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Biota / Mnemonists: The Biota Box [6 CD BOX SET] (Recommended Records)

From Mnemonists to Biota, this box collects the first 5 studio albums released by the Colorado collective on the UK Recommended Records label, adding a bonus disc of all new recordings built from the group archives, and includes a 14-page booklet of artwork & historical notes shedding light on their gorgeous abstractions through free improvisation and studio composition.

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product information:

UPC: 752725041423

Label: Recommended Records
Squidco Product Code: 27406

Format: BOXSET
Condition: New
Released: 2019
Country: Great Britain
Packaging: Box Set - 6 CDs
"Funnel To A Thread" recorded at Dys Studio in Bellvue, Colorado between Fall 2012 and Summer 2014 by William Sharp.

"Half A True Day" Recorded at Dys Studio, in Bellvue, Colorado, between Fall 2002 and Summer 2007, by William Sharp.

"Invisible Map" Recorded at Dys Studio, in Bellvue, Colorado, between Spring 1996 and Summer 2000, by William Sharp.

"Object Holder" Recorded at Dys Studio in Fort Collins, Colorado, by William Sharp, Aric Johnson, Randy Miotke, and Joan McAninch.

"Counterbalance" Recorded at Dys Studio, in Bellvue, Colorado, and various locations, late 1980's to Winter 2018/19, by William Sharp.

"Gyromancy" recorded in 1984.


Kristianne Gale-voice, strumstick, acoustic guitar

James Gardner-trumpet, kim, flugelhorn, electric piano, nae, woodwind, strings, brass, orchestration

Tom Katsimpalis-electric guitar, 12 string guitar, nylon string guitar, bass, Clavoline, zither, balalaika

Randy Miotke-electric piano, trumpet, flutes, editing

Charles O'Meara-piano

Mark Piersel-resophonic guitar, guitar, acoustic guitar, lap steel guitar, editing

William Sharp-electronics, mix, editing, electronic processing, hurdy gurdy, tapework,

Gordon Whitlow-Hammond organ, pump organ, accordian, kaen, autoharp, accordion

Larry Wilson-kit drums, percussion, ranat, xylophone

Randy Yeates-Biomellodrone keyboard, Roland Space Echo, keyboards

David Zekman-violine, mandolin, banjolin

Steve Scholbe-slide guitars, rubab, reeds, marxophone

Andy Kredt-guitar

Rold Goranson-electronics, voice

Steve Emmons-electronics

Genevieve Heistek-lead vocals, violin

C.W. Vrtacek-piano

Andy Kredt-electric guitars

Chris Cutler-percussion, electrics

Susanne Lewis-vocals

Amy Derbyshire-composer, performer

Karen Nakai-composer, performer

Mark Derbyshire-composer, performer

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Artist Biographies:

"Chris Cutler started messing about with banjo, guitar and trumpet at school, settling for drums and playing shadows and other instrumental covers in his first band in 1963. Subsequently he played in R'n'B and Soul Bands, winding up in 1967 playing in London's psychedelic clubs. At the start of the seventies, with Dave Stewart, he co-founded The Ottawa Music Co, a 22 piece Rock composer's orchestra, eventually joining British experimental group Henry Cow with whom he toured, recorded and worked in dance and theatre projects until it's demise in 1978. In 1977 Henry Cow, The Mike Westbrook Orchestra and Frankie Armstrong formed a big-band and toured around Europe. After Henry Cow, Cutler went on to co-found a series of mixed national groups Art Bears, News from Babel, Cassiber, The (ec) Nudes, P53 and The Science Group. He was a permanent member of American bands Pere Ubu, Hail and The Wooden Birds and now works sporadically with John Rose, Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Iancu Dumitrescu, Peter Blegvad and Stevan Tickmayer.

Other lasting collaborations have included Aqsak Maboul (Belgium), Lussier/Derome and Les Quatre Guitaristes (Canada), The Kalahari Surfers (Africa), Perfect Trouble (Germany), Between (Sweden), N.O.R.M.A., (Italy), Telectu (Portugal), Mieku Shimuzu (Japan),The Hyperion Ensemble (Romania), The Film Music Orchestra, 'Oh Moscow', Gong, The Work and Towering Inferno (UK), The Residents (USA), and stateless Tense Serenity and Mirror Man. There have also been countless improvisational groupings and solo performances. Recent projects include Radio pieces with Lutz Glandien and Shelly Hirsch, Live Soundtrack for Carl Dreher's Vampyr (with Italians Musci and Venosta), his Timescales project and work with David Thomas and Linda Thompson.

He also founded and runs the independent label and distribution service ReR/Recommended and, until 1991, the East European specialist label Points East. He is editor of the New Music magazine Unfiled and author of the theoretical book File Under Popular as well as of numerous articles and papers published in 14 languages. He lectures intermittently on theoretical and music related topics. He has appeared on more than 100 recordings."

