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Konstrukt / Otomo Yoshihide

Eastern Saga: Live at TUSK [VINYL + DOWNLOAD]

Konstrukt / Otomo Yoshihide: Eastern Saga: Live at TUSK [VINYL + DOWNLOAD] (KARLRECORDS)

The 4th of Karl Records' collaboration series brings Turkish free improvising group Konstrukt together with Japanese experimental improviser Otomo Yoshihide, recording at the Tusk Festival in 2018, Konstrukt configured as a quintet with two drummers, winds, guitar, synth and bass, Otomo adding guitar and turntables to create a dense, exultant and exotic brew of electrified improvisation.

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product information:

UPC: 5050580736023

Catalog ID: KR 079LP
Squidco Product Code: 29326

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Germany
Packaging: LP
Recorded live at TUSK Festival, in Newcastle, UK, in October, 2018, by Sam Grant.


Korhan Futaci-alto saxophone, flute, loops

Umut Caglar-guitar, synth, double reeds, flutes

Apostolos Sideris-double bass

Erdem Goymen-drums

Ediz Hafizoglu-drums

Otomo Yoshihide-guitar, turntables

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Artist Biographies:

"Korhan Futacı: Turkish composer, saxophonist bio Gained recognition for his lyrics, compositions and saxophone performance on Tamburada's album 'Fantastik'. His audience grew with Dandadadan's album 'Sen Bana Birini Android'. Performed at Berlin, Antwerp, Istanbul, Akbank, Alanya and Afyon jazz festivals. Also innumerable times at concert venues in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Bursa and Antalya. Shared the stage with many international artists. His debut album containing all his own lyrics and compositions was released in 2010. He worked with Andy Jackson, whom we know from Pink Floyd and David Gilmore albums. Second album 'Pavurya' met the audience in 2012. sound Chaos of İstanbul and musical journey of madness. line-up Korhan Futacı (vocal, saxophone) Özün Usta (percussion, vibraphone, acoustic effects) Ediz Hafızoğlu (drums and cymbals) Gökhan Şahinkaya (bass guitar) Selim Saraçoğlu (gitar Barlas) Tan Özemek (guitar Barlas) Görkem Karabudak (keyboards)"

-Salon (

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"Umut Çağlar Born 1972, Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey Member of Dead Country, Konstrukt Genres Free Improvisation" (

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"Apostolos Sideris was born in 1978 in Athens, Greece, where he had his first musical training, playing the classical flute. By the time he was 15 he had switched to the electric bass. It didn't take long for him to fall in love with the instrument, and he was soon playing with various rock bands around Athens. By the time he was 17, his focus was directed towards Jazz music, something that led him to make the move and go to Boston, in order to attend Berklee. Following his stint in Boston, Apostolos moved to New York and earned his Master's degree in jazz Performance at the City College of NY, while being instructed by bass virtuoso, John Patitucci. Since then he has been freelancing around the States as well as abroad. He has performed with a wide array of musicians. In addition to being a performer, he is a devoted composer, writing in many different styles, ranging from Jazz to Middle Eastern and Latin influenced music. He currently resides in Istanbul Turkey and he has been directing his creative energy mainly toward working with an Ethnic-Jazz group he co-founded, called MESEL, as well as preparing his own album called 'Σummation', which will consist of his own compositions and improvisations, based on Greek and Middle Eastern themes through his own Jazz- influenced percpective."

-Athens Music Week (

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Erdem Göymen is the drummer for the Turkish improvising band Konstrukt

-Squidco 9/26/2022

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"Ediz Hafızoğlu: drummer

Ediz Hafızoğlu was born in Silistra (Bulgaria) in 1980. He started learning how to play "darbuka" and "saz" from his father. In 1992, he participated in the "Sakin Tuna Art Group", which was founded by his grandfather Mumun Musaoğlu, and played for two years in many festivals in Bulgaria. He received many awards in competitions. Hafızoğlu migrated to Turkey in 1994, and studied at Kabataş High School for Boys. He learned how to play the drums and performed with Kabataş Boy's School Band for 4 years. He won first prizes with Kabataş Boy's School Band in many contests. In 2000, He entered the Department of Industrial Design at Mimar Sinan University and studied for 3 years. He began performing at many clubs professionally with various groups while continuing his studies. In 2003, He decided to pursue his music and transferred to the Jazz Performance Department at Istanbul Bilgi University, where he studied with Ricky Ford, Cengiz Baysal, Donovan Mixon, Can Kozlu and Selen Gülün. Hafızoğlu also took a private lesson from Aydın Esen. Hafızoğlu has played in many festivals and Jazz clubs in Turkey and abroad with many Jazz musicians such as Ricky Ford, Chuck Israils, Dusko Goykovich, Eddie Henderson, Juini Booth, İmer Demirer, Randy Brecker, Nasheet Waits, İbrahim Maalouf, Wolfgang Muthspiele, Sarp Maden, Selen Gülün, Önder Foçan, Akın Eldes, Engin Recepoğulları, Alper Yılmaz, Sabri Tuluğ Tırpan, İlhan Erşahin, Garry Dial, Paula West, Hilary Cole, Mike Cooper, George Masterhazy, and Oliver Groenewald."

