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Residents, The

Icky Flix: The Original Soundtrack Recording [2LP Vinyl RSD]

Residents, The : Icky Flix: The Original Soundtrack Recording [2LP Vinyl RSD] (Ralph Records)

Colored vinyl double LP Record Store Day release of the soundtrack to the eyeballed band's 2001 "Icky Flix" DVD, 20 re-worked classic Residents tracks, originally released as a 14-track soundtrack CD, here in an extended edition that includes 6 additional tracks, "reimaginings" not included on the original version of the album.

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product information:

Limited edition of 1500 copies.

UPC: 5013929361416

Label: Ralph Records
Catalog ID: NRTLP014D
Squidco Product Code: 29594

Format: 2 LPs
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: USA
Packaging: Vinyl 2 LPs in a Gatefold Sleeve

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track listing:

Icky In?

The Third Reich & Roll


Hello Skinny

Kick A Picnic


Act of Being Polite

Perfect Love

Simple Song

Songs For Swinging Larvae

Where Is She?

Vileness Fats (Concentrate)

This Is A Man's Man's Man's World

Stars and Stripes Forever

Harry The Head

Jelly Jack The Boneless Boy

The Gingerbread Man (Concentrate)

He Also Serves

Bad Day On The Midway (Concentrate)

Just For You (Disfigured Night Part 7)

Burn Baby Burn

Icky Out!

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"ORANGE and YELLOW VINYL. Released to mark the turn of the new millennium in 2001, the "Icky Flix" DVD showcased The Residents award winning videos in glorious technicolour. To accompany those icky old films, the group also produced brand new recordings of each of the twenty songs, providing an alternate new soundtrack to some otherwise ancient visual material. Inspired in places, plain ridiculous in others, "Icky Flix - The Original Soundtrack Recording" now brings together those Residential classics in their unedited entirety, as reworked by the group and singer Molly Harvey in the year 2000.

Familiar to fans, enticing to the curious and just too damn weird to everybody else, this is The Residents up to their old tricks again, reworking some of their favorite old tunes in their own style. Whether or not some members of the group ever realized they'd recorded the originals of those tunes in the first place is anybody's guess.

Available exclusively for Record Store Day 2020, on colored vinyl and in limited quantities worldwide."-New Ralph

"Icky Flix (Original Soundtrack Recording) is the soundtrack to The Residents' 2001 DVD project Icky Flix, including fourteen of the newly recorded versions of the tracks featured on the DVD.

Tracks 8-14 (the newly recorded soundtrack to the 2001 concentrate of Vileness Fats) were reissued via the Robot Selling Device in 2011 as a digital EP entitled RZ VF.

A number of additional "reimaginings" not included on the original version of the album saw release on a number of compilation albums and, later, pREServed editions, for a number of years after the release of Icky Flix.

A double-LP limited edition of the complete Icky Flix soundtrack, including the additional tracks not featured on the original CD release, was originally scheduled for release on Record Store Day in April 2020, but was delayed to September 26th due to the spread of the COVID-19 virus. It is listed as an "RSD First" release, indicating that another release of the material is likely in future."-Meet The Residents website

"When the conceptual artists, soon to be known as The Residents, began work on their first seriously ambitious project, surprisingly, it was not music that brought them together, but a desire to make movies. The project that consumed this early ambition was called VILENESS FATS.

In 1970, the group had become fascinated by a consumer-grade videotape recorder, a device that was only a fantasy a few years earlier. With this black and white video recorder, it was possible to shoot hours of tape without the expense or processing delays of film. Also heard were reports regarding the imminent release of another amazing machine, one that would allow video and film to be put on a disc, much like a record. The Residents believed this new technology, the laserdisc, was destined to become the ultimate medium of their age.

While advances in video and cable TV, in some ways, proved them right, proved them right, those same advances made their original equipment obsolete, and VILENESS FATS was abandoned four years later. Meanwhile, the fashionable, New Wave and Punk culture of the time had embraced The Residents' music. But the group's interest in video continued, and their music videos were among those broadcast when MTV first aired in 1981. Considered to represent the beginning of the modern music video, several of the early Residents' videos were added to the Museum of Modern Art's permanent collection.

Eventually, in 1992, twenty years after their original inspiration, The Residents finally released a laserdisc, compiling much of their work into a collection entitled, TWENTY TWISTED QUESTIONS.

Later, during the mid-90s, the group followed the laserdisc with three innovative CD-Rom releases: FREAK SHOW, BAD DAY ON THE MIDWAY, and THE GINGERBREAD MAN.

But, even as the group was creating some of it's most ambitious work on CD-Roms, rumors of an even newer and better video medium, the DVD, were being heard. Combining the best elements of the laserdisc and CD-Rom into a higher quality and less expensive alternative to both, caused The Residents to see DVD as the most interesting medium yet. Like the laserdisc, DVD technology took longer to bring to market than expected, but it has been accepted by the public as the most successful new technology introduction in history. Thirty years after that initial excitement over video, with the turn of a new millennium, The Residents started work on their first DVD, ICKY FLIX.

But just collecting their videos was too easy, so the group also recognized as groundbreaking musical artists, decided to update the music from their videos and films with completely new arrangements and recording. Some of these recordings can be found on this CD.

The ICKY FLIX DVD contains the complete collection of new recordings, plus all the original soundtracks from the 90 minutes of video - a total three hours of music. The videos include the original films that appeared on MTV in 1981, the films from the Museum of Modern Art collection, newly created animations from the CD-ROM projects, and perhaps most important, a 17-minute extract from VILENESS FATS, their first serious project.

It's taken a long time to get to this point, but with the round disc of the DVD, The Residents have completed a circle - one that began in innocence but eventually led to the realization of a dream.

But lately, The Residents have heard about something new..."-The Cryptic Corporation, from the liner notes

Limited edition of 1500 copies.
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