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Khan, George

Ah! (1968-2005) [2 CDs]

Khan, George: Ah! (1968-2005) [2 CDs] (Emanem)

An essential retrospective of UK saxophonist and flutist George Khan's long career featuring 4 concerts: a 1980 duo with People Band percussionist Terry Day; a 1968 quintet with Peter Lemer (piano), Albert Kovitz (clarinet), Frank Flowers (double bass) and Terry Day; in 1975 with Terry Day and bassist Charlie Hart; and solo in London around 2005 at Mopomoso.

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product information:

UPC: 5030243521128

Label: Emanem
Catalog ID: 5211
Squidco Product Code: 25141

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Spain
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 3 Panels
Track CD1-1 recorded in London, England at LMC, in 1980.

Tracks CD1-2 and 1-3, recorded in London, England at Hornsey College of Art & Crafts, in May, 1968.

Tracks CD2-1, 2-2:recorded in London, England at Musicians' Co-op at Unity Theatre - possibly May 6th, 1975.

tracks 2-3, 2-4 recorded in London, England at Mopomoso at Red Rose, in possibly 2005.


George Khan-tenor saxophone, soprano saxophone, flute

Terry Day-percussion, alto saxophone

Albert Kovitz-clarinet

Frank Flowers-double bass

Peter Lemer-piano

Charlie Hart-electric bass, violin

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Artist Biographies:

"George Khan -- also sometimes credited as Nisam Ahmed Khan -- is a multi-instrumentalist who has been part of the British music scene since the late '60s. He'd actually been active in music a lot longer, but didn't get his first credit on a recording until he was asked by his longtime friend, poet Pete Brown, into the lineup of what became the Battered Ornaments. Brown also credits Khan with steering him to a relatively unknown guitarist named Chris Spedding, who eventually also became the new leader and lead singer of the group in 1968. Khan was best known as a reed man, and he played saxophone on that first album, A Meal You Can Shake Hands with in the Dark, but for the reconstituted group's second album, he also sang and played the flute, and by the time he joined Solid Gold Cadillac, he was playing keyboards also, and he subsequently played with Brown and his new group, Piblokto, on My Last Band. He also recorded with the Crazy World of Arthur Brown and Robert Wyatt. Khan was most busy on recordings during the 1970s."

-All Music (

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"Terry Day: Multi-instrumentalist, Improvisation Pioneer, Song Writer, Tune-Smith, Lyricist, Poet, Painter, Conductor even.

I began Improvising on the drums in a drum duet with my brother Pat in 1955, and in 1960 formed an improvising trio of Piano, bass & drums. Russell Hardy (piano) later became Music composer in Ian Dury's Kilburn & the Highroads.

I am an early 60's First Generation Pioneer of Improvisation, Free Jazz & experimental music. Since the 1960s I have collaborated with many improvising musical Luminaries, Groups, dancers, painters, poets, Artists from around the world, & performed / acted in Alternative Theatre, Events, Rock & Roll, and Nigerian High Life band. .......most of which went unrecorded, or remain "bad" recordings unreleased in my own & private Archives.

I once played many instruments (piano, cello, mandolin, alto & soprano sax), but ill health prevented me from playing for 13 years (1987-2000). Depending on who I am working with, I now play Bamboo Reed Flutes, Drums, Sopranino, Recorders, Balloons & Improvise with my Lyrics, Prose, Verse ( which many call poems - but for me They Are Lyrics ).

Since 2000 I have performed regularly with the London Improvisers Orchestra (LIO) playing Bamboo Reed Flutes, Sopranino, Recorders, Balloons, Drums, & Simultaneously Conducting & Reciting Lyrics, prose, verse with the LIO. I have also performed Recitation Conductions with the Malaga, Tokyo, & Madrid Improvising Orchestras. My recitations also include collaborations with groups & individuals which can be viewed on my website.

Since 2000 I have continued to collaborate with the New Luminaries of improvisation from around the world, & old Veterans such as the People Band. I toured Japan in 2012 working solely with Japanese improvising musical Luminaries, dancers & the calligrapher Setsuhi Shiraishi. I toured Brazil in 2013 giving workshops, performing solo & with Brazilian musicians. I have appeared regularly on Malaga annual music festivals."

-Terry Day Website (

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American clarinetist Albert Kovitz is a member of People Band.

-Squidco 2/3/2023

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Frank Flowers is an English double bassist known for his playing on The People Band, Not Necessarily "English Music", and George Kahn.

-Squidco 2/3/2023

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"Peter Naphtali Lemer (born 14 June 1942) is an English jazz musician. He worked with the Pete Lemer Quintet, Spontaneous Music Ensemble, Annette Peacock, Harry Beckett, Gilgamesh, Baker Gurvitz Army, Seventh Wave, Harry Beckett's Joy Unlimited, Pierre Moerlen's Gong, Mike Oldfield Group, In Cahoots, Miller/Baker/Lemer. He currently works with In Cahoots, Peter Lemer Trio/Quartet, Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia, and the Peter Lemer-Billy Thompson Quartet and Duo.

