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Berrocal, Jacques: Paralleles (Alga Marghen)

Reissue of this '77 release from multi-instrumentalist Berrocal (NWW) and collaborators, mixing jazz, improv, rock'n'roll, punk, no wave, spoken words and industrial sound.

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product information:

Label: Alga Marghen
Catalog ID: ALGA 037CD
Squidco Product Code: 11739

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2009
Country: Italy
Packaging: Digipack
2009 repress of the 2001 CD. Originally released in 1977 as a Gatefold LP, by the label d'Avantage, France as catalog number DAV 01. Reissued in 2001 as a CD by Alga Marghen, Italy catalog ID plana-B 5TES.037. 1 to 5 recorded from October 10th to October 23rd, 1976. 1, 3, 4 and 5 recorded in October 1976, at SYSMO, Paris. 2 recorded at the pigsty of Jouancy. 6 recorded in February 1972, at Villa 1930, Sens. 7 recorded in December 1975, Paris. 8 recorded in September 1977, Paris. 9 recorded in January 1979, Paris. 10 recorded in October 1973, Sens.


Jacques Berrocal-Arabic Trumpet, Tin Gong, Bicycle Performer, Cornet, Mandolin, Percussion, Megaphone, Valve Trombone, Ophicleide (tin And Tub), Horn, Voice, Pocket Trumpet, Tape, Percussion, Trombone, Trumpet, Electronics,

Bernard Vitet-Violin, Percussion, Flute, Bugle, Horn, Trumpet

Claude Bernard-Percussion, Reed Tuba, Alto Saxophone

Claude Parle-Accordion

Dom Coster-Pipe, Stylophone Synthesizer, Harmonium

Françoise Achard-Laotian Mouth

Michel Potage-Percussion, Reading, Guitar, Recitativo Voice

Phillipe Pochan-Cello

Pierre Bastien-doublebass

Richard Marachin-Piano

Roger Ferlet-doublebass, Noises (Carafe, Hammer Smashing A Dish, Window Opened On The Street)

Roger Ferlet-Performer (Cordier), Percussion, Trumpet, Tuba, Type-writer

Roger Ferlet-Pocket Trumpet, Trombone, Bells

Vince Taylor-Rock'n'speaker

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Artist Biographies:

