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Zwerver, Henk / Raoul van der Weide: Modeles Volatils (Casco Records)

"Volatile Models", the pairing of Dutch guitarist Henk Zwerver and bassist & percussionist Raoul van der Weide, also on crackle box, creating spontaneously unrestricted, sometimes irascible but always inspired and exuberant free improvisation, from moments of tension to explosive release, as heard in six dialogs performed live at Atelier 5, in Amsterdam in September, 2020.

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product information:

UPC: 8714835144335

Label: Casco Records
Catalog ID: 007
Squidco Product Code: 30368

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: The Netherlands
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Atelier 5, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on September 9th, 2020, by Hayden Zappa Hook.


Henk Zwerver-guitar

Raoul van der Weide-contrabass, crackle box, percussion

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Artist Biographies:

Henk Zwerver is a Netherlands based guitarist and improviser. He has participated in groups Strings5 and Zwerv, and has performed with Raoul van der Weide, George Hadow, Ziv Taubenfeld, and Luis Vicente.

-Squidco 11/16/2022

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"Raoul van der Weide (Fontenailles / Fr, 1949) played 6 years of classical violin in the Northern Netherlands Youth Orchestra. As a bassist he developed largely autodidactic but also studied classical double bass at John Clayton and Norma Brooks. Contrast point at Guus Janssen. Feel inspired by inspiration and improvisational practice in the free but unstructured views of various musicians like Paul Termos, Guus Janssen, Lennie Tristano, Misha Mengelberg, Jimmy Giuffre, Steve Lacy, Ornette Coleman, Derek Bailey, Charles Mingus and Munir Bashir.

As an improviser, the creative focus is on the development possibilities of open personal aesthetics in the broadest sense. The continued deepening of its own sound, intonation and power of expression - of the musical fingerprint - is considered important.Van Raoul van der Weide published the solo CD 'Passages' (GeestGronden # 24 / at the beginning of 2006, to which De Volkskrant and promising 4 stars discussion was dedicated.

Worked together in Bert Koppelaar's POINT OF ORCHESTURE, Paul Termos Trio, Guus Jansen Septet / Octet / Orchestra, Burton Greene Quartet / Trio Spazio Trio (with K. Bauer and Guenther Sommer), Luc Houtkamp Quartet, Ab Baars Sextet, Peter Zegveld projects ('Caspar Rapak' and 'Statua Tumultus'), The Gravitones (Winners Dordtse Jazz Prize 1995), Joost Buis & The Famous Astronotes, Sound-Lee! Quartet ('Plays the Music of Lee Konitz'), New Crosscurrents Sextet."

-Raoul van der Weide Website (Translated by Google) (

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track listing:

1. Skin Sound 2:42

2. Manieres de la main 2:07

3. Tomkes 5:45

4. Before The Beginning 4:34

5. Mimetisme 8:37

6. L'Esprit des Cordes 7:03
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"On a small stage we meet two legends not only of the local music scene - Raoul van der Weide (double bass, cracklebox , percussion instruments) and Henk Zwerver (guitar). Cheeky veterans will infect us with their energy and the ability to build improvisational tension for the entire 30 minutes with seconds. They will play six episodes for us, and then they won't let us out of the club until the morning! It's September 2020, and the pandemic has yet to reach its second wave. Everyone seems to be happy.

As a welcome, the Dutch offer us two quick, two-minute shots! The first portion of emotions - strong, male hands are tugging at the strings, trying to destroy them, making them make strange sounds that immediately arouse our enthusiasm. The box of the double bass can confidently turn out to be a snare drum, other, mysterious sounds can come from a toy called a cracklebox . Contrabass dynamics, string slides, guitar nuances that resemble Derek Bailey, but do not completely imitate him. The second shot seems to be more songful, as if fixed in the history of jazz for a short while. Mass versus filigree, dissonance, which after a while becomes just one portion of expression.

The third story is built more meticulously, the musicians already give themselves more time to build a narrative that will try to force us into uncomfortable seats for the audience. Bass rumbles and sings, plays arco , plays pizzicato , someone knocks on something and this strange toy - oh, a real one man orchestra ! The guitar stands aside, a poor relative asks for the right to make a sound, it smells like post-jazz and even promiscuous post-classics. A galaxy of sounds swinging on the waves of the death ocean! The musicians' temperament explodes, like the temperature in the middle of a hot summer. A bow, percussion accents and meticulous reprise on reverberation. The fourth movement is initially created on the inhale, almost delicate, feminine, a bit frivolous. The guitar smells goodsoft rock, bass drags lazily down the dirty street. The former builds a narrative with a wide range of genre connotations, the latter sews dynamics with the simplest methods.

The next story doesn't care about the dramatic nuances, throws us into the cauldron of hellish emotions from the very beginning. A moving bow and sharp riffs! Half-singing phrases created by exceptional agile fingers. Stains percussion , bluzgi cracklebox and another bow, also on the neck of the guitar. It gets dense, like in a grinding plant that has not been ventilated for centuries. Musicians build a flow by repeating phrases like a bad mantra at dusk. The bass plays arco and pizzicato again with one pull of the trigger! A beautiful moment! The expression of free jazz is knocking on the door, but it has an invalid ticket. Neoclassical squiggles and a few hits to the double bass's resonance body do their job.

Unfortunately, we are already getting to the end of this expressive improvisation. The double bass is swirling within itself like a sleepy bear, the guitar strings are dancing and getting tangled with each other. A galaxy of short-cuts in anticipation of any dramatic harassment. Somewhere on the side of the bar, Bailey sat down. It applauds with appreciation! There is probably everything in this story, including the aftertaste of morning jazz with an empty glass. There are songs, also on the double bass, and a few sentences interrupted in half a word. However, emotions stay with us until the very end - the final bounces, post-jazz poured over the collar and thick strips of the bow! We stay until morning!"-Spontaneous Music Tribune (Translated by Google)

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