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Huy (Junji / Kazuhisa / Yoshida): Huy (Magaibutsu Limited)

The Japanese trio of Hirose Junji on tenor saxophone, Innocence label founder Uchihashi Kazuhisa on guitar, and Yoshida Tatsuya on drums, initiating Magaibutsu's "Improv Session Series" with this on-fire album of controlled chaos, recorded live at Foxhole in Kichijoji.

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6-page foldout insert with photos from Yoshida Tatsuya.

Label: Magaibutsu Limited
Catalog ID: MGIS-01
Squidco Product Code: 22332

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2016
Country: Japan
Packaging: Multi-panel fold out in sleeve
Recorded live at Foxhole in Kichijoji, Japan, on /march 6th, 2015 by Yoshida Tatsuya.


Hirose Junji-tenor saxophone

Uchihashi Kazuhisa-guitar

Yoshida Tatsuya -drums

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Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"Magaibutsu Limited to start the CD release as a new "Magaibutsu Improv Session Series". the first release is HUY/Hirose Junji (tenor sax) Uchihashi Kazuhisa (guitar) Yoshida Tatsuya (drums). to be released in the end of march 2016."-Magaibutsu

Hirose Junji was a member of Otomo Yoshihide's Ground Zero, and has solo work on doubtmusic, along with a duo with Uchihashi Kazuhisa on that label. Uchihashi Kazuhisa is the founder of the Innocence label, and is known for the band Altered States, as well as being a member of Ground Zero; he has also played with Ruins, and has a series of improv albums with Magaibutsu founder Yoshida Tatsuya and New York free vocal improviser Shelley Hirsch. Yoshida Tatsuya is amongst the most active drummers on the planet, with bands including Ruins, Koenji Hyakkei, Korekyojinn, Sekkutsu Jean, The World Heritage, Sorites Paradox, Ishiwarizakura, PYN as well as recording with Charles Hayward, Acid Mothers Temple, Sun City Girls, Lars Hollmer, Richard Pinhas, PAK & Ron Anderson, &c. &c. &c.

6-page foldout insert with photos from Yoshida Tatsuya.

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Track Listing:

1. 20:13 4:19

2. 20:18 6:01

3. 20:24 4:27

4. 20:29 4:05

5. 20:33 3:45

6. 20:37 5:30

7. 20:42 5:59

8. 21:11 3:22

9. 21:15 10:34

10. 21:26 4:37

11. 21:33 4:47

12. 21:39 4:38

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