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BROM (Lapshin / Ponomarev / Mikensky / Kurilo): Dance With An Idiot [VINYL] (Trost Records)

Raw, raucous and dauntless improvisation from the Russian quartet of Anton Ponomarev on alto saxophone, Dmitry Lapshin on bass guitar, Felix Mikensky on guitar & electronics, and Yaroslav Kurilo on drums, in 7 passionate collective improvisations with a dark melodic bent with titles like "demon" or "iron hair", plus a twisted take on Dizzy Gillespie's "Salt Peanuts".

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UPC: 9120036683167

Label: Trost Records
Catalog ID: TROST 198LP
Squidco Product Code: 29246

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: Austria
Packaging: LP
Recorded at DTH Studios, in Moscow, Russia, on March 31st, 2019, by Leonardo Perez.


Anton Ponomarev-alto saxophone

Dmitry Lapshin-bass guitar

Felix Mikensky-guitar, electronics

Yaroslav Kurilo-drums

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Mats Gustafsson's enthusiastic endorsement for the Russian band Brom - Бром eight album and first international release, Sunstroke (Trost, 2018), exposed this fine band to international audiences, calling it a band that breaks and fucks the frames. And, indeed, Brom sounded then as feeding on the same gene-pool of Gustafsson's bands, particularly The Thing, but also like-minded seminal bands as Peter Brötzmann's Last Exit, John Zorn's Naked City and the Zu. The new album from Brom, recorded at DTH Studios in Moscow in March 2019, varies this list of influences with a surprising yet iconoclast jazz musician, the great trumpeter Dizzy Gillespie.

The new album, Dance with an Idiot, suggests a new incarnation of Brom, savage, raw, rapid, and manic Brom. The heavy, dirty and distorted bass guitar of Dmitry Lapshin is in the center, much like Zu's Massimo Pupillo, dominating the grinding pulse, the volition, and the level of brutal onslaughts. Alto sax player Anton Ponomarev can compress a series of tortured screams and cries within a fraction of a second but he is also the only one in Brom who injects some melodic sense into their pieces. Electronics player Felix Mikensky, who joined Brom on Sunstroke, adds guitar to his arsenal and his inventive and often ironic noises intensify the commotion, always with a perfect sense of timing (check his contribution on the last "This Is A Good Club Though Some Bad Music Is Played Here"). The drummer Yaroslav Kurilo, on the other side, opts to contrast the furious, anarchistic attacks of his comrades with light but precise swinging hits on his drum-set.

There are few detours from this heavy grind approach, especially on "Goodbye, White Rhino!" where Lapshin surprises with a warm, lyrical tone. Brom is still addicted to John Zorn compositional tricks, mainly the sudden, fast turns and stops à la Naked City or sketching tense postmodern, film-noir-like texture. The cover of Gillespie's bebop chestnut from the early forties "Salt Peanuts" (titled here "Salty Peanuts") misses all the playfulness and fun of the classic piece. Brom's punkish version focuses on the simple rhythmic riff, committing it to the demolishing grind and deconstructs it and reconstructs it again and again with a brief, minimalist articulation of the melody by Ponomarev later on.

You have to take your chances when you dance with such wild ones."-Eyal Hareuveni, The Free Jazz Collective

Artist Biographies

"Saxophonist Anton Ponomarev comes more from the 'whirling tornado of sound' school than 'honk-n-skronk'. And for me, he and his band BROM (Бром) gets the balance between composition and improvisation just right - the feet have enough to tap to while the imagination is simultaneously lifted. All the way from Moscow's growing free scene..."

-A Jazz Noise (

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"Dmitry Lapshin (Дмитрий Лапшин) is a Russian avant-garde jazz musician, guitar / contrabass, a founding member of the group Brom (БРОМ)."

-Discogs (

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Felix Mikensky is a Russian guitarist and electronic musician known for the bands BROM and Metro 1234.

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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"Yaroslav Kurilo is a Moscow, Russia-based drummer, who studied at РГГУ, went to Лицей №36 ОАО "РЖД. He is originally from Ust'-Ilimsk, Russia. He is a member of the Moscow band Brom."

-Facebook (

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Track Listing:


1. Demons 2:57

2. Simple story 6:03

3. Dance with an idiot 6:17

4. Goodbye, white rhino! 6:33


Iron hair 9:08

Salty peanuts 6:27

Panacea 5:26

This is a good club though some bad music is played here 3:53

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