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Edelin, Michel Quintet w/ John Greaves: Echoes Of Henry Cow (RogueArt)

Including musicians involved with the Canterbury scene (Sophia Domancich), Magma (Simon Goubert) and Henry Cow's own John Greaves narrating, French flutist Michel Edelin's Quintet takes on the music of Rock in Opposition legendary band Henry Cow, ten inventive "echoes" of their music as it has transformed performers and listeners over time; exceptional.

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product information:

UPC: 3760131270891

Label: RogueArt
Catalog ID: ROG-0089
Squidco Product Code: 27408

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2018
Country: France
Packaging: Digipack - 3 panel
Recorded at Studio Sextan, in La Fonderie, Malakoff, France, on September 17th and 18th 2018, by Vincent Mahey.


Michel Edelin-flute, alto flute, bass flute

Sophia Domancich-piano, Fender Rhodes

Sylvain Kassap-clarinet, bass clarinet

Stephane Kerecki-double bass

Simon Goubert-drums

John Greaves-spoken works

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Artist Biographies:

"Michel Edelin is a French jazz flautist born in Paris 25 February 1941. Self-taught, he became known for his participation in the unique recording of progressive rock band Triode 1.

In the 1980s, he created his own groups: a sextet "Flutes Encounter" with François Couturier, François Méchali, Christian Lété, Denis Barbier and Jean Querlier. Then a quartet with Nico Nissim, Andy Emler, François Méchali, Peter Gritz, François Verly and Fredy Studer. A nonet in collaboration with François Méchali in which we find members of his quartet as well as Yochk'o Seffer, Michel Godard, Philippe Legris, Maurice Magnoni, Philippe Maté, Jacques Di Donato, Tony Lakatos, Jean-François Canape, Jean Querlier, Jeff Sicard, Jean-Marc Larché.

In the 1990s, he was invited to the quintet of the flautist Dave Valentin on the occasion of his European tour (festivals of Sète, Vienna, Montreux). He participated in Jérôme Bourdellon's "Flute Europe Express" with Barry Altschul, François Méchali and Jiri Stivin. He created a new quartet with Jacques Di Donato, Jean-Jacques Avenel and Simon Goubert.

In 2000, a duet with François Méchali, Recording of a duet with the Portuguese flautist Carlos Bechegas, Creation of a trio with John Betsch and Jean-Jacques Avenel Quintet with Jacques Di Donato, François Couturier, François Méchali and Daniel Humair who recorded two discs.

He joined the group "Waraba" by Jean-Jacques Avenel with Yakhouba Sissokho, Lansiné Kouyaté and Moriba Koïta. He plays frequently in Steve Potts orchestras where he finds Sophia Domancich, Stéphane Kérecki, Bruno Rousselet, Thomas Savy, Michael Felberbaum, Richard Portier and musicians playing in his own bands.

Other events include Bénédicte Alexandre-Gil, Thierry Balasse, Jeff Boudreaux, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Manu Codja, Philippe Deschepper, Eric Groleau, Chris Hayward, Kristof Hiriart, Alain Jean-Marie and David Jisse, Francois Laizeau, Serge de Laubier, Malik Mezzadri, Phil Minton, André Minvielle, Adam Nessbaum, Ronnie Lynn Patterson, Barre Philips, Larry Schneider, Hervé Sellin, Olivier Sens, Wilfried Wedling, Louis Winsberg and Camel Zekri...

He invited the flautist Nicole Mitchell and the violist Steve Lehman to join his trio for the Sons d'hiver festival. Steve Lehman also participates in the "Dolphy Spirit" in which the three instruments of the reference musician are represented: sax alto, flute and bass clarinet (Thomas Savy). Steve Lehman is also the special guest of "Kuntu", the record of Michel Edelin Trio. Nicole Mitchell (flute) and his "Indigo Trio" (Harisson Bankhead and Hamid Drake) invite Michel Edelin for two concerts (the South Pole in Strasbourg and the festival of Junas) and a recording for Rogueart.

In 2013 he created "Flute Fever", bringing together the flute players Sylvaine Hélary, Ludivine Issambourg, bassist Peter Giron and drummer John Betsch 2.

In 2014, at the Sons d'Hiver festival, the trombonist Steve Swell (en) is the guest of the quartet which then integrates the bassist Stéphane Kérecki. Steve Swell and Michel Edelin also play a duet at the loft Rogueart.

He is scheduled at the Vancouver International Jazz Festival as part of "Spotlight on french jazz" where he plays with cellist Tomeka Reid, bassist Clyde Reed and drummer Dylan van der Schyff.