Peter Lemer was born in London, England. He studied piano and composition at the Royal Academy of Music with Sven Weber and John Gardner, privately with Thomas Rajna, and then at workshops in London run by Jack Goldzweig (who had himself co-coached in New York with Mal Waldron and John Mehegan). Lemer then went to New York to study double bass with David Walter, attended workshops run by Bill Dixon, and studied piano with Jaki Byard and Paul Bley.

In 1965, he formed a trio with John Stevens and Jeff Clyne, which opened the Little Theatre Club. In 1966, he formed the Peter Lemer Quintet, with Jon Hiseman on drums, George Khan on tenor sax, John Surman on baritone sax and Tony Reeves on bass. This band successfully played a season at Ronnie Scott's and helped to pave the way for the British free jazz movement of the late 1960s and early 1970s, along with the Mike Taylor trio. It cut one LP, Local Colour which was engineered by Eddie Kramer.

In 1969, Lemer worked with the Spontaneous Music Ensemble, an experimental jazz group.

In that year, he also joined Barbara Thompson. The relationship developed into Barbara forming Paraphernalia with husband Jon Hiseman. Paraphernalia became the most frequently performing jazz-oriented group in Europe, and Peter was keyboardist for most of the years right up to the present, including 10 albums recorded live or at Barbara and Jon's Temple Music Studios.

In 1974, Lemer joined Gilgamesh and played several gigs and some BBC sessions. He subsequently became an in-demand session player.

In 1974, he joined Ken Elliot's Seventh Wave, a pioneer synthesiser-based rock band, appearing on their second album, Psi-Fi.

In 1975, he joined Ginger Baker, Mr Snips, and The Gurvitz brothers in the 'Baker Gurvitz Army' - recording 'Elysian Encounter' .

In 1976, he joined Jan Dukes de Grey briefly to record their final album, Strange Terrain. Although the album was recorded in 1976, it was only released in 2010.

In 1979, Lemer joined Mike Oldfield's fifty piece touring band as one of two keyboard players. This led to him guesting on Moerlen's album Time is the Key.

Lemer has done much recent work with the band In Cahoots. With them, he played on the album Cutting Both Ways (1987) and toured Europe. He joined the band Paraphernalia in 1987 and played on the albums A Cry from the Heart (1987), Everlasting Flame (1993) and Shifting Sands.

Lemer again worked with In Cahoots. He played on the album Digging In (1991) and rejoined the band permanently in 1995. After two In Cahoots tours, Lemer devoted 1999 to touring with Paraphernalia in support of the album they had recently released. Paraphernalia is not currently touring while Barbara Thompson is fighting Parkinson's Disease.

Lemer's most recent albums include Players of Games recorded with Billy Thompson, Looking for Soup, All That with In Cahoots, and Never Say Goodbye recorded with Paraphernalia.

He is now coaching piano, improvisation, music technology. He also plays with the Spanish Harlow Orchestra.

He is also actively involved in lobbying to end global hunger and participates as Group Leader with Results UK, the premier UK citizen advocacy group to eradicate poverty globally."

-Wikipedia (

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"Charlie picked up the fiddle at the age of 6 and kept at it till he could play Vivaldi and his hero, Bach. He benefited from a series of loving violin teachers, but the last one, Mrs. Cunningham, was rather upset when he switched his attention to playing double bass and hanging out in jazz clubs in his home town Oxford. Charlie's first gig was singing in the choir at Worcester College, Oxford. He followed this up by playing a home-made bass in a local covers band called The Tribe.

When still at school in the sixties, Charlie appeared at Oxford Jazz Club with Pete Brown, trumpeter Mal Dean and violinist Rab Spall, and this gave him a taste of the enticing world of underground jazz. College seemed tame after that so Charlie spent a lot of time at the old Ronnie Scott's in London. This was paralleled by a rising interest in blues and soul.

As a student Charlie played organ in the psychedelic band 117. The group appeared frequently at the Middle Earth/UFO clubs and recorded at a legendary session with Mick Jagger and Andrew Oldham at Olympic Studios. By that point, Charlie was heavily into black music and the most sensible plan seemed to go to Africa, so he spent a year in Ghana. Highlife and traditional music became an obsession and the next year Charlie returned to sit in with highlife bands and study marimba.

After college he was asked to join Pete Brown's Battered Ornaments with Chris Spedding, Dick Hextall-Smith and George Khan and he was introduced to the delights of the M1 and the Blue Boar. At that time he also started playing double bass with the People Band - Terry Day, Mel Davis, Lyn Dobson, Mike Figgis, Davey Payne and they toured with the People Show. With Davey Payne and Terry Day he formed OMMU and they toured Holland frequently.

