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Frith, Fred / Humbert, Nicolas / Penzel, Werner: Step Across the Border (DVD) [DVD] (Winter & Winter)


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product information:

UPC: 025091500178

Label: Winter & Winter
Catalog ID: DVD915001
Squidco Product Code: 6044

Format: DVD
Condition: New
Released: 2003
Country: Germany
Packaging: DVD in a heavy cardstock case
Shot in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto (Japan), Verona (Italy), St. Remy de Provence (France), Leipzig (Germany), London, Yorkshire (Great Britain), New York (USA), Zurich, Bern (Switzerland)


Fred Frith, Joey Baron, Cyro Battista, Iva Bittová, Tom Cora, Jean Derome, Pavel Fajt, Eitetsu Hayashi, Tim Hodgkinson, Arto Lindsay, René Lussier, Haco, Kevin Norton, Bob Ostertag, Zeena Parkins, Lawrence Wright, John Zorn and many others

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Fred Frith & friends in "a ninety minute celluloid improvisation," written and directed by Nicolas Humbert & Werner Penzel with music composed by Fred Frith, covering the years 1987-1990

"In "Step Across the Border" two forms of artistic expression, improvised music and cinema direct, are interrelated. In both forms it is the moment that counts, the intuitive sense for what is happening in a space. Music and film come into existence out of an intense perception of the moment, not from the transformation of a preordained plan. In improvisation the plan is revealed only at the end. One finds it. The other connection concerns the work method: the film team as band. Much as musicians communicate via the music, our work, too, was realized within a very small and flexible team of equals. What mattered was exchange. And movement. Sometimes we started filming in the middle of the night, responding to a new idea that had arisen only minutes before. We had a fundamental feeling for what we wanted to do, for what kind of film this should be. And we followed that feeling. It was all very instinctive...Do you know a white rabbit who, playing trumpet, circles the world on his flying carpet? May be you have met him somewhere already, in Zurich, London, Leipzig, Tokyo or New York. That at least was about the route we took and what resulted from it was the black-and-white wink of an eye at the symphonic connection between subways, storms and electric guitars. An American critic wrote: 'Fred Frith's music makes your jaw drop, your feet dance, and your neighbours move.'Also starring: several telephones, puddles, scarecrows, saxophones, orchestrated cities and motors."-Winter & Winter


European Film Award 1990
Hessischer Filmpreis 1990
Bundesfilmpreis 1991
Nomination Grand Prix International "Images&Documents" Figuera da Foz 1990
Uppsala Filmkaja - Best Documentary Film: Uppsala 1990
Innovative Cinema Prize 1991
Golden Gate Award - Special Jury Award: San Francisco 1991
Qualitätsprämie EDI: Switzerland 1990
Prädikat Besonders Wertvoll
Goldene Filmspule 1991: Kommunales Kino Weingarten
Selected under the 100 most important movies in film-history by the critics of Cahiers du Cinema , Paris 2000
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Improvised Music
Frith, Fred
March 2007
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