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Jerman, Jeph: Flapndr (Input Error)

Sound Artist Jeph Jerman explored his Cottonwood, Arizona environment between 2019-2021 to capture the field recordings, windswept drones and close mic-ed minimal sounds that make up Flapndr, combining them in the studio to form complex and sometimes dense compositions that evolve and mutate in a fascinating hybrid of nature and noise.

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Label: Input Error
Catalog ID: IE-13
Squidco Product Code: 31939

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: UK
Packaging: Digipack
Recorded in and around Cottonwood Arizona, in 2019-2021, with assistance from Steve Jansen.


Jeph Jerman-composer, performer

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"So far, I had Input Error down as a harsh noise label, but this one proves me wrong. Of course, there was a time when Jerman dabbled in harsh(er) noise when he was working as Hands To. At the turn of the century, his sound went quieter and open and relied more and more on untreated field recordings and objects. For some of his releases, I thought Jerman sat down in the sand, rubbing leaves and sticks and used some additional field recording on a small playback system. I won't speculate how the music on 'Flapnr' was recorded, but I think there is some studio technology at work here. There is complexity at work here, so I at least believe there is a culmination of various recordings. I still have that notion of Jerman sitting in the grass but now takes his recordings to the computer and combines them with different field recordings and even some good ol' tape-loops. In that respect, this is partly how Hands To back then sounded, but now not so much the sonic overload, the additional distortion of using a battery-powered Walkman. This makes the music here way more detailed than in the old days. The music sounds both old and new. Many sound sources are being used here, some highly obscured and others recognizable, such as breaking glass in 'Nothing'. I assume these sources are natural (leaves, trees) and human (glass, debris, waste, object), along with the humming of machines, shafts and the wind over barren Arizona land. Maybe at times, Jerman has no hands-on approach, and it's just the wind playing all of this. I found all of this highly fascinating music; a cruder little brother musique concrète or electro-acoustic music. Perhaps you could see this as the natural evolution of 'industrial music', now without any instruments and still noisy as hell. This is the noise that I like!"-Frans de Waard, Vital Weekly

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Artist Biographies

"Jeph Jerman is a musician who began his musical career drumming and playing in bar bands. In the 1980s, he became aware of other sonic possibilities for his drum kit and started learning to improvise and record his own music. During this time Jerman was a frequent collaborator with other musicians who were also exploring improvisational techniques. In the mid-1980s, Jerman founded a cassette label for the distribution of music by himself and friends. The label released over 50 cassettes, several LPs, and a short-lived magazine.

After relocating from Colorado to Seattle, Jerman continued playing with local groups of improvisers and began giving solo performances where he improvised with mostly natural found objects, a practice he continues today. He founded the first animist orchestra dedicated to making larger scale works using natural object play. In 1999, Jerman moved to Cottonwood, AZ. He continues to investigate sound and recording in many forms including field recordings, the building of crude sound making devices, and the effects of age and other damage to analog tape. Jerman's 2014 Grants to Artists award funded recording and touring with Tim Barnes. Jerman continues to collaborate with Dave Knott in a band collectively known as The Yes, Well, and with Tim Barnes, with whom collaborated on an FCA-supported record released in 2015 (Erstwhile Records.) Other CDs and works are available on Anomalous Records, Semperflorens, and Trait Media Works."

-Foundation for Contemporary Arts (

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Track Listing:

1. Ecness 6:33

2. Firight 5:33

3. Flapndr 8:26

4. Nobsish 20:33

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