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Amalgamated: Spark I [3

The 1st of two 3" CDs recorded by the Amalgamated quarter before a live audience at short-lived La Salle, Illinois music venue The Spark in November, 2007, reworked into detailed, lush, and strange electronic/industrial/noise/ambient constructions.

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Phil Klampe

Bob Newell

Cory Bengtsen

Mike Richards

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Vinyl sleeve with full color printed disc and insert inside. Black vinyl decal applied to outer front. Limited to 50 copies.

Label: IntangibleCat
Catalog ID: CAT-15
Squidco Product Code: 17931

Format: 3" CDR
Condition: New
Released: 2012
Country: USA
Packaging: 3" CDR in a Vinyl sleeve with full color printed disc and insert inside.
Recorded before a live audience at The Spark in La Salle, Illinois in November, 2007.

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"The first of a 2 x 3" cd set of pieces recorded before a live audience at short-lived La Salle, Illinois music venue The Spark in November, 2007. The selections utilized for the two Spark 3" cds are pulled from more than two hours of improvised material, and finessed into detailed, lush, and strange electronic / industrial / noise / ambient constructions by Amalgamated producers D. Petri and Gus Kumo. Delicately sculpted, amorphously placid, floatingly colorful, texturally titiallating. Listen / download below."-IntangibleCat

"In essence, the result of regular get-togethers by members of obscure Illinois bands and bedroom projects including Rebekah's Tape, Homogenized Terrestrials, Gushing Cloud, Dog Hallucination and Headless Ballerinas Underwater (the latter duo recently teaming up as Bob Hallucination for the wonderful, shapeshifting mini-CD Bob Hallucination). Surprising for such smooth pieces, kind of ambient jams, is that there are a lot of instruments crowding the stage, ranging from sampler and turntable to drums, sax and guitars. Amalgamated's method is telegraphed by its name: improvise, then "finess," edit all the elements into comprehensive textures. It's kind of a cosmic krautrock that has taken God's advice to "just tone it down a little." A collage of sampled voices merges into spacious groove sense on "Invocation of Absence." "Rot Makor" sounds more like devotional services until a steady rhythm begins bouncing up against it. The centre of focus in "A Wedge of Raging Cygnets" is a stuck-groove, country pedal steel guitar two-step against a distant backdrop strongly reminiscent of one of Brian Eno's musics for films. And with a soft beat, "Sandiest Lope" percolates gently until the machinery breaks down. Spark II is slated for release soon and a "full-length multimedia album/book" is due later in the year."-Stephen Fruitman, Igloo Magazine

Vinyl sleeve with full color printed disc and insert inside. Black vinyl decal applied to outer front. Limited to 50 copies.

Artist Biographies

Bob Newell is a sound artist performing on on sampler, keyboards, percussion, drum machine, &c. He is known for the bands Amalgamated, Headless Ballerinas Underwater, For M, Dog Hallucination and Rebekah's Tape.

-Discogs (

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Cory Bengtsen is sound artist performing on keyboards, saxophone, turntables, &c. He is know for the groups Amalgamated, Rebekah's Tape, Lovely Little Girls, and Cheer Accident.

-Discogs (

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Mike Richards is a sound artist performing on guitars, effects drums, percussion, keyboards, tapes &c, a member of Amalgamated, Gushing Cloud, Rebekah's Tape, and involved with the labels Makeshift Music and Intangible Cat.

-Discogs (

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Track Listing:

1. Invocation of Absence

2. Rot Makor

3. A Wedge of Raging Cygnets

4. Sandiest Lope

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3" CD
Sound, Noise, &c.

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