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Ronn, Christian / Aram Shelton: Multiring [CASSETTE w/ DOWNLOAD] (Astral Spirits)

Ringing and vibrating tones from the duo of keyboardist Christian Ronn performing on a Wurlitzer piano with effects, and alto saxophonist Aram Shelton employing extended language and harmonics, in a soulful and patiently subdued album of rich and heartfelt interaction, rising up for quick passages of hazy interaction and settling back for introspection; beautiful.

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product information:

Label: Astral Spirits
Catalog ID: AS124_CAS
Squidco Product Code: 29231

Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: USA
Packaging: Cassette
Recorded at Trekroner Studiet in Copenhagen, Denmark, in April, 2018.


Christian Ronn-Wurlitzer piano, effects

Aram Shelton-alto saxophone

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Artist Biographies:

Christian Ronn: "Composer, performer, producer, organplayer - electronic music, free form, sound art, film music. Curates Spir festival. Masters in Organ from The Royal Danish Academy Of Music in Copenhagen.

I'm interested in the greyzone areas where sound breaks up and transforms into something else. The stretched out feedback just before it feeds or the battle of two frequencies fighting to dominate the aural space. The moment before the vibrating string distorts and the seconds following the release of the huge clusterchord, where energy still hangs in the air. I like to stretch out and examine "inbetween-moments" and unrecognizable states of being.

I guess this translates into the music, but not always in the most obvious fashion, even though it's definitely informing it. I aim to put light in the cracks, open up a new space, give an experience of transcendence. A journey beyond language and thinking. Ultimately."


Christian Rønn Solo: (Churchorgan, Wurlitzer Piano, Electronics)

Christian Rønn / Ikue Mori: "Chordis et Machina" (LP-project)

Prox: With Jørgen Teller (freeform electronics/noise)

Panser: With Peter Peter (psychedelic electro/rock)

Ganga: Semi-Electronic Downtempo Soloproject

Blind Mans Band w. Claus Poulsen/Kevin Angboly (improv)

Troln: with H. Navne, H. Liebgott, T. Olsen (Cinematic Slow)

Christian Rønn / Martin Lau Duo (Voice Art/Free Electronics)

Filmscore Highlights:

Fritz Langs Metropolis. Music performed live at Roskilde Festival 2004 with Hanne Boel and Ganga Cinema Orchestra. New score in 2015, based on live-recordings from Roskilde 2004, as well as music by Brian Eno, In the Nurser, Portishead and Massive Attack. Reimagined by Ulrik Hviid and Palle Vedel.

Sergei Eisensteins Battleship Potemkin. Live Score by Christian Rønn / Peter Peter. Performed live on Roskilde Festivals Arena Stage, Metropol Stage and in Store Vega (CPH). Read reviews of the DVD in the reviewsection."

-Christian Ronn Website (

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"Aram Shelton is an improviser and composer who performs on saxophone, clarinets, and live electronics. His writing and playing is grounded in avant-jazz and free improvisation and is documented through more than two dozen albums to date. He's been an integral member of the creative music communities in the Bay Area and Chicago, and has recently relocated to Copenhagen.

Shelton creates music with an aesthetic that is guided by the musicians he works with. In Oakland (2005-2016), he developed music for the avant jazz quartet Gold Age; the creative free jazz Ton Trio II; his solo electroacoustic project Tonal Masher; the chamber improv group Broken Trap Ensemble; the electroacoustic Stratic; the collaborative quartet Cylinder; his sextet Marches; and the Oakland Active Orchestra. In Chicago (1999 - 2005) he created music with his Quartet, the cooperative sextet Fast Citizens, Jason Adasiewicz' Rolldown, Dragons 1976; Arrive; the electroacoustic duo Grey Ghost, and others.

Shelton studied electroacoustic music and recording techniques at Mills College in Oakland, California. He continues to improvise and compose electroacoustic music focused on the concepts illustrated in his graduate thesis Sound Extended: Replication of Acoustic Material and Phrase Modification.

In the past Shelton has been fortunate to perform with many exceptional musicians from the Bay Area, Chicago and New York scenes including Larry Ochs, Kjell Nordeson, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Frank Rosaly, Jordan Glenn, Cory Wright, Kristina Dutton, Tim Daisy, Mark Clifford, Safa Shokrai, Britt Ciampa, Theresa Wong, Jason Adasiewicz, Josh Berman, Keefe Jackson, Matt Bauder, Alex Vittum, Michael Coleman, Lisa Mezzacappa, Darren Johnston, Henry Kaiser, Kyle Bruckmann, Jon Raskin, Steve Adams, Bruce Ackley, Jacob Felix-Heule, Jacob Wick, William Winant, Mark Dresser, Weasel Walter, Mary Halvorson, Josh Sinton, Jason Ajemian, Ken Vandermark, Audrey Chen, Tony Buck, Magda Mayas, James Fei, Damon Smith, Tim Perkis, Guillermo Gregorio, and Chris Brown. He has performed in Europe, Canada and the United States including appearances at the Switchboard Music Festival, Soundwave, the Monterey Jazz Festival, Chicago Jazz Festival, the Suoni per il Popolo Festival, and the Krakow Autumn Jazz Festival. He has led workshops at the Evergreen State College, the Luzern Jazz School, through NEXMAP and at UC Santa Cruz. As a curator he founded the Active Music Series and Active Music Festival. His playing and music are available through Delmark, Clean Feed, Cuneiform, 482 Music, and his own Singlespeed Music."

-Aram Shelton Website (

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track listing:


1. Spread 07:19

2. Riley 10:40

3. Multiring 08:15


1. Thin Air 10:55

2. Crawl 06:58

3. Don't Move Fast 08:51
sample the album:

descriptions, reviews, &c.

"Multiring documents another collaboration of American alto sax player Aram Shelton who relocated to Copenhagen on the American election night 2016 (and now resides in Budapest, Hungary). Shelton recorded before with Copenhagen-based, Norwegian drummer Håkon Berre and Polish double bass player Tomo Jacobson. Shelton met by chance sound artist and electronics and keyboard player Christian Rønn at Koncertkirken in Nørrebro, Copenhagen. These two experienced improvisors found a common ground while developing music together in Rønn's studio on the outskirts of Copenhagen.

Multiring was recorded at Trekroner Studiet in Copenhagen in April 2018, and released as a limited-edition cassette of 150 copies (with download option). Rønn focuses on the electric würlitzer piano plus effects while Shelton sticks to his alto sax. Shelton has a distinct, harmonically rich and warm sound with a strong melodic sense. Rønn's sound is more minimalist and abstract. Together they suggest a delicate, contemplative and somehow melancholic aesthetic. The album is described as creating "a mood unique to the environment in which it was created".

The six pieces offer distinct moods and approaches. The melodic-meditative musings of Shelton on "Spread" are resonated by the atmospheric electric piano of Rønn. "Riley" sounds as a heartfelt homage to pioneer of minimalism Terry Riley as the sax and the piano move in repetitive, introspective ripples. Rønn, simple and cyclical, highly resonating sound with the breathy, ethereal playing of Shelton turn the title-piece to a mysterious, quiet drone. "Thin Air" is a gentle, melodic piece, still minimalist, patient and reserved but openly emotional. "Crawl" adds an urgent drive to this cyclical, repetitive dialog. The last "Don't Move Fast" not only summarizes the essence of this interesting, minimalist meeting but also sketches an expresive, cinematic soundscape."-Eyal Hareuveni, Salt Peanuts

Get additional information at Salt Peanuts
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