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#125 Summer 2016 [MAGAZINE + CD]

Musicworks: #125 Summer 2016 [MAGAZINE + CD] (Musicworks)

Canada's premier new music magazine in their 125th issue, articles include Ayo Leilani; Ocean Bug and Bird Songs; Gabriel Dharmoo; crys cole; Thin Edge New Music Collective; plus a CD with tracks from Witch Prophet; Gabriel Dharmoo; Tim Brady; crys cole; Marc Saba; &c. &c.

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Label: Musicworks
Catalog ID: #125
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Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Canada
Packaging: Magazine and CD


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Ayo Leilani Interrogates the Beats


"Eh Yo! Eh Yo, Leilani!," she heard as she walked down a bustling New York City street. Turning around to see a friend calling out to greet her in the way that only the hip-hop [...]

Ocean Bug and Bird Songs


BORN CONFUSED. FLY AT LIGHT. Tonight you June bugs pelt my office window in a relentless barrage-desperate wings fanning air that will not hold and tap-tap-tap-tap-tap on the glass. I [...]

The Shapeshifting Sounds of Gabriel Dharmoo


After experiencing Anthropologies Imaginaires, it's hard to imagine that just a few years ago Gabriel Dharmoo, its creator and performer, was reluctant to use his[...]

crys cole amplifies personal space


I first saw crys cole perform in a tiny gallery in Winnipeg's Chinatown. Seated with a contact mike, a pane of glass, and little else, cole reflected the minimalism of her setup[...]

New Stages For New Music


Intense purple LED light washes over the Thin Edge New Music Collective (ABOVE PHOTO) as they scramble to soundcheck, seeming to heighten the chaotic mood at Long[...]

Witch Prophet and Stas THEE Boss; Shelagh Pizey-Allen, Caitlin Hutchison, and Doreen Girard; Gabriel Dharmoo; Tim Brady; Helmut Lipsky; Shawn Mativetsky; crys cole; Marc Saba

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Track Listing:

1. Architect of Heartbreak (2015) Audio available on CD only.

Composed and performed by Witch Prophet and Stas THEE Boss.
Produced by Vanilla. Recorded in Toronto and Seattle.
From the EP HPB, released in August 2016.

2. Save Me (2014)

Written and performed by Witch Prophet (Etmet Musa).
Produced by Ocnotes. Recorded in Toronto.
Single release.

3. Side A (excerpt) (2014)

Composed by Shelagh Pizey-Allen, Caitlin Hutchison, and Doreen Girard.
Performed by Burden.
From the album Burden (2014).
Recorded live at 648 Langside Street, Winnipeg, September, 2014, by Joel Mierau (PAWR-Primitive Audio).
Burden plays an amplified piano soundboard prepared with various tools and objects. This selection is an excerpt from a longer improvised piece. -Burden


4. Solo Improvisation for Voice and Hands (2015)

Composed and performed by Gabriel Dharmoo.
From the Sound of Montreal concert et je reverrai cette ville étrange.
Recorded live at Le Gesù, Montreal, October 10, 2015.
Sound of Montreal is an intercultural ensemble and research project led by Sandeep Bhagwati and Ensemble Constantinople. In our first concert, every member of the group was to perform a short improvisatory interlude, in which we had to play our instrument in an unconventional way. I like to sing unconventionally by default, so I decided to extend my instrument and incorporate my hands. What you hear is the combination of air, voice, lip buzzing, and resonating vibrating hands. -Gabriel Dharmoo


5. Cramp My Style (2015) Audio available on CD only.

Composed and performed by Gabriel Dharmoo (voice) and the trio Of Sound, Mind and Body: Tim Brady (electric guitar), Helmut Lipsky (violin), and Shawn Mativetsky (tabla and percussion).

From the album Concert #3 Le Gesù (Redshift Records).
Recorded live at Le Gesù, Montreal, January 25, 2015.

In January 2015, Groupe Le Vivier organized an open-door event at Le Gesù, our new space for new music in Montreal. I was invited to join the trio Of Sound, Mind and Body for an improvisation gig, which we ended up enjoying enough to produce an album! "Cramp My Style" includes a wacko-tragic recitation, comical honking, exhilarating yodelling, and a soothing conclusion. -Gabriel Dharmoo

6. 38,208 km (the distance required to make this work) (2016)

Composed and performed by crys cole.

This piece was created in 2014 for five-channel sound diffusion for the Lautsprecher sound program at Klangkunst im Museum Ostwall in Dortmund, Germany. This 2016 version is a stereo mix of the piece, which has not been released until now. Special thanks to Q_02 in Brussels, Peter Simon, and Joe Talia.
-crys cole


7. Claudius Ptolemy (2008)

Composed by Marc Sabat.
Performed by Daniella Strasfogel (violin) and Boram Lie (cello).
Commissioned by Johnny Chang and Jessica Catron for the Microscore Project.

Claudius Ptolemy's treatise on musical harmony includes exact tunings of many ancient scales, including one called "tense diatonic," a precursor of the major diatonic scale in just intonation, with two different-sized whole tones producing consonant major thirds. This piece is an exploration of the tones and intervals of this scale and is made of two individual parts that may be played separately as melodies or overlaid to make a harmony.
-Marc Sabat


8. Surface slips away, 4: Thoreau Songs (2014) Audio available on CD only.

Composed by Marc Sabat.
Performed by Elise Jacoberger (bassoon), Magnus Andersson (guitar), and Rohan de Saram (cello).
Recorded at ORF Vienna for World Edition, Köln.
Tonmeister: Robert Pavlecka.

For Christian Wolff on his 80th birthday. Commissioned, with assistance from the Canada Council for the Arts, and performed by Trio Al'ud.

Surface slips away is the echo of an imaginary trio sonata. Fine gradations of melody cast out ever greater harmonic distances and the flowing of musical time is offered as an unfinished space of interruptions, recurrences, eddies, and whorls. The various musical episodes were inspired by the writings of Henry David Thoreau and by reflections on theories by-among others-Zarlino, Rameau, Tartini, Hauptmann, Oettingen, Riemann, and Partch about the origins of the minor chord.
-Marc Sabat

9. Lying in the grass, river and clouds (2012) Audio available on CD only.
In memory of John Cage

Composed by Marc Sabat.

Performed by Daan Vandewalle (piano) and Ensemble Contrechamps, conducted by Michael Wendeberg.

Recorded live at Remise Bludenz on November 22, 2012.

Commissioned by Alexander Moosbrugger and the Bludenzer Tage zeitmäßer Musik, with assistance from the Ernst von Siemens Musikstiftung and the Canada Council for the Arts.

This piece is a sound machine observed as landscape, a gradual coming into being and dissolving of sonorities: harmonic relationships, enharmonic variations, interferences, emerging out of long melodic phrases. The tempered tones of the piano and their electronic shadows played by a second keyboard dissolve within a larger space of "natural" harmonic relationships based on modulating, interlocking harmonic and subharmonic series. The form of the piece is determined by the relative harmonic proximities of pitches in the underlying cantus firmus, suggesting local tonal relationships, "regions" of harmonic space, which gradually establish islands and galaxies as they spiral away from the initial tuning pitch A.
-Marc Sabat

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