Claude Parle born Nanterre (France); Born at Sens (France, 89) ; March 4, 1947;; 2016 Performance Buto Dance with Daï Matsuoka (from Sankai Juku) at Bertin Poirée Space - Paris; Festival "Arts Levants" Paris/Tokyo. Rencontre avec Mudai (danse Buto); Subphonic Orchestra at Prieuré de Vausse (Bourgonia); ; Juillet Rencontre avec Raymond Boni à Espace en Cours (R. Boni, J.M. Foussat, Claude Parle Soirée clôture à Espace Vitet: Sarrussophones Orchester ( Five one ! ); ; 2015 Session with Linda Sharrock, Cyp Busolini, Yoram Russilo, Makoto Sato, Itaru Oki, Eric Zinman, Marco Reichtern ( CD of this session); Outcome of a CD: "Bien Mental" at "Fou Records" (João Camões, Claude Parle, Jean Marc Foussat); ; Juin Creation of a new space place in Paris: The Spare Place, 111 rue Pelleport.; Sept Creation of the "Subphonic Orchestra" : Jouk Minor, Ugo Boscain, Jean Querlier, Anita Glodeck, Claude Parle;; 2014 Various collaborations with writing & theater (Patrice Cazelles, Blandine Scelles) (Milano Laboratorio Teatrale Aperto di Francesca Vaccaro Due); ; 2013 Expérience sonique XIV : Now Cut; CP+Cathy Heyden; CP+Eliane Blaise; Cp+Guill Loisillon; Specious Daimon; Hipie Diktat;; ; Concert à "La Marguerite": Ugo Boscain, Fred Marty, CLaude Parle+Itaru Oki; ; Mai Concert à "Espace en Cours" J.L Petit, C.Parle, Benjamin Duboc, Hugo boscain; ; Juin Montreuil - 4ème Festival des Dimanches de l'Impro de la Guillotine : Duo Cathy Heyden + Claude parle; ; 2012 "Sessions mémorables" Avec : Carol Robinson, Cyprien Busolini, Charlotte Testu, Claude Parle; Juin Concert inaugural à "TrashVortex" Ivry sr Seine: " Expériment#6 " for "Large ensemble" : Eve Risser, Cyprien Busolini, Deborah Walker, Wilfried Wendling, Frédéric Maintenant, Claude Parle. Concert "Large Ensemble" créé à mon initiative basée sur l'exploration des microtonalités & des micro clusters. Oct Festival Buto à Bilbao ( Avec Marianella Lèon Ruiz) Tour à Trieste "Festival inutilità" et Lubjiana avec "Frasques" Trio Parle, Ugo Boscain, Fred Marty); 2011 "Experiment #4" pr 2Cordes & 2Vents Deborah Wlker&Cyprien Busolini+C.P & Adèle Wolf; Mars Performance à la Galerie de la Pointe à l'occasion de la sortie du disque "Occupé" (Algha Margen) Michel Potage, Jack Berrocal, Pierre Bastien, Claude Parle.; ; Sept Festival Buto à Barcelone ( avec Marianela Lèon Ruiz); ; Oct Au Kibélé : Jack Wright(sax), Dan Warburton(viol), Claude Parle(acc), Johan Nystrom(perc),; ; Nov "SKIN - Improvisation #7 " Atsushi Takenouchi Jinen Butoh Solo. Musiciens : Claude PARLE (Accordéon), Hiroko KOMIYA (voix, objets sonores); ; 2010 Festival Buto à Bertin Poirée: Danse : Masaki Iwana , création : "Princesse Uragiri"; ; Création à Bertin Poirée:"Breakfast of the Sea Dragon" Claude Parle :musique & écriture; Marguerite Papazoglou, chorégraphie/ Danse; ; Soirée Exceptionnelle à la Société des Curiosités : Jack Wright / Claude Parle; ; Mai Festival "Danse Directe #13" :" La danse Buto rencontre des musiciens improvisateurs Légendaires ". Avec Masaki Iwana, Moeno Wakamatsu, Marianela Lèon-Ruiz (danse) Kamel Zekri, Michel Doneda, Lê Quan Ninh, (Tournée en Normandie); ; Rencontre avec Bob Marsh "Les Michelins" les 22 & 23 Mai 2010chorégraphie/ Danse;; ; 2009 Performance à la Galerie Tampon (Paris) Avec Jean-Luc Petit (sax), Mathias Pontévia(drums), Claude Parle (acc); ; Création : "Hommage à Jean Langlais" .Festival danse Buto à "la Maison du Buto Blanc" La Pérrotière (Normandie); ; 2008 Buto Festival in Roma, "Furio Camillo" theatre 26, 27/02, Performance with Samantha; Marenzi & Alessandra Christiani.; ; Dance/Performances with Toru Iwashita (Galerie Tampon; Espace Bertin Poirée) Paris.; ; Buto Festival at Bertin Poirée with Cinzia Menga ( 11 & 13 June); Performance with Yoko Miura (12 juillet, Galerie Tampon)[+ Guest : François Tusques] ; Performance with Moeno Wakamatsu, Fondaction Boris Vian (Paris)October; Encount with Steve Dalachinsky (plus Didier Lassérre) at Librairie Apsara (Paris; ; 2006 Buto festival Bertin Poirée, Paris. Dance : Joan Laage; ; 2004 Buto Festival at Proscénium théâtre, Paris (10/14 mai); With :MasakiIwana,AtsushiTakenutchi,Gyohei Zaitsu,MakiWatanabe,; Cinzia Menga, Yumi Fujitani.(Solo dancers) Music : Claude Parle; (Produced and managed by C. Parle);; 2003 "Nova Musica " Festival in Paris (Org : Reina Portuondo-Daniel Kientzy); Buto Festival in Roma "Transform'azioni" Teatro Furio Camillo; Lives performances with Masaki Iwana at "La perrotière" (Normandie); ; 2002 Japan Tour "IMPROVISATIONS 7" The 15/16 May at Tokyo; 19/20 at Kyoto; With Toru Iwashita (Danse) Claude Parle (Accordéon) Wilbert de Joode (Bass); ; 2002/2001 Many "Music/dance" sessions (With Masaki Iwana,Mindora,Maki Watanabe, Toru Iwashita); ; 2000 Listener in DEA of musicology, (GRM cursus); Musical Researches Group of "Radio-France"; ; 1999 "Engagement avec les substances II". Four performances Accordion; solo/Dance with Masaki Iwana at "Boris Vian" foundation in Paris.; ; 1998/1997 After fourteen years of works apart (Studio, electro-acoustic researches,; Soundtracks for theatre , poetry) Come back to stage with Buto dancers.; ; 1995 (Startin' from) Conservatoire of Nanterre (Close Paris; Philippe Leroux,; master of art) Starting working with "computer assisted music".; ; 1990/1984 Reseaches on body/sounds/space/speech.; ; 1984/1972 Sessions/interventions/installations with writers, poets, visual artists.; Performance at Museum of Modern Arts (Arc 2); Creation of soundtrack for an exposition, "Galerie du Luxembourg"; (Paris) "Galerie des Philosophes", (Genève, 1973); ; 1978 "Sens' Music Meeting": First international festival of improvising music.; ; 1973/1970 Many concerts ...; American Embassy (Don Cherry, Okai Temiz, Johnny Dyani); Chateauvallon (1972) "Don Cherry New Researches"; Pop Music shows (Soft Machine); ; 1972/1967 Works with Jac Berrocal (Duet Accordion/Cornet); ; 1972/1970 "Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes" (Practical school of high studies); (Roland Barthes, seminary director); ; 1969/1967 Dijon University (Sciences and Letters); ; 1967/1958 Accordion studies, classical Formation. (Europe Cup, 1964)

