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Guerineau, Sylvain / Kent Carter / Itaru Oki / Makoto Sato: D'Une Rive A L'Autre (Improvising Beings)

Dedicated to sailors, their adventures and rough living conditions while at sea, from the collective free improv quartet of US jazz master and Lacy associate Kent Carter on bass, French saxophonist Sylvain Gueineau, Makoto Sato on drums and Itaru Oki on trumpet & flute.

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product information:

UPC: 0641243280462

Label: Improvising Beings
Catalog ID: ib47
Squidco Product Code: 23507

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: France
Packaging: Jewel Case
Recorded in Juillaguet, France, on June 4th and 5th, 2015, by Jean-Marc Foussat.


Kent Carter-doublebass

Makoto Sato-drums

Sylvain Guerineau-tenor saxophone

Itaru Oki-trumpet, Flugelhorn, flute

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Artist Biographies:

"Kent Carter (born June 14, 1939 in Hanover, New Hampshire, USA. Carter studied several instruments before settling on bass. In the late 50s-early 60s, he studied at Berklee College Of Music, played with Lowell Davidson, and in New York with Jazz Composers Orchestra. From the mid-60s he was in Europe with artists including as Barry Altschul, Derek Bailey, Han Bennink, Carla Bley, Paul Bley, Bobby Bradford, Don Cherry, Steve Lacy, Michael Mantler, Enrico Rava, Max Roach, Roswell Rudd and Mal Waldron. During the 70s he continued his association with Lacy, was with John Stevens' Spontaneous Music Ensemble, TOK, a trio with Takashi Kako and Oliver Johnson, and formed his own trio with Carlos Zingaro and François Dreno.

By the 80s, Carter had relocated to France, teaching at the Beaux Art School, Angouleme, and with his wife forming MAD, a music, arts and dance studio. He worked in Detail, with Frode Gjerstad and Stevens, Project, with Karl Berger, Claude Bernard, Klaus Kugel, Charlie Mariano and Albrecht Maurer, and Voyage, with Beñat Achiary and David Holmes. Carter has also played with Billy Bang, Petras Vysniauskas, Theo Jorgensmann, Andreas Willers and Eckard Koltermann. Carter composes for theatre and film, and performs internationally."

-All Music (

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Drummer Makoto Sato has been a member of Marteau Rouge, Nuts, and has recorded with Joe McPhee, Marteau Rouge, Evan Parker, Nuts (Benjamin Duboc, Rasul Siddik, Itaru Oki, Didier Lasserre, Sato), Linda Sharrock, Itaru Oki, Mario Rechtern, Makoto Sato, Eric Zinman & Yoram Rosilio.

-Squidco 11/26/2021

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"Born on February 19, 1946 in Vendôme. A musical and pictorial journey over more than 40 years.

Paris after 68, from the street to the factories, with François Tusques and the whole French and American free scene: Avenel, Jenny-Clark, Delcloo, and so many others... Painting is an associated activity But from the 1970s "painting ignores me. "

A certain passage of Eric Dolphy - some remember it - in a certain Chapel of the street of the Lombards, in the company of Jacques Réda and Francis Marmande. And then Desmond, Ornette lived live - La Mutualité, November 1965, the controversy existed: idem Coltrane & Ayler.

We could hear him in duet, trio and quartet with Sunny Murray, Bernard Lubat and Francis Marmande, or in quartet with Jacques and Nicolas Mahieux as well as Olivier Benoit. One can also hear it on disc with Francis Marmande and Sunny Murray in the workshop of Alain Kirili, with Joëlle Léandre in "The cantata of the cauldrons", Editions Fourbis. Read also, at the same publisher, La Housse Partie by Francis Marmande.

At the beginning of the 90s the painting finds him again.

He frequents different scenes: Banlieues Bleues, Uzeste, Museum of Grenoble in duo with Murray around the sculptures of Kirili, etc. From January 2002, he played in the trio of Didier Lasserre, with Paul Rogers. It is this close collaboration that allows him to frequent, in trio or duet with Didier Lasserre, the "festival" Archimedes-Zoom in Bordeaux which gives them their first chance, then Favorite Things Jazz Association in Tarbes, Espace Puzzle in Caen, The CAPC Museum of Contemporary Art in the framework of Nov'Art / Bordeaux Jazz festival, the Château Croix-Beauséjour in Montagne St Émilion, Souffle de Rhythme in Toulon, the Fabrica'son in Malakoff...

He plays again with Sunny Murray with Henry Grimes in Henry Grimes & Friends at Atelier-Tampon in Paris in February 2005; In duet with Didier Lasserre at the AJMI of Avignon in April 2005.

Recently a new trio [Ter] was released at the beginning of 2006 at Marge with Didier Lasserre on drums & Benjamin Duboc on double bass and then a self-produced LP: "L'ombre plus grande " in 2008. Trio becomes quartet with Jobic Le Masson on piano or Arnaud Sacase on alto saxophone.

On the recording of the disc [Ter] he meets Jean-Marc Foussat who drags him " unwittingly of his own free will" into the previously unknown tracks of music Electronic devices. Aliquid was born in 2005 (with a record released on Leo Records in 2010) and then Quod - an increased Aliquid...

Recordings & solo tour in churches and abbeys: a solo disc "Dies Irae" was released at the end of 2006 at Amor Fati.

