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Landaeus Trio (Nilsson / Landaeus / Aman): A Crisis Of Perception (Clean Feed)

Active collaborators for six years at the time of this recording, this is the first time Swedish improvisers Cornelia Nilsson on drums, Johnny Aman on double bass and Mathias Landaeus on piano & keys have recorded together as a trio, performing seven engagingly lyrical compositions from leader Landaeus, on several tracks adding an unusual edge through the use of synths.

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product information:

UPC: 5609063005769

Label: Clean Feed
Catalog ID: CF576
Squidco Product Code: 32116

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2022
Country: Portugal
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold
Recorded at Gula Studion, in Malmo, Sweden, on December 19th and 20th, 2019, by David Carlsson.


Cornelia Nilsson-drums

Johnny Aman-double bass

Mathias Landaeus-piano, Roland SH-2000, Korg Polysix and Arturia Microbrute Synthesizers on "Nobody Should Have to Go to Mars"

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Artist Biographies:

"Cornelia Nilsson (b. 1992) has made a great impression on the Swedish and Danish jazz scene. She has lived in Copenhagen for 3 years and plays with musicians such as Tomas Franck, Anders 'AC' Christensen, and Daniel Franck to name a few. In Sweden, she is active in groups such as Mathias Landæus Trio and Thomas Markusson Open.

Photograph by Cornelia Nilsson playing drumsCornelia has collaborated with international musicians; eg jazz legend Kenny Barron, Aaron Parks, Seamus Blake 2019, she received Bengt Säve-Söderbergh's scholarship and Ronnie Gardiner's 'Swedish Drummer Deserving Wider Recognition Award'."

-Lunds Kommun (Translated by Google) (

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"Johnny Åman was born on February 10th, 1986 in a small city called Nykarleby on the west coast of Finland. 2005 he moved to Sweden to study music at Malmö Academy of Music, and in may 2010 he graduated with a masters degree. Today Johnny is one of the busiest bass players in Sweden.

Johnny Åman is a member of Cennet Jönsson's Triple Bass Fantasy. He has also been recording and touring with among others Jerry Bergonzi, Dave Liebman, Marcus Strickland, Tony Malaby, George Garzone, Phil Grenadier, Peter Epstein, Gerard Precenser, Tomas Franck, Jonas Holgersson, Marcelo Coelho, Mathias Landaeus, Daniel Fredriksson, Jukkis Uotila, Carl Winther, Anders Mogensen, Petter Wettre, Anders Bergcrantz, Martin Küchen, Hans Ulrik, Fredrik Kronkvist, Lisbeth Diers, Chico Lindvall, Peter Nilsson, Emilio Martins and many more."

-Kopasetic Productions (

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track listing:

1. Two Stories 04:23

2. Leave Me, Unfolding 14:46

3. Nobody Should Have to Go to Mars 08:08

4. Trip Fwd 04:10

5. Centuries of Healing 06:14

6. Trotsa Allt 04:10

7. Big Tree in the Sky 04:51
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Well before the pandemic disrupted and choked off the sort of communal interactions humans require Swedish pianist Mathias Landæus had been lamenting the sense of disconnection he saw around him. "The ecological, environmental and social crisis that humanity is facing is a result of the misconception that we are isolated and disconnected, when, in fact, we humans are all connected and we are all part of nature," he says "Thus, it's fundamentally A Crisis of Perception. When we realize on an emotional level that we are in fact connected with everything living, we will start restoring our environment and healing the planet." Since the Landæus Trio recorded this music in the fall of 2019, things have only become more urgent.

This manifestation of the trio, with bassist Johnny Åman and drummer Cornelia Nilsson has been active for six years now. They've made collaborative recordings with poet Daniel Boyacioglu and saxophonist Martin Küchen, but A Crisis of Perception marks the first time they've recorded as a trio, and the results make it easy to hear why the leader is so eager to share his enthusiasm. "I love not knowing what's gonna happen next in the music," he says of working with this group. "That's when I feel I can truly relax and be myself." Indeed, the bond of the musicians suggests what can happen when we nurture and encourage the type of connections that Landæus mentions.

Across these seven impressively disparate original compositions by the pianist the listener experiences the nonchalant range of the band, often in the blink of an eye. The opening "Two Stories," for example, offers a clinic of rhythmic fluidity, with grooves shifting suddenly, as each musician introduces new schemes as it goes. "Trip Fwd," written in tribute to the great Swedish pianist Per-Henrik Wallin, toggles between graceful swing and stuttering forward motion-a wild lurch ahead masterfully righted in real-time by the trio.

But many of the pieces address the titular concerns more concretely. The moody ballad "Centuries of Healing," with melodic echoes of the exotica favorite "Taboo"-perhaps a wishful distraction-bluntly prescribes the severity of environmental crisis with its prescriptive time frame, with or without the presence of people. Åman's slowly churning bass line and Nilsson's skittering cymbal patterns on "Nobody Should Have to Go to Mars" are hijacked by an otherworldly synth improvisation, floating between the spirituality of Alice Coltrane and the celestial tones of Sun Ra, with ominous portent suggesting the growing uninhabitability of our own planet. But "Leave Me, Unfolding" might be the album's most touching moment, a multi-partite assemblage that reflects on our need for connection and ponders the ephemeral nature of hope with a tenderness that feels eternal, thanks in part to the use of the third scale in Messiaen's La technique de mon langage musical, before flicking into more sweeping, romantic terrain a la Bill Evans. Following gripping, patiently etched solos from the drummer and pianist, the bassist lassoes those written sequences together with a skittering, off-kilter groove with a serialist harmonic exercise that imparts a more sorrowful yet searching quality to a second piano improvisation.

Since making the recording the trio has continued performing in Scandinavia, when limited pandemic restrictions allowed, and Landæus has become active in organizing jazz musicians in social actions related to climate change. A second recording with Boyacioglu will be released later in the year on the pianist's own label, but the core of this activity revolves around the quiet rapport and astonishing sensitivity these musicians share. There is more to come, and A Crisis of Perception asks us to look around, ignoring divisions where possible in favor of understanding how inter-related our world is."-Clean Feed

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