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Dimuzio, Thomas

Image Is Everything [CASSETTE]

Dimuzio, Thomas: Image Is Everything [CASSETTE] (Banned Production)

Two solo performances from Thomas Dimuzio performing at the Edinburgh Castle Tavern in San Francisco, powerful sonic work with long sustained textures and nuanced sound.

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Label: Banned Production
Catalog ID: bp168
Squidco Product Code: 18828

Condition: New
Released: 2010
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette tape, not sealed.
Side A recorded April 24th, 2008, at Edinburgh Castle Pub in San Francisco, California by Thomas Dimuzio. Side B recorded November 7th, 2007, at Edinburgh Castle Pub in San Francisco, California by Thomas Dimuzio.


Thomas Dimuzio-live samples, processes and loops, MIDI-controlled feedback and sound sources.

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"Thomas sets up a huge arsenal of equipment and then delivers a huge sonic boom with them. Long sustained textured sound with nuances and power. Recorded live in consecutive years ay my favorite pub in San Francisco, the Edinburgh."—Anthony King

"San Francisco-based Thomas Dimuzio is one of those unsung artistic figures whose influence and abilities have substantially outstripped his visibility. Composer, collaborator, experimental electronic musician, multi-instrumentalist, improvisor, sound designer and mastering engineer - Dimuzio has been busy doing his thing(s) since the late 1980's, but is still only known to a small circle of electronic music enthusiasts. A true sonic alchemist who can seemingly create music events out of almost anything, Dimuzio's listed sound sources on his various releases include everything from "modified 10 speed bicycle" and "resonating water pipe" to short-wave radios, field recordings, loops, samplers and even normal instruments such as clarinet and trumpet. And while his wide range of musical interests make it impossible to pin a label on him, Dimuzio clearly has an insider's knowledge of older experimental musical forms such as musique concrete and electroacoustic, as well as more current dark ambient, noise and post-techno styles.

Dimuzio’s pioneering and innovative use of live sampling, synthesis, signal processing, custom crossfade looping and algorithmic mixing fuels a synergy of man and machine in his live performances. Intercepted signal feeds from his collaborators, as well as wild sources of MIDI-controlled feedback, modular synthesizers, circuit-bent toys, ambient microphones on the streets, et al become integrated as sound sources within Dimuzio’s system of live interactive electronics. His music has been released internationally on labels including RéR Megacorp, RRRecords, Asphodel, No Fun Productions, Seeland, Isounderscore, Gench, Record Label Records, Odd Size Records, Sonoris and Melon Expander. Dimuzio’s studio-based releases include his critically acclaimed (All Music Guide Pick) debut LP HEADLOCK, his double CD masterwork Sonicism, potent early cassette works detailed on Louden, and Slew, his compilation of compilation tracks spanning 14 years. His live releases Mono::Poly, Markoff Process, and Gench Concert Archives document a large number of his solo concerts."-Thomas Dimuzio website

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SIDE A Sweatshop

SIDE B Wet Willie

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Organized Sound and Sample Based Music

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