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Various Artists: Generate Records 1999-2009 (Generate Records)

A great compilation from Jeff Arnal's NY label Generate Records, with tracks from Gordon Beeferman, Tripwire, Rara Avis, Rogues States, Red, Fulminate Trio, &c. &c.

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product information:

Label: Generate Records
Catalog ID: gen 13
Squidco Product Code: 12303

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: USA
Packaging: Cardstock Sleeve
Recordings from 1999-2009


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track listing:

1. Generations Duo in sink - Philip Wofford, tenor saxophone - Jeff Arnal, percussion 6:11

2. Live at the Red Room downtown deal - John Dierker, bass clarinet - Jeff Arnal, percussion 3:32

3. On the Way Out Yucatán Jeff Arnal - percussion, John Dierker - bass clarinet, Jonathan Vincent - piano, Philip Wofford - brass & reeds 3:57

4. Bodies Of Water i dip my hands once again in the ocean - Gordon Beeferman - piano, Jeff Arnal - percussion 5:28

5. Spy Satellite caterpillar dream - John Dierker - tenor saxophone, Jonathan Vincent - piano, Jeff Arnal - percussion 2:05

6. Tripwire oaksmus studio - berlin 2001 - Lars Scherzberg - alto saxophone, John Hughes - double bass, Jeff Arnal - percussion 5:16

7. Propele di Katsa lemniskate - Barbara Fuchsberger - clarinets, Joerg Hochapfel - piano, John Hughes - double bass 3:42

8. Rara Avis paraphernalia - Seth Misterka - saxophones, Gordon Beeferman - piano, Jeff Arnal - percussion 6:12

9. Red - Seth Misterka - alto saxophone, Chris Dahlgren - bass, Jeff Arnal - percussion 15:16

10. Rogue States in white haze - Gordon Beeferman - piano, Jeff Arnal - percussion 1:31

11. Rogue States pirouette on a pin - Gordon Beeferman - piano, Jeff Arnal - percussion 1:34

12. Fulminate Trio floater by Carla Bley - Michael Evans - drumset, Ken Filiano - double bass, Anders Nilsson - guitar 4:42

13. sextet - NY 2002 - Jeff Arnal - percussion, Arto Artinian - flute, Dietrich Eichmann - piano, John Hughes - bass, Lars Scherzberg - alto saxophone, Astrid Weins - bass 1:56

14. newsonic - NY 2007 - Brian Drye - trombone, Terry McManus - guitar, Jeff Arnal - percussion 2:04

15. wombat - NY 2008 - John Dierker - tenor saxophone, Gordon Beeferman - piano, Jeff Arnal - percussion 6:00

16. live at CIM - NY 2007 - Ernesto Diaz-Infante - 12-string bajo sexto guitar, Philip Gayle - acoustic guitar, Jeff Arnal - percussion 4:39
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A great compilation from Jeff Arnal's NY based label Generate Records, with tracks from Gordon Beeferman, Tripwire, Rara Avis, Rogues States, Red, Fulminate Trio, &c. &c. A great introduction to an important part of the Downtown NY scene.

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