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Hachiya, Maki / Yuta Yokoyama / Shota Koyama / Hugues Vincent : Four Pillars Of Destiny (Improvising Beings)

French cellist Hugues Vincent recorded these improvisations in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan with well-established players on the Japanese free improv scene Shota Koyama on drums, Yuta Yokoyama on trumpet, and Maki Hachiya on objects & voice; lively, spacious and sophisticated improv.

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product information:

UPC: 0641243280479

Label: Improvising Beings
Catalog ID: ib51
Squidco Product Code: 23510

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: France
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan, January 31st and February 1st, 2016, by Yuichi Yamazaki.


Maki Hachiya-voice, objects

Shota Koyama-drums

Hugues Vincent-cello

Yuta Yokoyama-trumpet

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Artist Biographies:

Tokyo-based Japanese musician, born in June 6.
A voice performer, pianist, composer, and lyricist.

Maki Hachiya's musical activity is focusing on improvisational voice performances. With voices, she expresses her emotions and passions, rather than words and meaning, originated time by time in her mind and delivers them to audiences. Fabricating and shaping with voice instrumental a variety of forms and colorful images, Maki is a "voice" painter or architect (she once wanted to be apainter).
When vocalizing, she metamorphoses herself into creatures and things such as a bird, wind, rain, trees/leaves, thunder and maybe everything in the universe, natural and imaginary. She is also composing and singing various original pieces. Her verses are intuitive and magical. She invented various Maki-words and phrases unseen in dictionaries, which charm, daze, and stun us, sending to another world. Her singing standard jazz will move listeners.

In her early life, she learned the classical piano. She was especially fond of, and inspired by, J.S. Bach, Robert Schumann and modern French classical music. When young, she was absorbed in listening to and learned a wide range of music, including rock, jazz, world's folk, artificial and electronics sounds/noises and natural sounds. She began her live activities as a keyboard instrument player such as piano and synthesizer. One day in her twenties, she suddenly became aware of, almost intuitively, theinstrumentalness of her own body, then pursuing a career as a voice performer.
She relearned jazz piano and started experimental and improvisational live activities intensively, through which she tried to deconstruct and then re-construct repeatedly her original pieces. It was such a trial-and-error era when she coincidently, probably fatefully, met Takayuki Kato, the Japan's notable guitarist and improvisor, who decisively affected her subsequent musical performance, attitude and playing style.
Hachiya since then has devoted herself to "voice"and"improvisation" through live stages and collaboration with performers of various fields, pursuing new and her own sounds.

-Maki Hachiya Website (

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"Alongside classical studies in cello with Denise Cherret, Hugues Vincent is trained on Jazz at EDIM and the Montreuil Conservatory, earning a Bachelor in Musicology and a teaching diploma (CAPES) of the Paris 8-Vincennes University. He attends improvisation masterclasses under Sophia Domancich, Didier Levallet, Régis Huby, Vincent Courtois, Ernst Resijeger, Barre Philips, Joëlle Léandre...

Over the years he has collaborated with: Tilbol, Celluloïd (with Franck Smith), Joelle Léandre's "String Project", Otomo Yoshihide's "New Jazz Ensemble", David S. Ware's "Ensemble à cordes", Bobun (with viola player Frantz Loriot), the Ska band "Le Pélican Frisé", the acousmatic trio Bolitz (with Polo and Vincent Laubeuf)... He writes music for Four Roses For Lucienne (based on texts by Roland Topor), the free rock trio Ganjin...

He has appeared with numerous improvisers: Vincent Courtois, Claude Tchamitchian, Jean-François Pauvros, Luc Ex, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Itaru Oki... and also worked in choreographic fields (with Chia Yin Ling, Imre Thormann, Ima Tenko...).

He tours regularly in many countries (Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Italia, Spain, United-States, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria, Russia, Japan, Taïwan)...

He is featured on over 20 records, his most recent albums being "Free Trees" on Leo Records (with Vladimir Kudryavtsev and Maria Logofet) and the critically-acclaimed "Fragment" on Improvising Beings (with Morishige Yasumune)."

-Duo Iwase/Vicente Website (

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track listing:

1. Ohayo... 4:45

2. Sei Dei Rararara 3:17

3. Go South 4:19

4. Su Tan Darudo 7:39

5. Go West 4:19

6. Tension 2:57

7. Dialogue In The Night 2:08

8. Busy 'Till The End 5:57

9. Memory 7:43

10. Let's Talk! 4:46

11. In The Sun 11:01
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Four Pillars of Destiny is the title of a CD by the quartet of Maki Hachiya (voice, objects), Shota Koyama (drums), Hugues Vincent (cello) and Yuta Yokoyama (trumpet). The title seems a reference to Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia). Anyway, the CD counts eleven short improvisations recorded at the beginning of this year in Sapporo.

Vincent, who studied classical cello and jazz, toured all over the world, but I have the impression he is often in the company of Japanese colleagues. Maki Hachiya is a voice performer, pianist, composer, and lyricist from Tokyo. Yuta Yokoyama from Sapporo plays trumpet since his youth. After studying jazz he choose for playing improvised music only. Shota Koyama is a self-taught drummer and already for decades part of the Japanese jazz scene.

These experienced improvisers deliver a set of very fresh sounding music. The improvisations have a prominent role for the expressive vocals of Maki, making you feel in Japan all the way. In each improvisation they take another route, with equal involvement of all participators. Just a record of playful improvised music"-Dolf Mulder, Vital Weekly

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