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Various Artists (Luigi Russolo / Chris Cutler / Nick  Sudnick / Andrzej Karpinski / Alessandro Monti (Recommended Records)

Four new commissioned works by Chris Cutler, Andzrej Karpinski, Nick Sudnik and Alessandro Monti performed on Futurist conceptualist Luigi Russolo's "Intonarumori", unique boxes capable of mechanically creating sounds including roars, thunderings, explosions, hissing, whistling, puffing, mumbling, muttering, gurgling, screeching, creaking, buzzing, crackling and scraping.

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UPC: 752725043120

Label: Recommended Records
Catalog ID: RER1913
Squidco Product Code: 29218

Format: CD
Condition: New
Released: 2020
Country: UK
Packaging: Cardboard Gatefold 4 Panels
Recorded by the artists.


Nick Sudnick-performer

Andrzej Karpinski-performer

Chris Cutler-performer

Alessandro Monti-performer

Pietro Verardo-performer

Silvio Mix-performer

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Sample The Album:

Descriptions, Reviews, &c.

"New and old compositions for Luigi Russolo's legendary Intonarumori.

After publishing the Art of Noises in 1913, futurist painter Luigi Russolo designed and built a revolutionary family of new noise instruments - large black boxes with acoustic horns, crank-handles and levers that could produce 'roars, thunderings, explosions, hissing, whistling, puffing, whispers, murmurs, mumbling, muttering, gurgling, screeching, creaking, rustling, buzzing, crackling and scraping'.

These are heard here in the first and only recordings of original works for orchestra and intonarumori, composed in the 1920s, and four specially commissioned works by Chris Cutler, Andzrej Karpinski, Nick Sudnik and Alessandro Monti. Exquisitely packaged in a threefold digipak featuring four impressive paintings by Futurist Ivo Pannaggi."-ReR Megacorp

Artist Biographies

"Nikolai Nikolaevich Sudnik (born 1957) - composer , musician , creator of original musical instruments, head of the ZGA group (St. Petersburg).

In 1984, together with V. Dudkin, he organized the experimental rock band ZGA in Riga .

In 1991, he moved to Leningrad at the invitation of the Free Culture Foundation. Since 1999 he has been working as art director of the unique program " Gallery of Experimental Sound / GES 21 ".

He played in 2000 the supporting role in the television series " Deadly Force-1."

He writes music for films, exhibitions, performances."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) (,_%D0%9D%D0%B8%D0%BA%D0%BE%D0%BB%D0%B0%D0%B9)

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"Andrzej Karpiński (born in 1963 in Piła ) - a multi-threaded Polish artist, creating in the field of art and music. Since 1983, he has been cooperating musically and artistically with his wife Marzena Karpińska.


Theater painter, illustrator, aeorograph instructor, computer graphic designer, author of many publications on airbrush. He speaks in the area; from images and illustrations of his texts, through hyperrealistic and surreal painting, to computer graphics and commercial advertising painting. Experiments in the field of varnish chemistry combined with airbrush technique. A graduate of the High School of Fine Arts in Poznań. Theater painter at the Poznań Opera. Airbrush apprentice at Lake Constance in Germany. Founder of one of the first Polish airbrush workshopsAirbrush & Design - Karpinski. Participant of domestic and foreign trade exhibitions. Strange in the artist's artistic work in 2007 was cooperation with dr. hab. Paweł Kabacik and airbrush development of antennas installed by NASA at the International Space Station and development of logotypes and vector graphics for Sultan Oman.


Drummer using many instruments, voice and modern electronics. Composer, improviser, songwriter. Occasionally a pianist, guitarist, sound engineer. Co-founder of the bands Sten and Socialist Realism. Founder of one of the first Polish rock avant-garde bands Reportaż. Author of musical projects and experimental duets: Pogady, Pogofonic, Bezsensory. He speaks in the field from improvised music, through socially arranged arranged works, to illustration music, radio plays and film. Experiments in the field of instrumentation reduction to the voice and classical percussion. Andrzej Karpinski's musical output was mainly influenced by collaboration with Lech Jankowski, Arnold Dąbrowski and Chris Cutler."

-Wikipedia (Translated by Google) ( ski_(muzyk))

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"Chris Cutler started messing about with banjo, guitar and trumpet at school, settling for drums and playing shadows and other instrumental covers in his first band in 1963. Subsequently he played in R'n'B and Soul Bands, winding up in 1967 playing in London's psychedelic clubs. At the start of the seventies, with Dave Stewart, he co-founded The Ottawa Music Co, a 22 piece Rock composer's orchestra, eventually joining British experimental group Henry Cow with whom he toured, recorded and worked in dance and theatre projects until it's demise in 1978. In 1977 Henry Cow, The Mike Westbrook Orchestra and Frankie Armstrong formed a big-band and toured around Europe. After Henry Cow, Cutler went on to co-found a series of mixed national groups Art Bears, News from Babel, Cassiber, The (ec) Nudes, P53 and The Science Group. He was a permanent member of American bands Pere Ubu, Hail and The Wooden Birds and now works sporadically with John Rose, Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Iancu Dumitrescu, Peter Blegvad and Stevan Tickmayer.

Other lasting collaborations have included Aqsak Maboul (Belgium), Lussier/Derome and Les Quatre Guitaristes (Canada), The Kalahari Surfers (Africa), Perfect Trouble (Germany), Between (Sweden), N.O.R.M.A., (Italy), Telectu (Portugal), Mieku Shimuzu (Japan),The Hyperion Ensemble (Romania), The Film Music Orchestra, 'Oh Moscow', Gong, The Work and Towering Inferno (UK), The Residents (USA), and stateless Tense Serenity and Mirror Man. There have also been countless improvisational groupings and solo performances. Recent projects include Radio pieces with Lutz Glandien and Shelly Hirsch, Live Soundtrack for Carl Dreher's Vampyr (with Italians Musci and Venosta), his Timescales project and work with David Thomas and Linda Thompson.

He also founded and runs the independent label and distribution service ReR/Recommended and, until 1991, the East European specialist label Points East. He is editor of the New Music magazine Unfiled and author of the theoretical book File Under Popular as well as of numerous articles and papers published in 14 languages. He lectures intermittently on theoretical and music related topics. He has appeared on more than 100 recordings."

-Chris Cutler Website (

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Alessandro Monti, born 1960 in Venezia, Veneto, Italy, is a composer, and a member of Hakkah, Unfolk, and Unfolk Collective.

-Discogs (

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Pietro Verardo is an Italian flute player and multi-instrumentalist.

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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"Silvio Mix (1900 - 1927) was an Italian composer known for his association with the Futurism Movent. He created a Futurist Theatre Company, and his ballets are among his best known works. He trained as an autodidact, getting very close to American jazz rhythms, and he composed the music of Angoscia delle Macchine (Vasari) and Balletto Cocktail (Marinetti). His is also the synthetic-musical profile of Marinetti for piano, and the ballet Psychology of Machines (1924). Cocktail was also performed in Paris."

-Squidco 5/31/2023

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Track Listing:

1. Noises Of Zeal And Diligence 1:37

2. Noises Of Patience 1:26

3. Noises Of Love 1:30

4. Noises Of Generosity From Polish Highlanders 2:59

5. Noises Of Purity 1:13

6. Noises Of Humility 1:20

7. Noises Of Virtue 1:40

8. Noises Of Composure 1:36

9. Quando Il Futuro è Il Passato 11:09

10. L'angoscia Delle Macchine 10:23

11. Protomekanika 11:42

12. Il Mercante di Cuori 9:14

13. Simultaneita Futurista 5:29

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