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Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: Minstrel In The Galaxy [VINYL + DOWNLOAD] (RIOT SEASON)

First-ever vinyl release of this 2004 album, with a then-new quartet lineup of the band including the core trio of Makoto Kawabata (Guitar), Atsushi Tsuyama (monster bass), Hiroshi Higashi (guitar and effects), replacing Cotton Casino with drummer Hajime Koie from the band Mainliner, AMT creating an evolving psychedelic journey of touchstones & prog force.

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UPC: 5051142007155

Catalog ID: REPOSE 084B-LP
Squidco Product Code: 28493

Format: LP
Condition: New
Released: 2019
Country: USA
Packaging: LP
Recorded at Acid Mothers Temple, in Japan, during April to July, 2004.


Kawabata Makoto-guitar

Atsushi Tsuyama-bass

Higashi Hiroshi-guitar, effects

Hajime Koizumi-drums


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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Way back in 2004, Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. released the CD-only album Minstrel In The Galaxy on Riot Season Records. The decision to make it CD only at the time was down to the epic title track being almost 42 minutes in length. Fast forward fifteen years and new technologies and Riot Season present the first-ever vinyl release of this classic album, with a new edited especially for vinyl mix by main man Makoto Kawabata. Here's what Riot Season said back then: "Minstrel In The Galaxy is the sound of the newly slimmed down four-piece AMT recorded in their smoke filled basement Studio in Nagoya during summer 2004. The sounds captured on these three tracks are the first post-Cotton Casino AMT workouts. The diminutive beer and cigarettes Goddess has upped sticks and moved to the USA to start a new life and plan her solo career. We'll miss her that's for sure but we can't worry about that now, AMT have another ten albums to lay down before New Year. The AMT line up for this album features the core trio of Makoto Kawabata (Guitar), Atsushi Tsuyama (monster bass), Hiroshi Higashi (guitar and effects) and new permanent drummer (and ex-Mainliner man) Hajime Koie (drums). The free jazz style drumming from Hajime has helped give AMT their sense of improvisation back, most of their work is improvised and recorded live to tape which gives that great loose feel they have that takes them off on tangents and makes each new record that little bit different from the last. And with this new studio album I think we can safely say it's something of a new direction. They're joined on this album by Japanese underground queens Afrirampo . . . Musically this album is a slight departure for AMT, anyone buying it expecting a head-melting riff heavy record are going to be disappointed. To these ears 'Minstrel In The Galaxy' sounds darker and more stripped down that any previous AMT release. The title track alone lasts a staggering 41 minutes, over the courseof which the band take our heads in a few gentle directions before letting rip towards it's crushing finale."-Riot Season

Artist Biographies

"Kawabata Makoto (河端 一) is a Japanese musician and founding member of the band Acid Mothers Temple.

Kawabata is chiefly famous for his leadership of Acid Mothers Temple and its variants; however, he has also played in many other bands since the start of his career in the late 1970s. Some of these bands are: Baroque Bordello; Toho Sara; Erochika; Tsurubami; Musica Transonic; Mainliner; Mothers of Invasion; Nishinihon; Floating Flower."

-Wikipedia (

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"Atsushi Tsuyama. Real Name: 津山 篤 (TSUYAMA Atsushi)

Japanese vocalist and multi-instrumentalist. Based in Kansai and known for his whacky sense of humour. He has participated in many different groups, including:

Acid Mothers Afrirampo, Acid Mothers Gong, Acid Mothers Kaidan, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, Acid Mothers Temple SWR, AcidMothersGuruGuru, Akaten, Atsushi Hiroshi, Dare Devil Band, Hiroshima Curved Air, Kawabata Makoto & The Mothers Of Invasion, Kintetsu Buffalo Springfield, Million Mandalaband, Nankai Hawkwind, Nishinihon, O-Jazz, Omoide Hatoba, Omp Surcle, Psyche Bugyo, Ruinzhatova, Seikazoku, Zoffy, Zubi Zuva X

Variations:Atsushi TsuyamaAtshushi Tsuyama, Atsushin Tsuyama, Tsuama Atsushi, Tsuyama, Tsuyama Atshushi, Tsuyama Atsuhshi, Tsuyama Atsushi, Tsuyama Atsushin, tsuyamaatsushi, 津山, 津山 篤, 津山篤"

-Discogs (

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Synthesizer/keyboardist Higashi Hiroshi (東洋之) was borin in Kochi, Shikoku, Japan, and is a member Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O., Tsurubami, Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno, Pardons. Acid Mothers Gong, Acid Mothers Kaidan, Acid Mothers Temple & Space Paranoid, Acid Mothers Temple & The Cosmic Inferno, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, Dip Apple, Galax, Godman, Tsurubami, Uchu.

-Squidco / Discogs 5/31/2023

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Hajime Koie Koizumi, Japan, is the drummer for Mainliner Official and 電脳目付 at Acid Mothers Temple Official. He is known for the groups Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso UFO, Mainliner, Rebel Powers, The Seventh Seal. He also goes by the aliases Seij Minus aÇ, Sleeping Monk, Hajime KoizumihÃj, Hajime Kozumi, Koizumi, Koizumi Hajime, Koizumi Hime, & Koizumi Hjime.

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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"Afrirampo, Real Name: あふりらんぽ is the Japanese duo of Oni & Pika.

"Ultra lunatic" duo from Osaka, Japan. Oni (guitar, vocals) and Pika (drums, vocals) started the band in May 2002 at a jam in the park of Osaka's castle. While their local popularity grew extremely fast, they went to live with the Pigmies of Cameroun in the summer of 2004. They have since often toured the USA, Europe and even Turkey, playing along the likes of Sonic Youth, Masonna, Jojo Hiroshige and Acid Mothers Temple. Afrirampo's lyrics generally consist of simple mantras, when not completely onomatopoeic. On stage, the two almost always appear costumed in red. Disbanded on June 26, 2010. Reunited in 2016."

-Discogs (

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Track Listing:


1. Cosmic Introduction / St. Bel Canta / Minstrel In The Galaxy Part One 17:11


1. Minstrel In The Galaxy Part Two 19:53

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