OMMU then joined Ian Dury, the eccentric art-school lyricist and Kilburn and the Highroads were at the front of the early 70s Pub-rock boom, free jazz meets rock and roll. Wreckless Eric was in the same stable, and Charlie played keyboards on his first LP.

Cranleigh village valentines dance 1977 with Eric Clapton and Ronnie Lane Charlie left and joined Ruan O'Lochlainn, Johnny Duan in St. James' Gate, a band which soon metamorphosed into Ronnie Lane's Slim Chance. Charlie played mostly fiddle and accordion and lived at Ronnie's farm, the Fishpool. He worked on numerous albums and hung out with a lethal combination of rock and roll A-list Clapton, Townshend, Small Faces etc. and Shropshire farmers. The band toured Europe by train and boat with Clapton's band and influenced a host of future bands.

Charlie then returned to London and started playing bass with Geraint Watkins, Ed Deane, Diz Watsonand Ron Kavana in Juice on the Loose. They worked with Alexis Korner, Clarence Frogman Henry and Jay McNeely. Charlie worked with Ian Stewart's Rocket 88, Chris Farlowe, Mose Allison and others.

He travelled to New York with Charlie Ainley and met Andy Warhol who adored his luminous pink socks. He then produced Diz and the Doormen's recently reissued Bluecoat Man, featuring the legendary New Orleans sax players Lee Allen and Walter Kimble

In 1990 Charlie appeared with the People Band in Mike Figgis ' first feature film Stormy Monday with Sting, Tommy Lee Jones and Melanie Griffiths. They then re-emerged as Mummy.

Feet on Fire, Samba Mapangala He then travelled to Africa and met Samba Mapangala, lead singer of the much-loved Orchestra Virunga. This lead to Samba touring in U.K. and releasing the CD Feet on Fire which Charlie produced. In 1991 he also worked on an album with the Morrocan Sidi Seddiki.

After forming his own band, 251, playing rootsy jazz, african and blues he co-founded the cajun-inclined Disorder on the Border with Geraint Watkins andGary Rickard.

Charlie had been cultivating another career composing music for the TV and film industries. In the 1980s he had been providing music for documentaries and dramas. Later he worked extensively with the animator Erica Russell. This collaboration lead to the ground-breaking animated films, Feet of Song and Triangle. Triangle was nominated for an Oscar in 1995.

Since then he has recorded three albums and appeared at many festivals with Chris Jagger. They played for the Dalai Lama on one of his visits to UK. Charlie has also appeared in the National Theatre production of The Good Hope, directed by Bill Bryden, and has recently been touring Germany with David Knopfler.

In April Charlie acted as Musical Director for a re-formed Slim Chance that performed at the Ronnie Lane Memorial Concert at the Albert Hall. Slim Chance backed Pete Townshend, Sam Brown, Paul Weller, Ronnie Wood, Chris Jagger, Glen Matlock and others. The concert was well received and eventually lead to the reforming of Slim Chance and a resurgeance of interest in Ronnie Lane's music.

In 2008 Charlie released his first solo CD 'Grooves and Roots' on FRW records. He then embarked on a series of recordings in his own Equator Studios and produced artists including George Khan, Billy Jenkins, Dan Raza and Samba Mapangala. 2010 saw Charlie heavily involved in putting together a new - 'reformed but unrepentant' - Slim Chance, whose album The Show goes On he also produced.

More recently Charlie contributed music to 'Somewhere at Sea', the story of Timothy Spall's maritime adventures and has been working again with the animator Erica Russell. In 2012 the People Band re-emerged to play the Ignite Festival at the Royal Opera House and he toured in Australia with Chris Jagger. In that year he also played with Roger Daltrey at Teenage Cancer Trust events. He has also been appearing with his own band 'The Equators' and pursuing his own writing."

-Charlie Hart Website (

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track listing:


1. Battling The Sound 33:12

2. At The Hornsey Sit-In 1 20:46

3. At The Hornsey Sit-In 2 16:04


1. Trio In Unity 1 28:15

2. Trio In Unity 2 29:52

3. Mopomoso Flute Solo 8:15

4. Mopomoso Baritone Solo 6:47

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"George Khan could be called a forgotten pioneer of the London free music scenes, except that anyone who has heard or seen or met him could surely never forget him. A superb saxophonist and flautist, as well as one of the nicest and most laid-back people - he is capable of outputting an apparently endless stream of what is generally called Fire Music. Meeting up with Terry Day in the mid-1960s, Khan became a member of the People Band, and since then has mostly combined his musical and theatrical talents in the People Show. On this long overdue first album featuring him playing free improvisation in small groups, he can be heard in four different settings in different London venues at various times in his career"-Emanem

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