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Garcia, Miguel / Tomas Gris / Lee Noyes: Asto Ilunno (Idealstate Recordings)

The trio of Miguel A. Garcia (electronics), Tomas Gris (objects) and Lee Noyes (piano) in a single extended and understated improvisation mixing acoustic and electronic sources, building and subsiding in its interesting journey.

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product information:

Label: Idealstate Recordings
Catalog ID: ISR1-13
Squidco Product Code: 18249

Format: CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2013
Country: Sweden
Packaging: Digipack


Miguel A. Garcia-electronics

Tomas Gris-objects

Lee Noyes-piano

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Artist Biographies:

"Miguel A. García (aka Xedh) from the Basque country, is one of the most dynamic sound artists in the Spanish scene. His work focuses mainly on the composition and electro-acoustic improvisation. He uses sounds taken from electronic devices residues, often interrelated with field recordings or acoustic instruments, in the search of an intimate, intense and immersive experience. A music of adventurous forms, full of contrasts and having nevertheless a sense of humor. His background comprises fine arts and audiovisual technology, having created projects such as Válvula Antirretorno, Baba Llaga or Mubles, questioning the borders between electro-acoustic academic music, industrial music and the so called outsider music.

With his solo project, he has participated in experimental music festivals all over Spain, as Ertz (Navarra), Experimentaclub (Madrid), Lem (Barcelona), Mem (Bilbao) or Sonikas (Vallecas), and he has played in diverse scenarios such as Auditorio Nacional de Música (Madrid), or museums such as Artium (Vitoria), Guggenheim (Bilbao), Macuf (A Coruña) or Vostell Malpartida (Cáceres). Outside Spain, he has played in festivals in Germany, Belgium, USA, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland and Portugal. His work has been released worldwide by labels as Copy for your records (USA), Homophoni (USA), Pilgrim Talk (USA), Slaughter Recs (Italy), Trait Central (USA), Triple Bath (Greece), Zeromoon (USA), or White Line (UK).

Still a young member of the international free improvisation scene, he works regularly with Ilia Belorukov, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Oier Iruretagoiena, Xabier Lopez, Alvaro Matilla, Seijiro Murayama or Hector Rey. He has collaborated with arists such Lali Barriere, Heddy Boubaker, Alexander Bruck, Raul Dominguez, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Richard Kamerman, Kurt Liedwart, Nick Hoffman, Wade Matthews, Jorge Nuñez, Carlos Suarez or Valentina Vuksic, and bands like Cooloola Monster, Gora Japon, maDam or Hamburguesa Vegetal. As a promoter, amongst other projects, is the founder of the Club Le Larraskito and director of the Zarata Fest, both platforms dedicated to the broadcast of challenging art and music."

-Miguel A. Garcia Website ( (

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"Tomás Gris (1980, Madrid, Spain)

Bachelor and Máster of Philosophy.

In his artwork the influence of his other occupations (Phd on Philosophy, painting,...) and, specially, the field of cinema, are always present.

Tomás Gris doesn´t plays fixed instruments: He just plays.

Tomás Gris also manages Ex-Nihilo records (Improvisation / Noise Label) with David Area.

Tomás Gris develops (or has developed) his work with people like: Alberto de la Hoz, Alfredo Costa Monteiro, Tim Olive, Miguel A. Garcia (Xedh), Artur Vidal, David Area, Johnny Chang, Antoine Beuger, Sebastien Branche, Javier Pedreira, Taku Sugimoto, Wade Matthews, Lali Barriere, Tom Soloveitzik, Guilherme Rodrigues, Prague Improvisation Orchestra conducted by George Cremaschi (PIO), Petr Vrba, Gino Robair, maDam Collective, Marina Adeva, Xabier López, Miguel Angel de Blas, Lucie Pachova, Mikulas Mrva , Nau (dancers), Manuela Lucia Tessi, Eva Susova, If bwana, Jana Novorytova, Marta Sainz, Katerina Dieztova, Cristina Subirats, Lee Noyes, Loty Negarti, Marta Sainz, Maryah Marymotto, Claudia Faci, Yolanda de la Hoz, Alejandro Rojas-Marcos, Fernando Romo, Xus de la Cruz, Felipe Araya, Iber de Vicente, Niña Jonas, Dr. Kurogo, Daiben, Catatonic State, Brutalism, Ricardo Lobato,...

... in places like: Cruce (Madrid), Espacio Menosuno (Madrid), Pecena Brambora (Prague), Matadero (Madrid), Can Felipa (Barcelona, Spain), Skolska 28 (Prague, Czech Republic), UCM (Facultad de Filosofía, Madrid), ArpHouse (Madrid), MeetFactory (Prague), Larraskito (Bilbao, Spain), Divus (Prague), Indigo Cafe (Prague), Dejvicka Klubovna (Prague), Studio Alta (Prague), OpenAir Festival (Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic), Festival Escucha (Madrid), Com a Minim Festival (Barcelona), Liceo Mutante (Pontevedra), Zarata Fest (Bilbo), Labranza Bar (Pontevedra), Espacio Naranjo (Madrid), Teatro Pradillo (Madrid), DT Espacio Escénico (Madrid), Artescopio (Madrid), RESAD (Madrid), RNE (Madrid), Creative Sources Festival (Lisboa), Tokyo, ...2011 • Miguel A. García & Tomás Gris"

-Tomas Gris Website (

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track listing:

1. Asto Ilunno 31:25
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"A Celtic goddess of the dawn? That was one of the rare hits I received when running Asto Illuno through Google. In any case, we have a brief (30+ minutes) trio excursion into AMMish territory from Garcia (electronics), Gris (objects) and Noyes (piano). It's much more subdued than I would have guessed going in, beginning with pointillist probing, expanding to twitters and short pulses, resisting long tones but assuredly retaining the flow. The dynamics gradually increase as does the density of the sound, the pulses growing harsher though the piano correspondingly works low and calm, gruffly anchoring things. The essential structure follows the traditional AMM arc, something that has long since become almost routine yet, when performed with a combination of sensitivity and imagination, as is the case here, still has the ability to satisfy. The (seemingly) cracked electronics offers a broken mirror to the piano, the trio negotiating that rise and fall quite well before amusingly falling to pieces in the past couple of minutes in a tangle of boops, bleeps and bangs. A solid, thoroughly enjoyable recording."-Brian Olewnick, Just Outside

Get additional information at Brian Olewnick's Just Outside
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