He is the author of "Ze Blue Note", opera-theater for quintet and choir of children also declined in oratorio under the title of "Voices for a Blue note". "

-Wikipedia translated by Google. (

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"Sophia Domancich, piano. Born : January 25th, 1955 - Paris (France).

Past Bands : Laurent Cugny, Quoi D'Neuf Docteur?, Pip Pyle's Equip'Out (1984-90), Trio Davenport, Quartet Hors-Série, John Greaves Group, Hatfield and the North (1990), Elton Dean Quintet (1995), Sophia Domancich Trio, Orchestre National de Jazz

Current Activity : Sophia Domancich Trio, Quartet & 'Pentacle' Quintet, Simon Goubert Quartet, John Greaves JazzSongs

Over the last twenty years, Sophia Domancich has become closely associated with the Canterbury scene in the hearts of its fans. Like fellow French citizen Patrice Meyer, she has worked with most of the key figures of the genre : Pip Pyle, Hugh Hopper, Elton Dean, John Greaves, Richard Sinclair, Phil Miller and Didier Malherbe all played with her at one point, often over a long period of time.

Domancich started learning the piano at the age of six. In 1968, she entered the Conservatoire National Superieur de Musique in Paris, where she studied for seven years. Between 1976 and 1978, she earned her living as accompanist for singing and dance lessons in various academies of music, and also at the Caen theatre and the Opera de Paris.

Her first contact with the jazz scene came in 1979 when she played improvised music with such jazz greats as Steve Lacy, Bernard Lubat and Jean-Louis Chautemps. In the early 80's, she worked extensively with band leader Laurent Cugny, both in piano duo and big band contexts (in the latter she met drummer Bruno Tocanne). She also played with various West-Indian and African combos and took part in the Quoi D'Neuf Docteur? big band which also featured Steve Grossman, Jack Walrath and Glenn Ferrys.

In 1983, Sophia Domancich became acquainted with musicians from the Canterbury scene : Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper and Pip Pyle, the latter becoming her boyfriend for several years. The following year, she and Pip formed L'Equip'Out, a jazz band which went on to record two albums for which she provided most of the original material.

In the meantime, Domancich continued to take part in various jazz bands, including the Trio Davenport, the Quartet Hors-Série, eventually forming her own jazz trio with double bass player Paul Rogers and drummer Bruno Tocanne, later replaced by Tony Levin. This line-up has released three albums to date.

In 1990, Sophia Domancich was invited to perform with the reformed Hatfield and the North for a one-off TV show. She also joined John Greaves' backing band (also featuring Pip Pyle and guitarist François Ovide), playing on "La Petite Bouteille De Linge" and later the acoustic "Songs" (by which time Pyle had left and Rogers joined on double bass).

In 1991, she left L'Equip'Out, and concentrated on her trio work with Rogers and Levin, which eventually gained a lot of attention from the specialised media. In 1997, she was offered to become the pianist in the prestigious Orchestre National de Jazz by its director, Didier Levallet - a major recognition at last! This lasted two years, and Domancich is now back to leading her own small group, now either a trio or a quintet, with Simon Goubert on drums and Claude Tchamitchian (double bass). She is also a member of Goubert's own quartet and sextet."

-Calyx-Canterbury (

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"Born in 1956, French Clarinettist Sylvain Kassap has been one of the greatest improv jazz musicians since the late 70s. A major player on the avant-garde scene, Kassap has performed with Louis Sclavis, Michel Portal, Henri Texier, Bernard Lubat, François Tusques, and many other cutting-edge French musicians. He has also played along side a large number of innovative international musicians such as Evan Parker, John Surman, Barre Philips, Sam Rivers, Hamid Drake, Han Bennink.

Kassap uses his clarinets in ways that go well beyond conventional melodic and harmonic expectations. With percussive bursts and textural sounds, Kassap expands the range and vocabulary of the instrument. He has also been a pioneer in fusing the arts, collaborating with actors, dancers and writers. And, he has made occasional forays into contemporary classical music, performing works by John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen and other experimental composers. From free improvisation to contemporary and ethnic music, leading French clarinetist Sylvain Kassap explores a world that is rich in colour and finesse, animated by an unquenchable spirit of freedom."

-France in Canada (

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"Stéphane Kerecki was born in Paris in 1970. After studying economics at the University of Paris II, he entered the Paris National Conservatory where he studied bass with Jean-François Jenny-Clark, Riccardo Del Fra and Jean Paul Celea.

