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Departement d'Education Psychique: Untitled [VINYL] (Fou Records)

The trio of Jean-Marc Foussat on synthesizer and voice, abd Dynamo Dreesen & SVN on electronics, crossing artists more associated with electronica than free improvisation, here in their second release recorded live at Ohm in Berlin, Germany and at "Neues Deutchland" in 2016.

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Jean-Marc Foussat-synthisizer, voice

Dynamo Dreesen-electronics


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UPC: 3426300099594

Label: Fou Records
Catalog ID: FR-LP03/04
Squidco Product Code: 23431

Format: 2 LPs
Condition: New
Released: 2017
Country: France
Packaging: LP - Gatefold
Recorded live at Ohm in Berlin, Germany, on February 17th, 2016, and at "Neues Deutchland" on February 20th, 2016.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The group Department of Psychic Education - Dynamo Dreesen and SVN: Andreas and Sven = DRESVN & Jean-Marc Foussat - was born in Paris on 25 June 2014 in La Java, during a concert organized by Xavier Ehretsmann. Xavier's proposal and our deepest wish to all was to "mix" different networks to encourage the unexpected, improbable, surprising encounter of artists referenced "techno", here DRESVN, with others, resulting from "improvised music" in The occurrence here Jean-Marc Foussat. And as much the duo formed by the Germans DRESVN has always been marginal of "techno", as much Jean-Marc Foussat can also be considered as a marginal of improv jazz.

The first album of the Department of Psychic Education was released in 2015 at Acido Records, German label of Dynamo Dreesen.

In February 2016 Jean-Marc joins DRESVN for a concert at "OHM" high place "techno" of Berlin. This concert was so successful that we want to publish this music in the form of a double vinyl album including the entire evening of 12 February 2016 augmented by a piece recorded the day after, in the studio of SVN."-Fou Records

"The scenes of techno and improvised music are sometimes seen in faience dogs, exchanging symmetrical frustrations - often based on misunderstandings: to please "the wide public" or to make "serious music" - who would find in the other his own redemption. The superficial results stemming from opportunistic collaborations are known from these premises. For historians of electronic music have long sought to gather and celebrate "sound inventors" wherever they come from, in practice, differences in culture and goals may remain stubborn. If we look at the scale of musical genres and scenes, there is nothing to hope a priori for this type of encounter.

When Xavier Ehretsmann, the host of the label and DDD parties, proposes to DRESVN & Jean-Marc Foussat to play together for an evening in the Parisian club La Java, he bets above all on the meeting of two personal styles already on the margin Of their respective scenes: DRESVN (Dynamo Dresden & SVN), authors of exotic, modal, dreamy synthetic miniatures where rhythm and dance are always present and Jean-Marc Foussat expert in assemblages of heteroclite subjects which he orchestrates often in assaults Sudden and worried remissions. Then Ehretsmann puts the idea that perhaps these extremities touch each other and that their contact can generate singular magnetism. He also knows the small miracles that occur when the musicians put themselves at the mercy of the magical opportunities of live improvisation.

After a first testimony of this meeting since renamed Department of Psychic Education (DEP), released last year at Acido, the experiment continues and refines with this new disc planned at Fou Records, flattened a new Performance ideally placed under the sign of the Ohm, high-place of the Berlin techno. DEP pushes a step further the deconditioning with respect to what the small people of the electronic music believes to know of the music of synthesizer. Here, no epic arpeggios erected in ritornelas to exhaustion, no more than shapes crossed by blips and zigouigouis. From a synth AKS and small keyboards and magnets, the trio unfolds all the musical wisdom of a truly poetic use of machines: that is to say less retromantic, less admiring of the possibilities of the machine, simply more free .

Thus rendered indifferent to the spirit of the time and wholly sensitive to the spirit of the moment, one can indulge with them all the attention and all the reverie necessary to grasp what is playing "fugitive" and " Precious moments in this arrangement. I think in particular of a wisdom of arrangement, for all the sounds here are put into perspective, nuanced in sets of shadows, composed in solid volumes and light scrolls; A wisdom of style, for, far from the sometimes rigid form of "study" or of the repetitive minimalism proper to their respective scenes, quasi-lyrical impulses are again allowed here; And above a wisdom that will be called "repertory," for all these delicious timbres, all these "sub-instruments" now identified as the ample low sinusoids that massage you synapses, acute and digital notes that morph and Become liquid in "panic" accents, and so many others who wait for the words to be named. All this is mobilized at once , and it is one of the main effects of their music, to reopen thus A glimpse of the richness of expression of electronic music, as soon as one leaves it a time of its fetishism of minimalism or of materialism.

The DEP is our guide for a paradoxical discipline of contemplation, small exercises of ecology of the mind in its environment. Without stop, this disc in preparation leads us from diffuse climate to concentrated forms, to better make the way back. There is something of leisure here, which consists in looking at the clouds until they "take shape" to give us a decisive clue as to the course of events. It is the least of the virtues of this happy and improbable alliance, to take advantage of all the artifices, in order to reopen a little the field of our perceptions, and to show us what they may have of fundamentals."-Guillaume Heuguet

Artist Biographies

"Jean-Marc Foussat (born March 19, 1955 in Oran ) is a French composer and improvisational musician ( guitar, piano, live electronics ).

Since the mid-1970s, Foussat had belonged to groups such as Lézard Marçio, in which he contributed the sounds of concrete music with magnetic tapes. In 1981, he finished his first solo album, Abattage, which was released in 1983. In the ensemble Marteau Rouge (with the guitarist Jean-François Pauvros and the drummer Makoto Sato), he also collaborated with Evan Parker. Together with the saxophonist Sylvain Guérineau, he formed the duo Aliquid, which also appeared with Joe McPhee ( Quod, 2014). In addition to soloprograms, he also starred with Noël Akchoté / Roger Turner, Samuel Blaser, Émilie Lesbros, Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Sophie Agnel, Daunik Lazro and numerous other musicians, as well as the Fortuna 21 Octet of Raymond Boni and the department of education psychique on."

-Wikipedia translated by Google (

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"Dynamo Dreesen, whose real name is Andreas Krumm, is an electronic music producer and founder of Acido Records."

-Discogs. com (

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SVN, who's real name is Sven Rieger, is a music producer who runs the SUED label in Berlin, Germany. (

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Track Listing:


1. Ohm Konzert (Part 1) 19:02


1. Ohm Konzert (Part 2) 24:36


1. Ohm Konzert (Part 3) 13:15


1. Mais On Y Songe / Aber Man DarŸber Nachdenkt 19:58

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An immersive record of free improvisation from the French trio of analog synth player Jean-Marc Foussat, trombonist Christiane Bopp, and vocalist Emmanuelle Parrenin, 4 works inspired by a still life painting by Duane Keiser, each an impressive evolution and transmutation of sound in dream-like environments that envelop then surprise its listeners.
Foussat, Jean-Marc / Daunik Lazro / Evan Parker
Cafe OTO 2020 [2 CDs]
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A momentous 2020 concert at London's Cafe OTO, presented in two discs, the 1st with label leader Jean-Marc Foussat in a solo improvisation on synth and voice, the 2nd in a trio with Daunik Lazro on tenor & baritone sax, and Evan Parker on soprano sax, the 2 saxophones weaving and responding to Foussat's remarkable alien soundscapes and vocalization in an immersive extended improvisation.
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