-Chris Cutler Website (

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"Susanne Lewis is an American musician, songwriter and artist. She is a solo-artist and a founder or collaborator of a number of bands and music projects. She has a band with Bob Drake called Hail, and she also releases music under her own name. She was a member of the band Thinking Plague and has guested on albums by 5uu's (Hunger's Teeth, 1994) and Biota (Object Holder, 1995)."

-Wikipedia (

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track listing:

"Funnel To A Thread"

1. Falling In Wood 3:07

2. Receptor 1:29

3. Double Unfound 1:27

4. Hearsay 4:03

5. Half Dwelling 3:04

6. Shed 1:34

7. Misnoticed 3:29

8. Understory 2:34

9. Numberless Years 3:28

10. A Dozen Moons 3:15

11. Winder 2:42

12. Not A Single Thing 4:03

13. More Than Say 1:34

14. Take Warning 4:15

15. The Land Away 3:39

16. Whirl Round 1:33

17. Hand Nor Glove 1:40

18. High Painted Streets 1:13

19. Till Time And Times 5:01

20. Usually The Guesser 2:20

21. Choosehow 1:35

"Half A True Day"

1. Figure Question 1:46

2. Pack-and-PennyDay 1:36

3. Hidden Compartment 1:33

4. Angle Of Doubt 2:55

5. Proven Within Half - Half A True Day 8:19

6. Accidental Photograph 2:44

7. Winding Nth 10:30

8. Moth Across 2:56

9. Silent Grove 2:42

10. Just Now Maybe 2:22

11. Another Name 3:53

12. Turn The Moon 3:11

13. Globemallow, Left Untold 3:03

14. Cloud Chamber 2:38

15. Where No One Knows 2:29

16. Antimagnet 2:26

17. Passerine 14:37

"Invisible Map"

1. Moment 0:44

2. The RapidColor 3:46

3. Port 2:59

4. Call 2:36

5. Landless 2:39

6. Air On Water 0:29

7. Mineral 3:19

8. Common Broom 2:12

9. Birthday 3:29

10. Dustman 0:52

11. Sleeping Car 2:25

12. Snake Out 3:21

13. Occurrence 1:36

14. Top Ray Done 1:58

15. Glass Lizard 2:08

16. Telegraph Plant 0:56

17. Spoonbender's Visit 0:54

18. Remodel A Whisper 0:32

19. Measured Not Found 3:22

20. The Slow Forest 4:30

21. Canopy 0:46

22. Red's Big Day 1:32

23. Lampblack 1:33

24. There Is Probably Something 0:37

25. Worry Hill 1:28

26. Olive Drab Marionette 1:15

27. Invisible Gap 1:19

28. Yarn 3:18

29. Words Disappear 1:22

30. Ballad Of 2:05

31. Soil & Taken 1:37

32. Glazed Paper 3:21

33. Paste 3:08

34. Truth Table 0:56

35. Dual 3:23

36. Flicker 2:38

37. Presto The Human 1:03

"Object Holder"

1. Bumpreader 7:52

2. Spillway 4:15

3. Eavesdrop 1:46

4. Blind Corner 2:22

5. Under The Hat 1:33

6. Flatwheel 2:08

7. Reckoning Falls 2:40

8. Swallow 0:39

9. Move 1:15

10. Steam Trader 2:49

11. Understander 2:43

12. Private Wire 3:03

13. Cinder 1:26

14. Distraction 5:41

15. Signal 3:33

16. This Ridge 0:44

17. Idea For A Wagon 3:21

18. More Silence 4:03

19. Coat 1:58

20. Gate Climbing 5:31

21. Protector 3:03

22. Visible Gap 1:39

23. The Trunk 4:03

24. Untitled 2:09


1. Lamp 0:44

2. Fishing Song 1:13

3. Droplets 4:46

4. By Turning 4:22

5. The Fowler 3:49

6. Only After 2:13

7. Alight 0:52

8. Buy Me a Secret 2:20

9. Welcome to See 2:15

10. Asterisk 5:22


1. Gyromancy A 19:48

2. Gyromancy B 19:03

3. Nailed 4:21

4. Tic 4:15
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"6 CD boxset (5 studio albums: Funnel To a Thread, Half a True Day, Invisible Map, Object Holder, Gyromancy, plus a bonus CD of unreleased material. The music on the bonus disc is an all new program built from the group archives and is dedicated to Charles O'Meara.

The box includes a booklet of artwork as well as biographical notes on both Mnemonists and Biota, written by the engineers. This release coincides with Biota's 11th release on ReR - Fragment of Balance.

Biota is a unique project, defying genre with, like all such cult artists, a small but extremely dedicated public that, over the last 15 years has grown continuously as new listeners discover them.

Founded in Colorado in the late 1970s, Biota's first recordings were released under the name of the Mnemonist Orchestra who, between 1980 and 1984, released five albums on its own label, before linking up with ReR."-Recommended Records

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