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Hammershlag, Arnold: No Face, No Name (Skirl)

A rich, diverse and irrepressibly melodic album from trumpeter Arnold Hammershlag blending jazz with Eastern European, Middle Eastern, and Latin influences, in a quintet with Sam Barfeld (violin), Wil Holshouser (accordion), Brian Glassman (bass) and Aaron Alexander (drums).

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product information:

UPC: 888295284776

Label: Skirl
Catalog ID: Skirl 030
Squidco Product Code: 21134

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2015
Country: USA
Packaging: Skirl Digipack
Recorded at Systems Two Studios in Brooklyn, New york in January and March, 2014 by Jon Rosenberg.


Arnold Hammershlag-trumpet

Sam Barfeld-violin

Wil Holshouser-accordian

Brian Glassman-bass

Aaron Alexander-drums

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track listing:

1. Reflection 1:38

2. Boat Float 3:41

3. No Face, No Name 10:01

4. Waiting for Aaron 3:57

5. Jo 5:28

6. Slow Road 6:10

7. Sailor Song 5:30

8. Picnic House 7:30

9. Bert 7:34

10. The All New Bunny Hop 6:15

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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"The title No Face, No Name is derived from a Zen Buddhist koan relating to the practice of contemplating one's face before birth, a spiritual grounding for the blank but richly loaded slate from which Hammerschlag approaches his compositions. It's also a playful nod at the fresh start provided by the twelve-year wait since his debut CD, Sailing Neptune's Waters. The mesmerizing piece "Slow Road," with its suggestion of a mysterious caravan wending its way through an unchanging desert landscape, thus becomes something of a mission statement: "It's an analogy for a journey that unfolds gradually over time," Hammerschlag explains. "Most of the things I'm interested in - meditation, composition, tai chi - can't be hurried. You grow with them over a lifetime."-Skirl Records

"Arnold Hammerschlag's enigmatic No Face, No Name takes the listener on a cinematic journey evoking images of faraway landscapes, mysterious cafes and even seafaring adventure. The tunes meld jazz improvisation inspired by Eastern European folk music. The result is joyous.

By turns buoyant, haunting or jaunty, the band's playing is inspired. Sam Bardfeld's soaring violin compliments Hammerschlag's gorgeous trumpet. Accordionist Will Holshouser is in his element, bringing to life the folk atmosphere of the compositions, while Brian Glassman's fat bass anchors the lilting songs. Drummer Aaron Alexander shines in the Klezmer vernacular.

Arnold Hammerschlag's deceptively simple compositions interlace tradition and experimentation, familiar refrains with surprising structure. The licks of Eastern European folk music are woven into a bright new tapestry. Celebratory and fun, No Face, No Name is an appealing new release unafraid to be beautiful."-playerpodcast

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