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Di Domenico, Giovanni

Decay Music n. 4: Downtown Ethnic Music [VINYL]

Di Domenico, Giovanni: Decay Music n. 4: Downtown Ethnic Music [VINYL] (Die Schachtel)

The fourth release in Die Schachtel's Decay Music series is Italian composer Giovanni Di Domenico's Downtown Ethnic Music, a tapestry of synthetic and acoustic sources in a 4th world/Jon Hassell mode, with rhythms from drummer João Lobo, vocals by Pak Yan Lau and Patshiva CIE women choir, the horns of Ananta Roosens and Jordi Grognard; a gorgeous album of detailed ambience and atmosphere.

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product information:

UPC: 7697919781989

Label: Die Schachtel
Catalog ID: DSDM 004LP
Squidco Product Code: 30101

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Italy
Packaging: LP
Recorded at The Nest Cellar, Theatre 140 and Theatre La Balsamine Brussels, and other locations.


Giovanni Di Domenico-piano, composer

Joao Lobo-drums, cymbals

Pak Yan Lay-voice

Ananta Roosens-trumpet

Jordi Grognard-clarinet

Patshiva CIE women choir-choir

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Artist Biographies:

"Giovanni Di Domenico, pianist, performer, composer, was born in Rome on the 20th July 1977, a significantly tempestuous period in socio-political terms, featuring hostile polarizations and an ostensive paramilitarism, mutinous ideological confrontations and bloody terrorist attacks, rendered infamous in the description 'Years of Lead'. In that particularly caustic summer, the so-called 'Movement of 1977', non-aligned, without any ties to the Parliament and non-violent, broke into the scene of prevalent conspiracy-steeped paranoia condemning the repressive, discriminatory and authoritarian tendencies of the Italian State and demanding equality for minorities and further civil rights. The coinciding liberalization of the media market, putting an end to RAI's monopoly, further defined this period as the prime moment for pirate radio, with the consequence of a libertarian fragmentation of youth culture, epitomised by punk.

One could argue that Giovanni, self-taught until the age of 24, inherited - in philosophy, politics and artistically - the most benign and affirmative traits of that period, diversifying his action in the context of a recently unified Europe, promoting improbable connections, exploring varied geographies, comfortably manoeuvring aesthetical fringes and making a commitment to live performance at its most liberating and engaging. Surprisingly, the path that lead him to that point had an unexpected detour: following his father's consecutive assignments as a civil engineer he actually lived out his first decade in Africa - until he was five in Libya, from then until his eight anniversary in the Cameroons and until ten in Algeria. His far off native country was not synonymous with civil unrest as much as with opera, whose arias he would memorize with his siblings in order to practice the language and provide some family entertainment. The condition of expatriate had a strong influence in his education - he clearly remembers the calls of the muezzin, the sound of exotic musical instruments in local markets, the ritualistic expression music took in the streets of Yaoundé, or the songs he heard from his nanny in the Cameroons.

When he finally enrolled in music school - majoring in 'jazz piano'- he further built on an encyclopedic technique; rhythm, harmony and tone are informed by non-western traditions yet equally sensitive to Debussy's "Préludes", Luciano Berio's "Sequenzas", to the 'ambi-ideation' heard in Borah Bergman's Soul Note recordings, Cecil Taylor's polissemic density, Paul Bley's bruised transparency and of course, the most radical manifestations stemming from the underworld of pop music, invariably tied together by his own original praxis. A distinction - one would call it generational - he shares with many of the musicians he has crossed paths with recently, artists as different as Chris Corsano, Jim O'Rourke, Akira Sakata, Tetuzi Akiyama, Okkyung Lee, Balasz Pandi, Nate Wooley, Yan Jun, John Edwards, Darin Gray, Roger Turner, Steve Noble, DJ Sniff, Terrie Ex, David Maranha, Manuel Mota, Arve Henriksen, Norberto Lobo, Peter Jacquemyn, Alexandra Grimal, John Duncan, Tony Allen, Rafael Toral or Toshimaru Nakamura. Di Domenico has founded his own label, Silent Water, home of an eclectic and occasionally unclassifiable production. He lives in Brussels."

-Giovanni Di Domenico Website (Giovanni Di Domenico)

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"From jazz to gnawa music, electro-acoustic trance to total improvisation, in solo or in a big band, collaborating on dance and theatre productions and making soundtracks for movies (including "John From" which got him a nomination for Best Original Music at the Fénix Awards 2016 in Mexico), João Lobo maintains a versatile career as a musician mainly playing the drums.

He is the co-founder of Oba Loba, Going, Tetterapadequ, Norman, Mulabanda, and a proud member of Giovanni Guidi Trio, Mâäk, MikMâäk and Ghalia Benali & Mâäk: MwSOUL.

He has recorded more than 40 albums, some self-produced and others for labels such as ECM, Clean Feed, CamJazz, De Werf, El Negocito, three:four records, Challenge, NEOS.

He has performed and/or recorded in many countries around the world with many musicians including Enrico Rava, Marshall Allen (US), Rosewell Rudd (US), Carlos Bica (PT), Nate Wooley (US), Maalem Hassan Zogari (MA), Thomas Morgan (US), Chris Corsano (US), and collaborates intensely with Norberto Lobo (PT), Giovanni Di Domenico (IT), Lynn Cassiers (BE), Manolo Cabras (IT), Giovanni Guidi (IT) and Laurent Blondiau (BE)."