For the past twenty years, Stéphane Kerecki has appeared in the groups of Denis Colin, Guillaume de Chassy, ​​Yaron Herman, Daniel Humair, François Jeanneau, Sheila Jordan, Steve Lehman, Ronnie Lynn Patterson, Michel Portal, Anne Paceo, Jacques Schwarz-Bart, Thomas Savy, Jacky Terrasson ...

In 2001, he was awarded second soloist prize at the Paris International Jazz Competition of La Défense (only bassist named) and in 2005, "Jazzman" magazine ranked him among the 125 talents for tomorrow. Since 2003, he has directed his own trio formed with saxophonist Matthieu Donarier and drummer Thomas Grimmonprez. He recorded two CDs with this trio "Story Tellers" and "Focus Dance" for which he receives numerous awards: Grand Prix 2007 of the "Charles Cros Academy", "Emoi" Record of the Year 2007 (Jazz Magazine), CHOC of "le Monde de la Musique"...

The third opus "Houria" invited the American saxophonist Tony Malaby (Charlie Haden, Paul Motian, Daniel Humair, Michel Portal ...) to join the trio; this record allowed him to be named to the "Victoires du Jazz 2009" (the french grammys) in the instrumental revelation category.

In 2010, he continued his collaboration with the label Zig-Zag territoires by recording for this label the CD "Patience" with the English pianist John Taylor (Kenny Wheeler, John Surman, Jan Garbarek, Miroslav Vitous, Peter Erskine ...). This album was hailed by a "CHOC of the year 2011" from Jazz Magazine / Jazzman magazine and in 2013 this album is quoted by the magazine as one of the 120 cult duos in the history of Jazz.

In 2012, the trio recorded his last album, "Sound Architects" with two guests, saxophonist Tony Malaby and Serbian pianist Bojan Z (Michel Portal, Henri Texier, Julien Lourau ...), for the Outnote / Outhere label. This album is hailed by the specialized press ("Indispensable JAZZ NEWS", SO Selection JAZZ, Elu citizen Jazz, MUST TSF ...) and is selected among the 3 jazz records of the year 2012 by the daily "Libération".

In February 2013, Stéphane Kerecki is named among the three finalists of the Prix Django Reinhard (French Musician of the Year) of the "Academy of Jazz".

In 2014, he recorded the CD "Nouvelle Vague" with John Taylor, saxophonist Emile Parisien, and drummer Fabrice Moreau. The singer Jeanne Added joins the group on two titles including "La Chanson de Maxence" of Michel Legrand which will be hailed by Télérama as "the jazz song of the year 2014". This CD receives among other distinctions, a "CHOC" Jazz Magazine, FFFF Télérama , and the "Académie du Jazz" Award, rewarding the Best Jazz Record recorded by a French Musician.

In 2015, he won the "Talents Jazz ADAMI", was named one of the three musicians of the year 2014 by Jazz magazine and the CD Nouvelle Vague received the "Victoire du Jazz" for Best Record of the Year 2015.

In 2016 and 2017 he participated in two trios for which he wrote a part of the repertoire: the trio "Modern Art" founded by Daniel Humair and to which was added the saxophonist Vincent Lê Quang, and the trio "Aïres" founded by the pianist Edouard Ferlet and the trumpet player Airelle Besson. These two projects are unanimously hailed by the critics (Le Monde, Télérama etc ...)

In september 2018, Incises Records released his new album "French Touch" in quartet with Emile Parisien, Fabrice Moreau and Belgian pianist Jozef Dumoulin around the standards of French electro-pop. This record has already received unanimous criticism from the press: "CHOC" jazz magazine,"Incontournable" Jazz News."

-Stephane Kerecki Website (

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"Born 1960 in Rennes, France, Simon Goubert learnt to play the piano at the Age of 3 before switching over to drums with 10 years. He received tuitoin in Percussion at the Rennes music academy and the Versailles music academy, where he also studied harmony.He started his career as percussionist with the ORTF´s Ensemble Polyphonique, followed by jams with Aldo Romano, Jacques Thollot, Bernard Lubat and Christian Vander.In 1981 he formed his first group. In 1982 he formed "Spiral" with Arrigo Lorenzi and Jean-Claude Lubin. From 1982 to 1987 he played keyboards with Christian Vander´s groups Magma and Offering and in 1992 with "Les Voix de Magma" and in 1996 with the reformed "Magma".