-Claude Parle Website (

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track listing:

1. Parallèles 8:30

2. Post-Card 3:56

3. Galimatias 3:02

4. Rock'n'Roll Station 5:22

5. Bric-à-Brac 24:14

6. Villa Povera Naturale 1:22

7. Shorten 1:44

8. Occupé 6:01

9. Lisylis Pavillon 2:38

10. Cryptéa IV 4:24
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descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Jacques Berrocal has been very active since the beginning of the 1970s. No one in France could mix jazz, improvisation, rock'n'roll, punk, no wave, spoken words and industrial music like him. He also had a central position in the creation of d'Avantage, a collective record label that issued some of the most particular sessions of the mid-late Seventies. At the same time he was working on never ending sessions for records that were never issued.

Jac and his band were the Apostles of the non-urgency, enjoying recording in unusual situations, with no rules, improvising on undefined structures or using non-musical material mixed with ethnic instrumental solos. In 1976 d'Avantage issued a wonderful record LP titled Parallèles featuring, among the others, Bernard Vitet, Roger Ferlet, Pierre Bastien, Michel Potage, Daniel Deshays, with the intervention of Vince Taylor, the dark diamond of rock'n'roll who inspired David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust.

Just a couple of years later Berrocal collaborated with Steven Stapleton to create the first Nurse with Would record LP. Parallèles features very different styles; acoustic solo and duo for trombone and cornet as well as a large ensemble 25 minutes long piece dedicated to the Futurist Russolo (again, two years later, Mr.Stapleton dedicated his first NWW record to the same Italian artist). Also to mention are 'Post-Card', recorded in a Pigsty in 1976, and the legendary 'Rock'n'roll Station', a mini-concert for voice (Vince Taylor), double bass (Roger Ferlet) and bicycle (Jac Berrocal). The remastered CD also includes five previously unreleased tracks that were actually left out of the original record: 'Villa Povera Naturale' (1972) is a short piece for pocket trumpet and various concrete elements; 'Occupè' by Michel Potage is an excerpt taken from an LP that d'Avantage never issued; 'Shorten' and 'Lisylis Pavillon' are the first experiments using electronics and 'Cryptea IV', taken from the sessions of the early Futura LP. Thirty years later Jacques Berrocal is still there, where nothing is waiting for him, totally outside the rules, out of fashion thus indémodable."

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