-Joao Lobo Website (

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"Ananta Roosens is a violinist, trumpet player and composer who currently lives in Brussels. She is one of the founding members of La Sieste Du Dromadaire with whom she recorded the album 'Tango from a dromedary point of view' in 2013 featuring special guests Gerardo Jerez Le Cam and Iacob Maciuca for the recordings.

She has a duo with the French guitarist and composer Benjamin Sauzereau. 
She recently played with projects such as Lynn Cassiers' Imaginary Band, Fnussjen, Daniele Martini trio, Melingo, Lyenn, Along a Line and Wouter Vandenabeele to name a few ...picture by Andre Roseta

She has been teaching a 'Tango ensemble' course and 'Tango violin' at Muziekpublique since September 2016.
 She recorded the music of Giovanni di Domenico, such as 'Terra Che Cammina' with Mo(ve)ments Ensemble, and 'ARCO' in cooperation with Jim O'Rourke. She is currently a member of the portuguese band Oba Loba with whom she recorded several CD's and vinyls.
 She has written music for theater pieces such as Kurt Demey's La ville Qui Respire and for dance performances such as Fallen Thoughts and Trapped Inside by dancer and choreographer Satya Roosens of compagnie 'Studio Eclipse' with whom she has toured in Europe and Australia. With Satya, she gave the workshop 'Interaction between dance and music' for dancers in Lithuania, 2016. Together they wrote the theater piece 'Veni, Vidi, Venus' which will go in première in 2018.

With Jon Birdsong's project Spiral Consort, she has played 'shells' on festivals such as Urban Ritual Festival and AlbaNova Festival (2014).

Ananta toured as a multi-instrumentalist with Gotan Project (2010 & 2011) during their third world tour, presenting the album tango 3.0."

-Ananta Roosens Website (

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"Born in 1981 in Namur Belgium from a catalan-spanish mother and a french-speaking father. Trained on clarinet then on jazz saxophone (tenor). Has studied in London, Brussels and Rotterdam with among others, John Ruocco, Jeroen Van Herzeele, Kris Defoort, Henri Boq and Daniel Stokart. Occasional Dj and vinyl freak. Many travels, lives in Brussels.

Mainly a jazz/impro instrumentalist but has also played as a sideman in north-african, 'french' chanson or reggae bands. He has played and recorded with Machine Mass Trio (BE/US), has toured China with Nicola Lancerotti's quartet Skin (BE/IT) and has appeared as guest with Kraut-rock legendary group Embryo (DE).

Currently plays with Moker - a five piece band from Gent led by guitarist Mathias Van de Wiele which also features Bart Maris on trumpet and Giovanni Barcella on drums, with Oba Loba - Joao Lobo and Norberto Lobo's 6-piece chamber orchestra and with his own quartet featuring Manolo Cabras on bass and Benjamin Sauzereau on guitar.

Co-leads Yokaï, an instrumental psychedelic ethio-jazz ensemble that brings dancing and trance to music and party venues."

-Jazz in Belgium (

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track listing:


1. Gap-Filling 2:38

2. Yoghurt To Yoga 8:10

3. SKJ 6:20

4. Light, Egg, Wait, The Bill, Play, Chair 2:41


1. Killjoy 1:53

2. Teratology 3:47

3. Cash Cow 6:22

4. Camera Lucida 4:11

5. Soft On Demand 5:00
sample the album:

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"Binding a deep social and political conscious with rigorous musical experimentation, the Brussels based, Italian pianist, performer, composer, Giovanni Di Domenico, delivers Downtown Ethnic Music, the fourth instalment of Die Schachtel's Decay Music series, focused on inspired contemporary experimental efforts in the ambient, ethereal, and emotively abstract music.

Over the last decade or so, Giovanni Di Domenico has carved a deep path through a diverse number of discrete fields within experimental music, working in various ensembles -- Abschattungen, AufHeben, Bonjintan, Cement Shoes, Delivery Health, Going, etc. -- as well as producing a discography of critically heralded solo efforts, and intimate collaborations with Jim O'Rourke, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Akira Sakata, Arve Henriksen, Tatsuhisa Yamamoto, Alexandra Grimal, Nate Wooley, Chris Corsano, and others.

Downtown Ethnic Music encounters Di Domenico reimagining the future of urban music, pluming the mysterious and emotive depths of self, to arrive at vision of sonorous utopia, radically divergent from those of the past. Hybridizing numerous forms of musical practice, while making a conceptual nod to Jon Hassell's notion of the "fourth world", as well as the cross-temporal transnationalism of Roberto Musci, Aktuala, Futuro Antico, and the Third Ear Band, Di Domenico's vision of democracy -- rendered through the creative metaphors of sound -- is a true to life, bristling conflict, as open-ended as it is ordered, and as dramatic and tense as it is beautiful, playful, and refined.

A colorful tapestry of ideas, experiences, histories, and reference points, woven from a pallet of electronics, synthesis, and various acoustic sources -- the intervening rhythms of drummer João Lobo, vocals by Pak Yan Lau and Patshiva CIE women choir, the horns of Ananta Roosens and Jordi Grognard etc. -- across the length of Downtown Ethnic Music, the boundaries between idiom, expressive concept, collective, andindividual blur, giving way to a visionary, forward-thinking rendering of electroacoustic music, that subtly reminds us of the social and political potential of art.

Seamlessly incorporating bubbling electronic abstraction, sprawling ambience and long tones, throbbing kosmische, acoustic free improvisation, and the human voice, Giovanni Di Domenico's Downtown Ethnic Music represents a high-water mark in an already astounding career."-Die Schachtel

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