Between 1987 and 1997 he had a regular trio with Michel Graillier and Albi Cullaz. In 1991 his debut album "Haiti" was released, followed by "Couleurs de peaux" in 1993. Between 1994 - 1997 he co-led "Welcome" with Christian Vander. From 1999 - 2002 he was in the trio "BFG" alongside Glenn Ferris and Emmanuel Bex. Since 1999 he is a member of Sophia Domacich´s quintet "Pentacle" and formed with her the quartet "Invitation". Together wird Sophia Domancich he played with former Soft Machine members Hugh Hopper and Elton Dean in "Soft Bounds" from 2004 - 2006. In 2006 he formed the trio "DAG" with Sophia Domancich and Jean-Jacques Avanel. Among many others he has also played with Steve Grossman, René Urtregger, Christian Escoudé, Jacques Vidal, Dave Liebman and Laurent de Wilde."

-Discogs (

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"John Greaves (born 23 February 1950) is a British bass guitarist and composer, best known as a member of Henry Cow and his collaborative albums with Peter Blegvad. He was also a member of National Health and Soft Heap, and has recorded several solo albums, including Accident (1982), Parrot Fashions (1984), The Caretaker (2001) and Greaves Verlaine (2008).

John Greaves was born in Prestatyn, North Wales, but grew up in Wrexham in north-east Wales. At the age of 12, he was given a bass guitar by his father, a Welsh dancehall bandleader, and within six months, he was playing in his father's orchestra. He continued playing in the orchestra for four years, during which time its varied musical styles gave Greaves valuable musician and arranger skills. He was educated at Grove Park Grammar School in Wrexham from 1961 to 1968.

In 1968, Greaves entered Pembroke College, Cambridge to study English, and at Cambridge he met members of the burgeoning English avant-rock group Henry Cow in 1969. The band had been established the previous year by fellow Cambridge students Fred Frith and Tim Hodgkinson and had undergone numerous personnel changes up to that point. They were looking for a bassist and after several months of persuading, Greaves joined the band in October 1969. After juggling his time with the band and his studies, Greaves completed his Master of Arts degree in 1971. By the end of 1971, Henry Cow settled into a permanent core of Frith, Hodgkinson, Greaves and Chris Cutler. Greaves remained with the band until March 1976, toured Europe extensively with them (with his wife Sarah doing the sound-mix at many of their concerts), and appeared on five of their albums (including two with Slapp Happy). Greaves also contributed several compositions to the band's repertoire, including "Half Asleep; Half Awake", recorded on their second album, Unrest (1974).

Greaves left Henry Cow to work on a project, Kew. Rhone. with Slapp Happy's Peter Blegvad in New York City. Greaves had met and worked with Blegvad during the brief merger of Henry Cow and Slapp Happy between November 1974 and April 1975, their first collaboration, "Bad Alchemy", appearing on the two bands' joint album Desperate Straights. Kew. Rhone. was a song cycle with all the music composed by Greaves and the lyrics written by Blegvad. In addition to bass guitar, Greaves also played keyboards and sang. The album was released in 1977 and credited to Greaves, Blegvad and Lisa Herman, the lead vocalist. It was well received by critics: AllMusic described it as "An unfortunately neglected masterpiece of '70s progressive rock ..."; and Robert Wyatt reportedly liked it so much he bought two copies "just in case the first got worn out!"

After Kew. Rhone. Greaves returned to England to work in theatre as a composer, arranger and actor. In early 1978 he joined National Health and remained with them until the band split up in 1980. He toured with the band, appearing on the album Of Queues and Cures, for which he wrote the instrumental tour-de-force "Squarer for Maud", the later reunion effort DS Al Coda (1982) and the archive release Play Time. During this time (1979-88) he also performed with a free-improvising group, Soft Heap with Elton Dean from Soft Machine, Pip Pyle from National Health, and maverick guitarist Mark Hewins.

In the early 1980s Greaves began a series of solo projects and collaborations. Having secured a deal with independent French-American label Europa Records, he recorded his first solo album, Accident in Paris in 1981-82. He moved to France permanently in 1984, and formed a touring band with François Ovide (guitar and trombone), Denis van Hecke from Aksak Maboul (cello), Mireille Bauer (formerly of Gong) (stand-up drums and percussion) and Blegvad's brother, Kristoffer Blegvad (backing vocals). This line-up also featured on Greaves's second solo album, Parrot Fashions (1984). During this time he also recorded and/or toured with the Penguin Cafe Orchestra and the Michael Nyman Band. He reunited with Peter Blegvad again on The Lodge project (alongside Kristoffer Blegvad, Jakko Jakszyk and Anton Fier) which produced an album, Smell of a Friend in 1987 (but only ever made a couple of attempts at performing live).

