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Disquiet (Kurzmann / Brandlmayr / Jernberg / Williamson): Disquiet (Trost Records)

Recorded at the Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen Festival 2018 and formed by Austrian musician Christof Kurzmann, the quartet of Kurzmann performing on lloopp and voice, Sofia Jernberg on voice, Martin Brandlmayr on drums and Joe Williamson on double bass question the political situation of the European refugee crisis in a brilliantly emotional and inspired performance.

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product information:

UPC: 9120036683204

Label: Trost Records
Catalog ID: TROST 202CD
Squidco Product Code: 29940

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2021
Country: Austria
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Nickelsdorf Konfrontationen festival 2018, in Nickelsdorf, Germany, by Hans Holler.


Christof Kurzmann-lloopp, vocals

Sofia Jernberg-vocals

Martin Brandlmayr-drums

Joe Williamson-double bass

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Artist Biographies:

"Christof Kurzmann (vocals, lloopp, clarinet, alto sax), is an Austrian musician, performer, composer currently living in Buenos Aires. Beginning in 1994 he started his work in the field of experimental electronic music. Since that time Christof has collaborated with some of the most significant artists working in contemporary music and improvisation- including Toto Alvarez, Martin Brandlmayr, John Butcher, Eden Carrasco, Sebi Ciurcina, Werner Dafeldecker, Kai Fagaschinski, Fernanda Farrah, Bernhard Fleischmann, Michaela Grill, Margareth Kammerer, Leonel Kaplan, Bernhard Lang, Andrea Neumann, Fernando Perales, Eva Reiter, Marina Rosenfeld, Ursula Rucked, Burkhard Stangl, Michael Thieke, and Clayton Thomas- in groups such as El Infierno Musical, The Magic I.D., and Schee. During the course of his career, Christof has performed throughout Europe, Japan, North and South Amercia. He has also been a music curator since the mid 1980's, and in 1999 founded the record label, Charhizma, which has released more than 30 cds."

- (Ken Vandermark Website)

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"Sofia Jernberg (born 5 July 1983, Ethiopia) is a Swedish experimental singer and composer.

Between 2002 and 2004, Jernberg studied jazz at Fridhems Folk High School. Later she studied for Per Mårtensson and Henrik Strindberg at The Gotland School of Music Composition. In 2008, she received the Royal Swedish Academy of Music's jazz award.

Jernberg is the leader (together with the pianist Cecilia Persson) of the chamber jazz group Paavo. The group received the "jazz group of the year" award from Swedish Radio.

Jernberg is also working on the contemporary classical music scene, in which she serves as both singer and composer. As a singer she has premiered pieces by composers such as Lars Bröndum. She was a soloist with Norrbotten NEO when they performed Arnold Schönberg's Pierrot Lunaire. Jernberg has composed for several established ensembles such as Duo ego and Norrbotten NEO."

-Wikipedia (

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"Martin Brandlmayr is an Austrian percussionist, drummer, composer and electronic artist.

He is widely recognized for his work in a variety of so-called "post-rock" bands, namely Radian, Trapist, and Autistic Daughters, among others. Critic Brian Olewnick has called Brandlmayr's work "extraordinarily precise".

Among others, Brandlmayr has recorded or performed with John Tilbury, Fennesz, Chad Taylor, and Otomo Yoshihide.

He was artist in residence 2002 at Podewil, Berlin. He now lives in Vienna, Austria and is an active member of Polwechsel."

-Wikipedia (

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Born 1970 in Canada, Joe Williamson has toured the world as a bass player in various setting and He moved to Europe in 1992 and has lived in Amsterdam, Berlin and London, and Stockholm. Projects include The Inconvenience, Trapist, Alex Ward and The Dead Ends, Tobias Delius 4tet, Weird Weapons, the Duck Baker Trio, King of Herrings, The Green Valley Players, Booklet, The 7 Seas Orchestra,The Wardrobe Trio... Past and present collaborators include Duck Baker, Steve Beresford, &c.

-Squidco 7/28/2021

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track listing:

01. Disquiet (47:15)
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Disquiet is a special quartet that came together on the stage of the Konfrontationen festival in 2018. Initially formed and lead by Austrian electronic musician Christof Kurzmann, the project is reflecting the difficult political situation of the refugee movements to Europe -- and how politicians deal with it in a selfish and unhumanitarian way. Christof Kurzmann, Sofia Jernberg, Martin Brandlmayr (Radian), and Joe Williamson reinterpret and process in quiet waves of emotions and thoughtful lyrics -- concentrated music between serenity and sheer beauty, especially when Kurzmann and Jernberg sing a duet with Joe McPhee's lyrics."-Trost

"There are rare bands that succeed in materializing a sonic and poetic vision at the right time and at the right location as Disquiet does. Disquiet is a quartet formed and lead by Kurzmann for the 2018 edition of the Konfrontationen festival and featuring vocalist Sofia Jernberg (of Mats Gustafsson's Fire! Orchestra), drummer Martin Brandlmayr (of Radian) and double bass player Joe Williamson. Disquiet, obviously, refers to the power of art to move us - emotionally and politically, but the title of the band and the album addresses the selfish and unhumanitarian policies of the reactionary leaders in Austria, Hungary and Italy towards the refugee movements to Europe. The location of the performance, in the far East of Austria and close to the Austrian-Hungarian border, and in festivals where there are no boundaries between musicians and the audience and where people from all Europe pilgrimage every year, deepens Disquiet humane vision.

Kurzmann created an unsettling and deeply emotional work that weaves a speech by Belgian Member of the European Parliament, Guy Verhofstadt, reprimanding the European Council President Donald Tusk and Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz for their opportunistic "not in my backyard" policy; an inspired borrowing of ABBA's pop hit "S.O.S." and the obscure "Think Small" of the New Zealand rock band Tall Dwarves. These quotes and songs are delivered by Kurzmann's fragile but touching voice, devoid of pathos, but a voice that frames brilliantly the current, selfish political climate, and later concluded with a cover of Joe McPhee's sober "Song for Beggars" ("this song won't feed the starving, / nor will conferences of hunger / with a fortune spent on TALKING / nor will it house the homeless, / or quench the thirst of millions / who will die of lack of water, / while the vampires drink THEIR blood..."), which Kurzmann, Jernberg, and Brandlmayr already covered before (Trost Jukebox Series #2, Trost, 2014). The wordless, moaning vocals of Jernberg, the imaginative drumming of Brandlmayr, and the deep-tones of Williamson intensify the disquieting, tense but poetic atmosphere of this 47-minutes piece. Guy Peters, who wrote the liner notes, observed that this fantastic work offers a "receptive attitude" for a much-needed change. "Each worthwhile collaborative endeavor - whether it is political, musical or anything else - starts with a simple but crucial act: listening". Disquiet may be one of the most important, impressive and rewarding listenings you may experience in 2021."-Eyal Hareuveni, The Free Jazz Collective

Also available on vinyl LP.
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