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Seabrook, Brandon Trio

Convulsionaries [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] [Used Item]

Seabrook, Brandon Trio: Convulsionaries [CASSETTE + DOWNLOAD] <i>[Used Item]</i> (Astral Spirits)

Essentially a string trio, guitarist Brandon Seabrook's Trio with upright bassist Henry Fraser and cellist Daniel Levin is anything but typical string fair, blending improvisation with complex composition and rock sensibilities as one of New York's most unique downtown players takes listeners on a diverse and sometimes demented journey through genre and style.

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Label: Astral Spirits
Catalog ID: AS076
Squidco Product Code: 29081

Condition: VG
Released: 2018
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette
Recorded at Menegroth, The Thousand Caves, in October, 2017.

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Brandon Seabrook-guitar

Henry Fraser-bass

Daniel Levin-cello

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"From the idiosyncratic musical mind of guitarist/composer Brandon Seabrook comes his latest album Convulsionaries (Astral Spirits, September 2018). In his close to two decades in NYC, Seabrook has garnered international acclaim for his sui generis approach to the electric guitar, one which astounds with tremolo pyrotechnics and an entropic sensibility. While those elements are in full effect on Convulsionaries, they're met with a mature and thorough sense of dynamics, pace, groove, and feeling. Joining Seabrook on this stellar release are the young upright bassist Henry Fraser (Anthony Coleman, The Full Salon) and Daniel Levin (Tony Malaby, Mat Maneri), two revolutionary string players who have been working in various creative ensembles in Brooklyn for years. Together, the string trio tackles Seabrook's thorny compositions, which perpetually surprise and unseat the listener throughout the album's trajectory."-Astral Spirits

"For the last decade, Brooklyn-based guitarist Brandon Seabrook has been a ubiquitous workhorse in New York City's avant underground, with a ballooning oeuvre. In his powerhouse trio Seabrook Power Plant, prog rock was dissected with hardcore punk intensity, and more recently, his metal chops were in full throttle on Die Trommel Fatale and in Needle Driver, a trio he shares with prolific drummer and composer Allison Miller. While those two groups were hotwired by primal drum thwacks, Seabrook has gone drumless with the debut of his new trio, whose dense sound-world is a strange hybrid in which contemporary classical, free improv, metal, and jazz converge.

On the sprawling Convulsionaries, the guitar speed demon has found a sublime synergy with a pair of virtuosic heavyweights, cellist Daniel Levin and bassist Henry Fraser. Through six snaking tracks, Seabrook thrashes out off-kilter notes with bionic quickness and precision. Referencing other guitarists would be an exercise in futility, but Seabrook has been mentioned as carrying the six-string torch of Nels Cline. It's a fair assessment, as Convulsionaries features some Cline-like space-jazz and twangy flashes, but Seabrook really has more in common with Mary Halvorson (particularly her metal-influenced solo set from 2015, Meltframe) and Mick Barr (of black metal titans Krallice).

Levin and Fraser are fine foils to Seabrook, and the presence of a drummer is certainly not missed on shifting-time-signature tunes like the sinister, slow-building "Groping at a Breakthrough," which suggests the soundtrack of an Alfred Hitchcock film, and the head-spinning "Vulgar Mortals" and "Crux Accumulator." The brutal physicality, semi-controlled chaos, and symphonic ecstasy of Convulsionaries fall more in the avant-metal and classical music realm than jazz. Its spasmodic fits and spurts are not for the squeamish, but its dazzling and combustible interplay clinches Seabrook's place among today's young guitar greats."-Brad Cohan, Jazz Times

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Artist Biographies

"Described by Spin Magazine as "An apocalyptic, supersonic general of the banjo..." Brandon Seabrook has made a name for himself in the New York avant-garde music scene as an explosive guitar and banjo performer, relentlessly committed to immediacy and precision.

