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Protenomaly [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD]

Directives : Protenomaly [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD] (Aubjects)

Aubjects label leader D. Petri (Amalgamated, Dog Hallucination) continues his work in unusual and sometimes aggressive exploration of the guitar as a sound source, looking for "novel anomalies" in amorphous compositions, seeking an extreme mixture of audio fidelities, peculiar equipment configurations, personally significant field recordings & various multi-level manipulations, in parts joined by Hillary Ulman on percussion.

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D. Petri-composer, performer

Hillary Ulman-percussion

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Home-dubbed-in-real-time cassette in upcycled norelco cases w/ hand-cut / stamped / glued / numbered j card & insert utilizing personally significant 8-50 year-old upcycled papers + 16p b/w art booklet. 66 copies produced in total.

Label: Aubjects
Catalog ID: AUJX-18
Squidco Product Code: 31366

Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette
Recorded in Oglesby and Bloomington, Illinois, from 2015 to 2017.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"On one of my favourite labels from the USA, there is a new release by the man who runs the show, D. Petri, who works as Directives; he's also a member of Amalgamated. Like on his previous release, 'Usphutorontus Deius Nissesubla' (see Vital Weekly 1119), he receives help from Hillary Ulman on percussion instruments. These are, honestly, not easy to recognise in the music, which I would think is computer-based primarily and at times very loud and at other times tones down quite a bit. I assume that, as before, he uses many of the same instruments (guitar, piano, field recordings) and gives these the make-over they need. In some of these pieces, these instruments are still easily be recognised. In a piece such as 'Beyond Registration', there is a curious rock approach to be noted; rock and not rock at the same time. This approach reminded me of the 'studio-as-instrument' approach of groups such as Biota and Mnemonists, primarily when they worked together; there is undoubtedly an amount of free improvisation going on here, but through editing techniques, there is an organisation to the madness to be noted. Otherwise, than those older bands, I would think that Directives is a bit rougher. Through a somewhat noisier approach, there is no similar refinement here, which I thought was a good thing. It marks a difference, another exploration if you will and will, perhaps, be of more interest to those with their heads buried in the world of noise. However, don't expect much in the form of traditional rock music, as D. Petri's offers a far more mutated version of that. Drums bang around, and distorted guitars, slowed down, reversed and granulated; all the musique concrète techniques now applied to a few rock instruments, mixed in with some field recordings and 'sounds'. More references? Think P16.D4 or P. Children. Quite a different release than before, but I like it a lot."-Fran de Waard, Vital Weekly

Home-dubbed-in-real-time cassette in upcycled norelco cases w/ hand-cut / stamped / glued / numbered j card & insert utilizing personally significant 8-50 year-old upcycled papers + 16p b/w art booklet. 66 copies produced in total.

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Artist Biographies

"D. Petri: Producer, editor, engineer, visual artist, photographer, writer, graphic designer, multi-instrumentalist and performer. D. writes about music and other interests @ the Dog Hallucination appendage that is Petriblog."

-Intangible Cat (

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Hillary Ulman Studied Arts Technology at Illinois State University. Originally from DeKalb, Illinois, she currently live in Columbia, Missouri.

-Hillary Ulman Facebook (

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Track Listing:


1. Self Sights Unrecorded 08:04

2. Lower Digestive Register 02:21

3. Upper Digestive Register 01:57

4. Beyond Registration 04:12

5. Above Beyond Registration 02:55

6. Across Many Gulfs 04:50

7. Intrapersonal Collusion 05:09


1. Society Toothpick Diorama 08:31

2. Tangled Narratives 04:47

3. Slumping Into Progress 06:29

4. Toward Fertile Grounds 08:42

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