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Naka,Takuji / Tim Olive

Minouragatake [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD]

Naka,Takuji / Tim Olive: Minouragatake [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] (Notice Recordings)

Working extensively together in recording and touring, Japanese experimental sound artist Takuji Naka and Canadian ex-pat Tim Olive living in Kobe, Japan, recorded thise seven improvisations in the studio in Kyoto, 2019, using lo-fi electronics, distressed cassette tape and self-made instruments to create a unique sound in unusual dialogs of mysterious sonic motion.

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product information:

Label: Notice Recordings
Catalog ID: NTR055
Squidco Product Code: 29569

Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette
Recorded in Kyoto, Japan, on November 27th, and December 1st, 2019.


Takuji Naka-electronics

Tim Olive-tapes, electronics

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Artist Biographies:

"Takuji Naka is a Japanese experimental musician, concert organizer, and founder of Akuseku label. Based in Kyoto, he uses saxophone, prepared turntables, low-tech electronics, cassette tapes, spring reverb and self-made reed instruments to create abstract music, influenced by musique concrete, noise, and lo-fi pop."

-Discogs (

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"The music of Tim Olive arises from collaboration with fellow musicians/sound artists, collaboration with physical and temporal setting, and collaboration with those involved in the act of listening. Using simple materials (magnetic pickups, steel strings, tuning forks, metal strips, hand-wound motor mechanisms, magnetic tape, dental floss and analog electronics), Olive's work examines presence and the present, the interplay of the human with material/time/space, and the uniqueness, intensity and unrepeatability that lives in each performing and/or recording situation.

He is interested in music as a social activity, as a way of creating community, a way of countering the forces which lead to an increasing atomization of contemporary life; music as a felt experience rather than as a concept or a theory.

A Canadian residing in Kobe, Japan, Olive has released music on Japanese, European and North American labels, with Jeff Allport, Cristian Alvear, Pascal Battus, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Samuel Dunscombe, Nick Hoffman, Anne-F Jacques, Jin Sangtae, Jason Kahn, Takahiro Kawaguchi, Francisco Meirino, Katsura Mouri, Takuji Naka, Makoto Oshiro and Ben Owen.

Olive has performed/recorded in Asia, Australia, North America and Europe, with the recording collaborators listed above, as well as with Akiyama Tetuzi, Maria Chavez, Che Chen, Kelly Churko, crys cole, Joe Foster, Haco, Hong Chulki, Bonnie Jones, Richard Kamerman, Kostis Kilymis, Siew-Wai Kok, Madoka Kouno, Tomasz Krakowiak, Fangyi Liu, James Rushford, Carl Stone, Fritz Welch, Nate Wooley, Jared Xu and Yan Jun.

In addition to organizing events in Japan, Olive runs the label 845 Audio."

-Tim Olive 6/30/2022

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track listing:


1. Untitled 4:57

2. Untitled 9:10

3. Untitled 7:51

4. Untitled 7:46


1. Untitled 4:18

2. Untitled 7:25

3. Untitled 6:42
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Olive and Naka's collaboration pairs two musicians working with lo-/mid-fi sonics and modified/self-made instruments. Through extensive recording and touring, the duo has honed a patient aesthetic, allowing each other's sounds to unfold with minimal, sure-footed interactions, akin to moving along a path up the mountain for which this release is titled. Naka's sources here consist mainly of "long loops of sagging/distressed cassette tape winding into and out of similarly distressed portable tape players, with real-time analog processing." Olive uses magnetic pickups and analog electronics. This leads to sounds of uncertain provenance, playfully emerging from a thick analog haze, building toward surprising, subtle crescendos. This is work that results from, and produces, an active semblance of stillness."-Notice Recodings

"Minouragatake is the sound of two musicians who know each other incredibly well just going for it. Takuji Naka and Tim Olive have toured extensively honing their sound, and ability to know what the other will do next. This allows Minouragatake to go off in directions that might not have been possible. 'A3' is one of the standout moments on the album. Not a great deal happens, but it doesn't have to. This isn't that kind of album. Throughout there is a swaying, disorienting, feeling of being on a ship that is grounded yet is rocking with the motion of the water. As you explore this submerged sanctum you can hear the clink and clatter of dislodged pieces of metal knocking about. It's an absolute monster of haunting minimalism. The real joy of 'Minouragatake' comes from when Naka's sagging tape loops start to wind in out time, giving the songs a lurid vibe, yet Olive's electronics help keep the music grounded in reality, rather than the ether of dreams."-Vital Weekly

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