Seabrook honed his terror-inducing riffage skills at the New England Conservatory in Boston. He has since performed extensively in North and South America, Mexico and Europe, as a solo artist, bandleader and collaborator. He has been summoned by the likes of Anthony Braxton, Elliot Sharp and Joey Arias for his unpredictably spiked approach to improvisation and impeccable caterwauling. He has been profiled in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Magnet Magazine, Fretboard Journal, NPR and The Wire.

Seabrook Power Plant, the nuclear trio donned "a manic clusterfuck of merciless banjo torture" by the Village Voice, is Brandon's brainchild, blending the brutal energy of punk-rock with the intricate execution of through-composed avant jazz. The band has released two albums to much critical acclaim. Time Out New York praised the band's eponymous debut as "not only one of the most baffling experimental releases of the year... also one of the best."

Brandon is an accomplished solo artist, named Best Guitarist in New York City by the Village Voice 2012. In 2014, New Atlantis Records released his first solo album titled Sylphid Vitalizers. Noisey called the album a "dissonant guitar army...(with) mind-blowing prog-rock complexities - all at mind-numbing breakneck speed."

Brandon is currently working on two new albums with his noise-prog trio, Needle Driver and a new sextet featuring immoral, percussive compositions under the name Die Trommel Fatale. This recent work is a poly-rhythmic exploration of the dark side of the drum, layering cello, bass, electronics, voice and guitar against dichotomous drummers."

-Brandon Seabrook Website (

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"Henry Fraser is a bassist, composer, and improviser from Boston, MA. He received his B.F.A. from New England Conservatory of Music in the spring of 2014, where he studied with Cecil McBee, John McNeil, Anthony Coleman, & Ted Reichman. Since moving to Brooklyn, NY in 2014, Henry's unique combination of technical facility and aesthetic flexibility have made him an in-demand sideman and formidable band leader. Henry has performed throughout Europe and South American, including suchfestivals as the Panama Jazz Fest and the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. Current projects include Michael Foster's The Ghost, the Chris Pitsiokos Quartet and Maestro Day, a quartet co-lead by saxophonist, Sam Weinberg, as well as regular collaborations with the likes of Joe Morris, Brandon Seabrook and Jack Wright."

-Henry Fraser Website (

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"Daniel Levin is "one of the outstanding cellists working in the vanguard arena" (All About Jazz), "ridiculously fluent, virtually overflowing with ideas" (New York City Jazz Record) and "very much the man to watch." (Penguin Guide to Jazz). No matter what setting he plays in, cellist Daniel Levin occupies a musical space bordered by many kinds of music, but fully defined by none of them.

"Demonstrating an impressive breadth of texture and contrast, the cellist Daniel Levin comes well prepared for a career in jazz's contemporary avant-garde." (Nate Chinen, The New York Times).

Elements of European classical music, American jazz, microtonal and new music, and European free improvisation all figure prominently in his unique sound. As critic John Sharpe observes in The New York City Jazz Record, "he invokes all manner of musics with prodigious skill: jazz, classical, improv, noise, vocal chorus. His technique is unquestioned and he revels in the physicality of the instrument. Those with an adventurous streak or interest in the outer reaches of the cello universe will find much to savor."

Born in Burlington, Vermont, he began playing the cello at the age of six. In 2001, he graduated with a degree in Jazz Studies from the New England Conservatory of Music, and arrived on New York City jazz scene shortly therafter. Since then, Daniel has developed his own unique voice as a cellist, improviser, and composer. Ed Hazell noted upon release of Levin's first record as a leader, "Cellist Daniel Levin is a major new voice on his instrument and in improvised music." He has performed and/or recorded with Billy Bang, Borah Bergman, Tim Berne, Anthony Braxton, Gerald Cleaver, Andrew Cyrille, Mark Dresser, Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, Tony Malaby, Mat Maneri, Joe Morris, William Parker, Ivo Perelman, Warren Smith, Ken Vandermark, and many others. Daniel is the recipient of a 2010 Jerome Foundation award."

-Daniel Levin Website (

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Track Listing:


1. Bovicidal 5:28

2. Groping At A Breakthrough 6:34

3. Vulgar Mortals 8:46


1. Qorikancha 6:47

2. Mega Faunatic 9:40

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