano Aires is an Adjunct Professor and Coordinator of the Department of Music Theory and Composition at the Universidad de la República Uruguay.

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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Track Listing:

1. Siempre ya es manana 09:25

2. El agonizante gemido de un ser geneticamente danado 01:06

3. 33 07:55

4. El modelo 00:50

5. Por ahora DOS 09:15

6. Que a nadie le interese 00:59

7. Paro 24 hs 00:54

8. Una mentira y un hacer 00:49

9. Sacamos la misma foto 11:48

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