-Turkish (

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Otomo Yoshihide - born in 1959 in Yokohama, Japan. As a teenager, he spent time in Fukushima. Staying independent, he has consistently composed a wide range of music from improvisation to noise music and pop, and his music talent has spread all over the world. He has a successful career as a film score composer and has produced more than 70 movie soundtracks. In recent years, he has produced special type of concerts and musical works in collaboration with other various artists under the name of "ensembles". In addition, one of his priorities is,producing musical workshop projects involving handicapped children. In 2011, after the Great East Japan Earthquake , he started "PROJECT FUKUSHIMA!" along with people in various sectors. He has been active beyond the music scene and this is the reason that he has attracted a great deal of attention. In 2012, he received the Minister of Education Award for Fine Arts in the category of Promotion for "PROJECT FUKUSHIMA!". In 2013, he received various prizes including the Japan Record Award for his accomplishments, such as composing the theme music for the TV drama "Amachan".

"I use my real name "Otomo Yoshihide" as my stage name. When you write your Japanese name in English alphabet, many people often write their given names first, then their family names, following in the Western traditional culture. But originally, some Asian countries, including Japan, write their family names first, and then their given names follow after that. In my opinion, there is not only one standard for people's names and we should respect the values each person attaches to their name. Calling someone by his first name is a wonderful custom in Western culture to express familiarity with each other but that custom is not necessary in Japan because nobody has ever called me by my first name. It does not mean that people are unlikely to become close friends with me. It is just that calling me "Otomo" seems easier. There are some places with such customs in the world; where people friendlily call you by your family name. I am definitely not a nationalist but I have a feeling that something is wrong with those people who do not only disregard the tradition I am familiar with, but would rather follow Western standards.

For this reason, I would like to continue using the notation "Otomo Yoshihide" as before. When you call me, please call me "Otomo" as before. This will not cause any problems in its use. Until now, many people have written my name "Yoshihide Ōtomo" or "Yoshihide Otomo" but please understand those notations are not my intention. I am sincerely grateful for your consideration."

-Otomo Yoshihide Website (

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track listing:


1. Fire Dance 18:16


1. The Myth 17:42
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Turkish free jazzers Konstrukt continue their series of exciting collaborations with Otomo Yoshihide, highly repudiated multi-instrumentalist and composer in the experimental world. #4 in the continuing series of Konstrukt collaborations on Karlrecords is a live document of the concert by the Turkish freeform group with the Japanese experimental musician Otomo Yoshihide from the TUSK Festival 2018.

Konstrukt, the Istanbul based free jazz/freeform group founded and led by Umut Caglar and Korhan Futaci, are known for their openness to and interest in collaborations -- and regularly meet up and perform with new partners that range from Joe McPhee, William Parker, Akira Sakata, Marshall Allen, Evan Parker, Thurston Moore, Alexander Hawkins, or Ken Vandermark. This latest release sees the quintet join forces with Otomo Yoshihide who entered the scene in the 1990s with his group Ground Zero and his since worked in all fields of adventurous music, from EAI to improv to turntablism, modern composition, jazz and soundtrack, documented on labels like Tzadik or Erstwhile and featuring collaborators such as Jim O'Rourke, John Zorn, Merzbow, Bill Laswell, and endless more...

Eastern Saga: Live at TUSK shows the multi-instrumentalist on his two key instruments guitar and turntables, while Konstrukt feature two drummers besides Korhan Futaci's saxophone/flute, Umut Caglar on guitar, synth, double reeds, flutes, and double bass player Apostolos Sideris. A furious gig, and a furious album!"-Karlrecords

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