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Thomas, Pat / Chris Sharkey / Luke Reddin-Williams: Know : Delirium Atom Paths (577 Records)

Energetic, authoritative and unpredictable, this 2020 concert at Hyde Park Book club, in Leeds, UK from the collective free improv trio of Pat Thomas on keyboards, Chris Sharkey on electric guitar and Luke Reddin on Williams on drums, burns through an extended and far-ranging set of sonic environments and seriously exhilarating straight-on playing.

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Label: 577 Records
Catalog ID: CD-577R-5910-1
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Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: USA
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded at Hyde Park Book club, in Leeds, UK, on March 10th, 2020, by Chris Sharkey.


Pat Thomas-keyboards

Chris Sharkey-electric guitar

Luke Reddin-Williams-drums

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"One of the most exhilarating shows he'd ever done, guitarist Chris Sharkey came away from his performance at the Fusebox in Leeds feeling alive. Just a few days before the world would slow, and two weeks before life in London would stop, keyboardist and 577 mainstay Pat Thomas, drummer Luke Reddin-Williams and Sharkey would go on stage to play for the first time together, having discussed and planned nothing. The improvisation, a gamble, worked. Recorded in one 50-minute, two-track album, the project is dynamic and experimental-a thrilling exercise in communicating. What happens when three musicians go in without a plan? They give us Delirium Atom Paths."-577 Records

"This is a live concert from Fusebox in Leeds.

It was recorded on March 10th 2020 at Hyde Park Book Club

This was the first time Pat, Luke and I played together.

Prior to the gig, nothing was discussed or planned.

It was one of the most exhilarating shows I've ever done.

All proceeds from the sale of this recording will be distributed equally between the US protester bail fund and Black Lives Matter UK affiliated charities."-Chris Sharkey

"Delirium Atom Paths sounds exactly as one might hope, expect, or suspect the willing abandon of UK master innovator, keyboardist Pat Thomas, guitarist Chris Sharkey, and drummer Luke Reddin-Williams to sound like: a fearless dialogue of ideas without dogma, ambitions without greed, creation without regret.

Captured live at Leeds at the big bang moment in March 2020, the trio immediately sets out to render the ambiguous mute. To head off directly into the pandemic future and hold it back, if only just for an evening. A jagged beauty, Delirium Atom Paths cuts left, cuts right and never walks the center line. It strays, it charges, it draws you into its left-field hypnotism and reveals things only shamans know: that freedom neither be indulgent nor divisive. Just universally avowed.

Thomas, who in his tireless, uncompromising sixties, is finally getting his due as a true heir to Cecil Taylor, (and daresay, Anthony Braxton) may instigate the sonic landscapes but it is Sharkey who distorts and distinguishes the many horizons beyond the knowable as Reddin-Williams tilts the tectonics from punk to world, jazz, dance, rock then back again. Equal parts morse code, wayward algorithms, swooping atmospherics, and human inquiry, Delirium Atom Paths is a compelling study in the gymnastics of interpretation that engages not only the possible but the random impossibility that we may yet make sense of it all. Available [on CD,] digitally and on exclusively limited colored vinyl from the 577 Records, the musical home of the daring and the brave." on Mike Jurkovic, All About Jazz

Also available as a vinyl LP.
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Artist Biographies

"Born 27 July 1960; Piano, electronics. Pat Thomas started playing at the age of 8 and studied classical music and played reggae. He began playing jazz at sixteen after seeing Oscar Peterson on television then listened to snatches of jazz on the radio before, in 1979, playing his first serious improvised gigs. From 1986 he played with Ghosts which was Pete McPhail and Matt Lewis.

In addition to programming his keyboards, Pat Thomas also utilises prerecorded tapes. He told Chris Blackford (1991), 'As far as the tapes are concerned I'll probably just sit in front of the TV and tape whatever's going on and so some editing afterward to decide what might be useful. ...But I don't actually put a label on each tape saying what's on there, so when I come to use them I don't know what I'm going to be playing. That obviously prevents me from setting things up. I pick them at random and see what happens. So I'm just as surprised as anybody else at what comes out'.

In 1988 he was awarded an Arts Council Jazz Bursary to write three new electroacoustic compositions for his ten-piece ensemble, Monads: Roger Turner and Matt Lewis, percussion; Pete McPhail, WX7 wind synthesizer; Neil Palmer, turntables; Phil Minton, voice; Phil Durrant, violin; Marcio Mattos, bass; Jon Corbett, trumpet; Geoff Searle, drum machines. The intention was to feature different aspects of electronics using improvisation so, for example, one piece - Dialogue - featured Pete McPhail and Neil Palmer, another concentrated on the interaction of percussionists and drum machines, and a third piece had Phil Minton and Jon Corbett improvising with a computer. The pieces were performed at the Crawley Outside-In Festival of new music in 1989.

Pat Thomas was invited by Derek Bailey to play in Company Week in 1990 and 1991 and he also took part in the Ist International Symposium for Free Improvisation in Bremen with the guitarist. He has been a member of the Tony Oxley Quartet (documented on Incus CD 15) and played in Oxley's Angular Apron along with Larry Stabbins, Manfred Schoof and Sirone at the 8th Ruhr Jazz Meeting and in the percussionist's Celebration Orchestra. He plays with Lol Coxhill in a range of combinations from duo to being a member of 'Before my time', is a member of Mike Cooper's Continental Drift, and he has a well established duo with percussionist Mark Sanders and a trio with Steve Beresford and Francine Luce. In 1992 Pat Thomas formed the quartet Scatter with Phil Minton, Roger Turner and Dave Tucker; funded by the Arts Council they toured the UK in 1993 and again at the beginning of 1997.

On the 'Festival circuit', Pat Thomas has appeared at: the Young Improvisors Festival at the Korzo Theatre, Den Haag (with Jim O'Rourke, Mats Gustafsson and Alexander Frangenheim); Angelica 95 in Bologna, Italy; the Stuttgart 5th Festival of Improvised Music 96 (with Fred Frith, Shelly Hirsch, Carlos Zingaro and others); and the 3rd International Festival 96 in Budapest (with Evan Parker, Phil Minton, John Russell and Roger Turner).

-EFI (

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"Chris Sharkey is a musician from the north-east of England.

Based in leeds since 1999, chris has dedicated the last 20 years to making forward-thinking new music that blurs boundaries between improvisation, production, composition and the associated genres of these often separated fields.

He is an active national and international performer as a member of Acoustic Ladyland, Triovd, Shiver, The Geordie Approach, Roller Trio and as a solo artist.

Chris is a also a producer and has recorded, mixed and remixed music for for ACV, Mole, Taupe, Seb Rochford, Oliver Coates, Troyka, World Service Project, Triovd, Shiver, Beyond Albedo, Session Fries, The Geordie Approach, Roller Trio, The Orchid And The Wasp and more."

-Chris Sharkey Website (

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"Luke Reddin-Williams is an award-winning drummer and percussionist based in Leeds. He is currently performing with a number of different acts such as the Mercury Prize nominated Roller Trio, International Punk-Jazz ensemble WorldService Project and Leeds based Afro-Jazz quartet Vipertime. His drumming is an eclectic mix of genres brought together to create a singular sound, currently bolstered by his recent endeavour to study traditional North Indian classical music and West African percussion."

-Cafe OTO (

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Track Listing:

1. Delirium Atom Paths 44:16

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