On 23 October 2008 at the Apsara bookshop, during his last concert at the viola Sylvain meets Thierry Carreras the drummer of the XoNdZf. The two men share the same ideas about music and especially about "free improvisation". They meet quickly with Dominique DuboisTaine the pianist to form the trio bBrrAx and begin to work regularly and perform in the Paris region.

In 2009, bBrrAx released the disc: " Freeture ", rather oriented free as the name suggests, at Believe. It's only online and it's downloadable everywhere (iTune, Fnac, Amazon, etc...)

In 2010, she played quartet in the church of Saint Eustache in Paris with Itaru Oki, trumpet, Joel Grip, double bass and Makoto Sato, drums. A recording of this quartet is available in CDR.

In 2011 recorded a duet with Benjamin Duboc for his three-disc set at Ayler Records.

The trio with Didier Lasserre, drums and Jean Rougier, double bass recorded "Ligne" at improvising-beings in 2012.

Participates with Aliquid at the Cairo Contemporary Music Days 2012 in Cairo.

Finds François Tusques, accompanied by Alexandra Grimal, saxophones.

Played in quartet with Thomas Dubois, trumpet, Yoram Rosilio, double bass and Makoto Sato, drums.

In 2013 plays in trio with Andras Vigh, hurdy-gurdy and Gaël Ascal, double bass.

In trio also with Jacques Pochat, saxophone and Jean Bordé, double bass.

The vinyl LP of Aliquid "Kriegspiel", is released at Nashazphone."

-Sylvain Guerineau Website (translated by Google) (

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"Itaru Oki (沖至) was born in Suma-Ku, Kobe, Hyogo, Japan on 10th September 1941. Oki Itaru was raised in a rich musical environment; his father was a player of the Shakuhachi (Japanese vertical flute) and his mother was a master of the Koto (Japanese horizontal harp) of the Ikuta School. He started to play the trumpet in his high school brass band before playing in a Dixieland style band and then in a bop band. In the late 1960's, the trumpeter began playing free jazz. He changed his place of performance from Kansai (a western area of Japan) to Tokyo in 1965. After improving his skill in many groups, he joined an experimental unit "ESSG" of Togashi Masahiko and Sato Masahiko. Oki made his first tour to Europe with the ESSG in 1969. After being back from Europe, he formed the Oki Itaru Trio, which later grew into a quartet. In June 1974, he moved to Paris, France. After living in Lyon for a while, he moved back to Paris in December 1999. Until the present, Oki has continually performed at concerts and festivals in France and various other countries in Europe." (

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track listing:

1. Terre Neuvas 8:08

2. Bateau Phare 4:54

3. Recif 7:41

4. Le Rideau De Mer 7:01

5. D'Une Rive A L'Autre 10:38

sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"This recent release on the always excellent Improvising Beings label features four masters of improvised music, gathered together in a quartet specifically created for this project. The most widely known in the group is Kent Carter, a member of Steve Lacy's bands of the 1970s and a true jazz giant that returns to improvisation after a long absence. By contrast, the main originator of the album, Sylvain Guérineau, is virtually unknown outside France, and probably more famous as a painter there (his delicate yet incisive abstract art adorns the CD package), even if he is a long-time collaborator of French free jazz pioneer François Tusques. The group is completed by two Japanese musicians who both moved to Paris in the early 1970s: Itaru Oki, a key figure of the Japanese free jazz scene who continues to play in strikingly different contexts, and Makoto Sato, former assistant of percussionist Masahiko Togashi and a constant presence in the French jazz community.

The album is dedicated to sailors from all over the world, their often rough living conditions and the adventurousness of life at sea. The opening "Terre Neuvas" effectively illustrates the exploratory character of the album and its thematic subtext: Carter and Sato cast a wide net of different impulses, with long arco bass lines and sparse percussive accents patiently building an increasingly intense free form piece that highlights Guérinaeu's huge tone and Oki's lively phrasing. The following "Bateau Phare" follows the same steps, but keeps the music on a more restrained ground, with Guérineau, Carter and Sato creating a richly layered textural soundscape, until Oki's muted trumpet brings some fresh melodic material to the collective dialogue. With "Récif" the mood changes drastically: a bouncy bass and cymbals rhythm pushes trumpet and sax into a light, humorous melodic exchange, but frequent changes of tempo challenge the soloists to continually reinvent their respective roles, with the whole band finally converging on a well structured coda. "Le Rideau De Mer" returns to a suspended atmosphere, until Carter lays down a dark ostinato that channels trumpet and sax towards a long abstract finale framed by Sato's busy brush work.

The closing "D'Une Rive A L'Autre" underlines the continuous tension, present throughout the album, between structurally defined and open form sections. The musicians navigate these different scenarios with confidence, moving from a tight interplay to simultaneous digressions with a captivating sense of discovery. Guérineau and Oki promptly pick up each other's ideas and develop thematic cues that are further expanded in different directions, eventually converging on beautifully crafted melodies or dense contrapuntal exchanges, while Carter and Sato are particularly effective in balancing their activity between a solid supporting role for the soloists and a completely independent voice, equally contributing to the improvisational dialogue.

Carefully conceived and beautifully played, D'Une Rive A L'Autre is a passionate, powerful example of creative music expression, bringing the excitement of early free jazz into a flexible and ultimately timeless musical dimension that highlights the unique personalities of these extraordinary improvisers."-Nicola Negri, Free Jazz Blog

Get additional information at Free Jazz Blog
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