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von Orelli, Marco / Sheldon Suter: Draw From The Source (ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd)

A series of extraordinary sound painting from the Swiss duo of trumpeter Marco von Orelli and percussionist Sheldon Suter, von Orelli also performing on cornet, prepared slidetrumpet & little bells while Suter works with drums, cymbals, prepared zithers, gong & singing bowls, creating detailed aural environments that evoke bewitching twilight spaces.

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product information:

UPC: 752156103721

Label: ezz-thetics by Hat Hut Records Ltd
Catalog ID: ezz-thetics 1037
Squidco Product Code: 32828

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2023
Country: Switzerland
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded Bernoulli silo, in Bern, Switzerland, on June 21st, 2020, by Hannes Kumke.


Marco von Orelli-trumpet, cornet, prepared slidetrumpet, little bells

Sheldon Suter-drums, cymbals, prepared zithers, gong, singing bowls

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Artist Biographies:

"Marco von Orelli was born and raised in Basel, Switzerland. He completed his musical studies at the University of Music and Theatre Winterthur Zürich (HMT) and the University of Music Basel, where he majored in trumpet and improvisation. Additional study programmes: Jazz, New Music (Neue Musik) and free improvised music. Furthermore he took study trips to Den Haag (NL) in 1997 and two years later to Vienna (A). Since 1997 Marco von Orelli occupies himself with composition. He has given Solo concerts (e.g. for the 20-year anniversary of the cultural magazine "Programmzeitung", for the "Global Landmarks Illumination Initiative" in Bern or for Basel's celebrations for being a part of Switzerland for 500 years in 2001).

Marco von Orelli has enjoyed success on stage with the street scene musical by Kurt Weill under the direction of André Bellmont, Werner Düggelin and Heinz Spoerli, as well as with acts such as the George Gruntz Workshop Big Band or with various orchestras like the basel sinfonietta, the Swiss Improvisers Orchestra, TOMMY MEIER - ROOT DOWN, musique brute or Marco von Orelli 5. He is playing in different styles and has been seen giving concerts at such established events as the Jazzfestival Willisau (CH), Jazz à Mulhouse - météo (F) or music unlimited 22 in Wels (A). In 2002 Marco von Orelli toured with the swiss Circus Monti (Music composed by Ben Jeger) and from January 2003 right to the end of 2004 he acted as live musician for the Theatre Puravida in Basel. Marco von Orelli is also known for his collaborations with artists like Flavia Ghisalberti (Butoh-Dancer), Sheldon Suter, Daniel Ott, Jan Schlegel, Christoph Baumann, Co Streiff, Frances Marie Uitti, Johan van Kreij, Béatrice Götz (miR Company), Peter Schärli, Tommy Meier, Omri Ziegele, Michel Wintsch, Christian Weber, Irène Schweizer, Paul Hubweber, Luìs Lopes, Marc Unternährer, Isa Wiss, Luca Sisera, Travassos, Carles Peris, Alex Huber, Frantz Loriot and many more!"

-Marco von Orelli Website (

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Drummer Sheldon Suter, born on 22/2/1971 in Locarno, TI, Switzerland, is a member of Musique Brute, Big Bold Back Bone, Marco von Orelli 6, Jurg Wickihalder Orchestra.

-Squidco 2/3/2023

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track listing:

1. Last Chant On The Roast Steam Boat 04:43

2. New Move 03:36

3. Old Working Machines 03:28

4. Mice In The Tube 02:15

5. Slow Travel 05:16

6. To The South 06:29

7. The End Is The New Beginning 01:35

8. South View 03:07

9. Flavour Of Honey 01:50

10. Remembering The Ritual Dance 05:46

11. Source 01:46

12. Chapel 03:47

13. From The North 07:43

14. Transformation 13:19
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"It is the fourth dimension, which we do not get hold of. We as humans are condemned to move in our three-dimensional world and as a result to be at the mercy of time. And yet there are moments when, despite the restrictions imposed on us, we manage to play with this very time, to juggle with it and to perform dances on its axis. "Draw from the source" tells us about such an artistic balancing act.

Anthony Braxton once explained his affinity for duo improvisation because this instrumentation would allow a person-to-person conversation. The duo as a field of encounter and as a medium for cultivating old musical friendships. The duo, however, that we hear on the present recording goes far beyond this definition. Sheldon Suter and Marco von Orelli played together in the sandbox as children. At a time when they were not yet aware of their future musical career.

So before they formulated their first musical statement as artists, Suter and von Orelli had already stored a living archive of collective memories. "Draw from the source," the album title, aptly refers to this common source from which the two draw. But this source alone would not have been sufficient. Imagine a duo that has understood each other blindly for decades. We would be witnessing an insider dialogue, a conversation impossible for outsiders to decipher. The nuances of such a conversation would remain hidden for us.

Patience is a great virtue. And although the two musicians have played together in numerous formations over the past decades, "Draw from the source" is their first recording as a duo. Their acoustic collaborations in trio with Max E. Keller ("Blow, Strike & Touch") or in quartet with Tommy Meier and Luca Sisera ("Lotus Crash") have also been released on HatHut. The electrified and electronics- infused music of their formation Big Bold Back Bone, as well as numerous independently created productions, underlines the urge of both musicians to constantly explore and map new terrain.

And so for "Draw from the source" they have also conceived a subtly networked system of coordinates that uses place, space and time as sources on several levels. The mostly short improvisations are spontaneous reactions that reflect the extraordinary spaces in which they were recorded: The first half of the album was made in the landmarked Bernoulli Silo Tower at Basel's Rhine harbor, the other half in the small church of Santa Maria Addolorata above Brissago in Ticino. The two locations also symbolize the musicians' origins: Marco von Orelli is from Basel, Sheldon Suter is from Ticino. Urbanity meets nature, industrialization meets spirituality.

In the attic of the silo, the duo uses the acoustics of the imposing space to underscore the swan song to a time when tangible machines instead of delicate electronics provided the soundtrack of everyday life. There, where Switzerland meets Germany and France in the border triangle (Dreiländereck), and where on the Rhine the shipping traffic between Basel and Rotterdam symbolizes the bustling activity of our capitalist society, there was eerie silence during the recordings. In 2020, the pandemic shut down the port.

In this extraordinary moment, Suter and von Orelli reveal themselves to be great adventurers and subtle melancholics: like archaeologists, they unearth long-lost voices from the depths of the silo and fuse them with their own individual and collective memories to create a requiem for the industrial wasteland.

As a result, wind instrument and percussion perform a dizzying pas de deux, upstream towards the source of the Rhine to high up in the Gotthard massif. In constantly new, sometimes monochrome, sometimes dazzlingly colored sound paintings, von Orelli and Suter prove how much they can shine both as individuals and as a collective: Two different characters - and yet connected by a deeply felt friendship.

With the crossing of the Alps, the aggregate state of their dialogue also changes. If at the beginning the sound first had to release itself from the depths of the brickwork, it continues to liquefy and in its final phase even flirts with gaseousness. The acoustics of the idyllically situated chapel away from the major urban centers transform the subtly woven conversation into a multi-layered manifesto, whose flight is gently held in check only by the roof of the church.

In its sum, "Draw from the source" recounts a multidimensional journey whose sources and paths constantly cross. Marco von Orelli and Sheldon Suter reveal a lot about themselves, about their individual idiosyncrasies and about their common feelings in this performance carried by finest lyricism. But behind this journey from the north to the south, from urban stagnation to Mediterranean lightness, there is also a call for us to reflect on the true nature of our existence in a changing world."-Rudolf Amstutz

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