For his next album, 1991's La Petite Bouteille de Linge (Little Bottle of Laundry), Greaves retained the services of Ovide on guitar, adding his old mate Pip Pyle on drums and the latter's then-partner, Sophia Domancich on piano. Over the next few years his music took on a more acoustic flavour and Greaves eventually settled on a drum-less line-up comprising Domancich, Ovide (now on acoustic guitar exclusively) and double bass player Paul Rogers. This resulted in the 1995 album Songs, which consisted largely of acoustic arrangements of songs from his previous efforts, going back to Kew.Rhone. Greaves himself only handled lead vocals on one track, "The Green Fuse" (based on a Dylan Thomas poem), leaving the spotlight to Robert Wyatt, opera singer Susan Belling, Kristoffer Blegvad and French variety singer Caroline Loeb. During the 1990s, Greaves also embarked on one-off collaborations with David Cunningham from The Flying Lizards, on 1991's greaves, cunningham album, and Peter Blegvad on 1995's Unearthed. He also played bass in Blegvad's own trio alongside Chris Cutler on drums, which recorded two studio albums.

In the early 2000s Greaves chose to divide his time between two contrasting bands, an electric trio named Roxongs with François Ovide on guitar (later replaced by Patrice Meyer then Jef Morin) and Manu Denizet on drums, heard on 2001's The Caretaker, and an acoustic trio named Jazzsongs, with Sophia Domancich on piano and Vincent Courtois on cello, heard on 2003's The Trouble With Happiness, once again a mixture of old and new songs, but this time with Greaves himself singing all the way through.

Originally intended as a follow-up of sorts to the acclaimed Songs, 2004's Chansons saw Greaves team up with lyricist Christophe Glockner and vocalist Elise Caron for a collection of all-new songs with predominantly acoustic instrumentation, including guest spots by Robert Wyatt and Louis Sclavis.

During the same period, Greaves appeared as featured vocalist on a number of projects. He contributed lyrics and vocals to two songs on saxophonist Julien Lourau's acclaimed Fire & Forget (2005), to much of Sophia Domancich's Snakes & Ladders (2010) sharing the microphone with Himiko Paganotti and Robert Wyatt, and sang all the vocals on Alain Blésing's Songs From The Beginning project, revisiting 1970s progressive rock classics by King Crimson, Soft Machine, Henry Cow and Hatfield and the North among others, Catherine Delaunay's Sois Patient Car Le Loup (2011), the French clarinettist's settings of texts by Malcolm Lowry, and Post-Image's In An English Garden (2012), a special project celebrating the jazz-fusion group's 25th anniversary. Having had two of his songs used by the Daniel Yvinec-led edition of the Orchestre National de Jazz's tribute to Robert Wyatt, Greaves fulfilled a lifelong dream by fronting the ONJ at the legendary Theatre du Chatelet in Paris in January 2011, singing several Billie Holiday songs either solo or alongside Sandra Nkaké.

Since the mid-2000s, Greaves' main focus has been a series of projects centered on French poet Paul Verlaine (1844-1896), beginning with 2008's, Greaves Verlaine, his own settings of Verlaine poems with a decidedly un-retro aesthetic conceived in cooperation with French multimedia collective Les Recycleurs de Bruits. In addition to his Roxongs bandmates the album featured regular collaborators Jeanne Added (vocals) and Scott Taylor (accordion, trumpet), as well as appearances by Karen Mantler and Dominique Pifarély. Concerts promoting this release saw Greaves accompanied by line-ups ranging from just Taylor on accordion to a full electric septet. A second volume saw the light of day in 2011 but received very little media attention due to nonexistent promotion. Instead, Greaves embarked on yet another Verlaine project, this time composing to an original libretto by Emmanuel Tugny. "Verlaine, Les Airs" saw Greaves team up with a trio of French vocalists, Elise Caron, Jeanne Added and Thomas de Pourquery. The work was premiered in December 2012 at Le Triton following a residency at the venue, has since been performed at the Orléans Jazz Festival and at Les Sables-d'Olonnes, and a studio album was released in April 2015 on Bruno Letort's Signature label."

-Wikipedia (

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track listing:

1. Half The Sky 6:31

2. Living In The Heart Of The Beast 8:05

3. War 4:37

4. After The Flood 2:42

5. Nursery 4:17

6. Ruins 10:16

7. Beautiful As The Moon 8:13

8. The Bath Of Stars 2:37

9. Civilisation 8:32

10. On Suicide 1:37
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"This album should in no way be mistaken for a "tribute" to Henry Cow, let alone a faithful recreation, in spirit and/or letter, of their music, rather - and this is how the title chose by Michel Édelin should be understood - its echoes (much transformed during its long journey through time, space, memory and the mysterious twists and turns of the creative process) in his own musical inner world."-Aymeric Leroy, excerpts from the liner notes

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