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de Alvear, Maria /  Antoine Beuger: Besando El Tiempo  [2 CDs] (Edition Wandelweiser Records)

Antoine Beuger performs composer Maria De Alvear's 1995 contemplative work "Besando El Tiempo" (Kissing The Time) written using an automatic script and originally composed for the flautist Caren Levine; after hearing Beuger's interpretation she requested that he record it, the result this rendition that takes the composition on an introspective journey.

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UPC: 4011778040842

Label: Edition Wandelweiser Records
Catalog ID: EWR 1704/05
Squidco Product Code: 24169

Format: 2 CDs
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: Germany
Recorded at Haan in 2015 and 2016, by Andre O. Moller


Maria de Alvear-composer

Antoine Beuger-flute

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"'besando el tiempo' is a piece that was composed in 1995 in the space of four days. It was written in an automatic script that Maria de Alvear uses for many of her pieces. The work was originally composed for the flautist Caren Levine, who also gave it its first performance in Salzau in 1995. 'besando el tiempo' has now been performed several times worldwide by different interpreters.

When Maria de Alvear heard the performance by Antoine Beuger, she asked him to give her a recording for herself.

Maria de Alvear: "For me, Antoine Beuger's interpretation is the most exact reading there is of my piece. It embodies perfect introversion on the part of the interpreter. The interpreter hears music as "the first beholder of the composer", and that is the way the piece is played here."

Antoine Beuger: "When I start playing this piece, I embark on a journey into my inmost being and encounter myself. I never know beforehand what it will be like, how it will continue; I am on my way, on my travels ... that is the adventure of this piece. You have to expose yourself to this encounter without any protection or reservations, in complete innocence. And that is also what can be heard."

Artist Biographies

"The composer Maria de Alvear was born in Madrid (Spain) in 1960. She studied music mainly in Spain and Germany: harpischord, organ, piano, conducting and composition. Since 1998 she has regularly collaborated with her sister Ana de Alvear (visual artist), who has created photographic installations for performances of Maria de Alvear's music.

In 1986 she completed a course in "Neues Musiktheater" with Prof. Mauricio Kagel at the Musikhochschule Köln. De Alvear´s work is interactive and based on a knowledge of energy connections. In every musical event (concert) she combines the power of visual art together with musical structure. To give an example: she creates an installation, placed around a chamber orchestra, using several different materials, such as salt, stones, branches or leaves, clothes, golden or coloured threads, or various sorts of video installations, depending on what the piece of music and the performing space suggest to her. She also performs and sings in her own pieces. The inner essence of her work consists in creating protected open spaces (spiritual space, physical space, psychological space etc.) in which the performer and the audience can experience a profound freedom of being.

Some of her pieces are based on themes that are taboo to our Western way of thinking, provoking vehement debates and interesting interactions as a response to her work. This means that De Alvear´s work is also a courageous dialogue with the establishment. The involvement of spiritual qualities and energetic knowledge in her work demands a responsible deep understanding of the great power of music and art, a power that should be taken care of in a good, strong way.

Maria de Alvear has been very influenced by the trips she has made to different aboriginal nations in USA and Russia while looking for the inner essence of music and trying to understand the roots of musical development. Working intensively with Tsolagiu M.A. RuizRazo (Cherokee nation) and Rahkweeskeh (Tuscarora nation) has been very important for her. She feels they have been her most important teachers as regards the interaction between music and both physical and non-physical reality.

The extremely diverse levels on which her work functions simultaneously are very interesting. "Sound has the quality of putting a particular person's mind and body in a specific place". Sound combinations can work on our state of mind as precisely as a surgical instrument, the change of one single note can cause a complete change in the state of mind and physical location in which a person has been before. The way these specific places work in connection with the individual state of a person and interact with a physical and spiritual reality is the foundation upon which Maria de Alvear bases her work."

-Maria de Alvear Website (

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"Antoine Beuger (b. 1955 in Oosterhout, Netherlands) studied composition with Ton de Leeuw at Sweelinck Coservatorium in Amsterdam 1973-78. In 1990 he began composing after an interruption of about 10 years. Two years later he founded Edition Wandelweiser together with composer/performer Burkhard Schlothauer. Since 1994 he's been active with the conception and organisation of KLANGRAUM, a concert series at Kunstraum Düsseldorf. During the years 1995-2001 he was working together with visual artist Mauser as artistic director of "Werkraum", Place for Interdisciplinary Artistic Events, Cologne. Since 1996 he's been artistic director of edition wandelweiser records and since 2004 managing director of Edition Wandelweiser gmbh."

-Last.FM (

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Track Listing:


1. Besando El Tiempo (7./8.2.1995) 46:03


1. Besando El Tiempo (9./10.2.1995) 47:19

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May 2017
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